How to use Elsword Hack - Tutorial and Guide

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Hello, if you are looking how to use Elsword hack from wizardgamehacks then I have good news for you since if this post you will find the answer. You can either read about it here or just watch this Elsword Hack video .

First of all you will need to download the hack from here and then unzip it somewhere in your pc, place doesn't matter. Next step is to start the hack and you will get the interface. Go to login info and fill out your username and password, but don't worry it's perfectly safe and nobody can see the password you are typing. After you are done with this just press connect and if the status is connected then everything is fine and you can move to the next step.

Now you need to pick the items you want. This Elsword hack can add Coins, K-ching, AP, ED so it's on you how much you want. Before you press patch the game please check for updates, but we don't update it so often so it should be 1.1. Next just press patch game and wait until it finished adding stuff to the game and you can press exit. Congratulations you are done and now you can login to game to enjoy all the free stuff from this Elsword Hack.