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Hol Horse after losing J. Geil and getting Boingo for a new partner. Generally regarded as both harder to use and weaker than the regular Hol Horse.

Moves List

Normal Moves

Cigarette smoke: B + A1 (greatest taunt in the game when used as finishing move!)

Hop kick: B + A2

Triple shot: B + A3

Special Moves

Hajiki Da!: D, DF, F + A

Hol fires a shot at the opponent. Strong version aims low and must be blocked accordingly. This is a bit slower than regular Horse's version.

Glass Shower: F, D, DF + A (can be performed in the air)

Hol fires into the air, which causes glass to fall from the sky. Must be blocked high, so it can create unblockables with his many low-hitting moves.

Emperor: S (can be performed in the air)

Hol fires a delayed shot at the opponent. This is much faster than regular Horse's, and you can still program its trajectory with the joystick.

Super Moves

Busamakero!: D, DF, F + AA (can be performed in the air)

Hol rapidly fires many shots at the opponent. If A3 is one of the two buttons used to perform the move it will aim and hit low.

Pipe Maze: B, D, DB + AA

Hol fires several bullets into a pipe, which travel through a maze and strike the opponent from behind. This is one of those delayed hit supers many games have.

Kochi ha Zettai: 270º + A

Hol grabs the opponent and holds them up as a truck hits them. This can actually grab people during hit or block stun.

The Basics

Advanced Strategy


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