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"I hold back for no one! I always bash full force!" By - Hugo/Andore



Hugo/Andore is originally a character from the Final Fight series(Along with Poison), and he appeared also in games like 3S, for example. If you don't know, he is one of those grappler characters, and he's in this game as "the guy with the 360 motion"(Zangief should be better in my opinion). Now for his Good and Bad Things.

The Giant Champ's Good and Bad Things

Good Things:

  • Fun to play;
  • Can parry High/Low moves;
  • High stamina(Probably the character with the most stamina in the game);
  • Nice damage on his moves;
  • His 360 grab is really easy to land;
  • Has simple combos;
  • Has nice range on some moves;
  • Some normals/Command Moves are overheads;
  • Can combo after some special moves;
  • Exceed is simple to do;
  • Has a 100% combo.

Bad Things:

  • Can be hard to master if you're not used to his playstyle;
  • He is HUGE(That's obvious);
  • He is slow(Same here);
  • Some of his anti-airs are not 100% realiable against some characters;
  • His air Command Move is hard to hit crouching chars, so it's almost useless against some characters;
  • He is unsafe if something whiffs/is blocked by your opponent(He is unsafe even if he is blocking);
  • Taunt doesn't boost your stats(Don't try to spam it);
  • He is easy to crossup, due to his Hitbox.

Moves List

Normal Moves

You'll need to read this. Some of Hugo's normals can be useless in a match, but he have some normals that he WILL need in battle. Continue reading for more details.

s.LP - The far and the close versions are the same. This is a great poke. It's fast, its reach is nice, you can rapid cancel it, but it whiffs against low crouching characters and cannot be normal canceled.
s.LK - The far and the close versions are the same. This can be used as poke too, because it doesn't whiff on low crouching characters, but it cannot be normal/rapid canceled. Can be comboed after a s./cr.LP too.
s.HP - (Far) It's a slow punch, but I could use it as an early anti-air. It whiffs on low crouching characters and cannot be normal canceled. (Close) This is a nice move. Why? It's an overhead normal. This can be Hugo's best move to use on the opponent's wakeup. It knocks down when it hits too. Cannot be normal canceled.
s.HK - (Far) It's a Idou Drop Kick(See in the Command Moves section), but Hugo will go only a little forward. Its range is pretty good, it knocks down, and I don't know why, but this is an overhead(I don't know why because it whiffs against almost all crouching characters in the cast). (Close) A two-hit kick. Some players think that this is an overhead too, but it isn't. This can be hard to use in a match, and cannot be normal canceled, but it's great in MAXIMUM Mode.

j.LP - The Diagonal and the Neutral versions are the same. Hugo extends his hand. This is a great air-to-air and as a jump-in to use on combos.(I don't know why, but it looks like Hugo comes to the ground quickly if he uses it when he is falling from a neutral jump, but I'm not sure about this.)
j.LK - The Diagonal and the Neutral versions are the same. This is his best jump-in. Use it, and begin your combos with it. It's not that hard for Hugo to combo after this kick.
j.HP - The Diagonal and the Neutral versions are the same. I could use this as an air-to-air, and only that. It's hard to use it as a jump-in.
j.HK - Exactly the same as the above, but it's a kick.(Nice, Captain Obvious.)

cr.LP - This is Hugo's best normal for combos. It's a s.LP, but it has less reach, and can be normal(And super) canceled, and that's nice. Can be used as a poke too, but the s.LP has better reach.
cr.LK - It has the same properties as the s.LK, but it hits low.
cr.HP - Strange headbutt that can be used as an anti-air. It knocks down, and cannot be normal canceled. I don't know if you'll need this move, because it can be unsafe if blocked.
cr.HK - A slower cr.LK, but it knocks down the opponent.

Command Moves

Now, you'll see an important part of Hugo's game: The Command Moves. All of them are important to him, so don't forget those guys below on some matchups.


  • f+LP - A normal slap. It's a nice poke too, because it doesn't whiffs on low crouching characters. This is part of Hugo's 100%(Or 200%, I don't know) combo, but remember that this move cannot be normal canceled. It's nice to use in the MAXIMUM Mode.

Hip Press

  • f+LK - This is Hugo's cr.HK from SFIII. It's a funny overhead, but use it with caution, because the recover is terrible.

Body Press

  • (In Air) d+HP - This is a great body splash. The damage is nice, and it can crossup the opponent. I don't know why, but it's hard to hit low crouching chars with this move.

Idou Drop Kick

  • b/f+HK(While Hugo is far from the opponent) - This is Hugo's far s.HK, but you can control it. Just hold backwards/forward and press the HK button. It has the same properties as the far s.HK.

Joudan Blocking (aka "High Parry")

  • f+PP - This is what you'll need to master if you want to main Hugo. Unlike in SFIII, you don't need to tap the command multiple times(And that's great), because this move has those autoguard properties. Remember that this move cannot save you from low hitting moves. You can cancel it after something hits Hugo(Continue reading for more details).

Gedan Blocking (aka "Low Parry")

  • d+BD - Same as the above, but it can autoguard only low moves. You'll need this in the match too. And this cannot save you from overhead moves.

Special Moves

Those guys below are dangerous moves against some characters, so use this time to plan your strategies.

Monster Lariat

  • QCF+K - Hugo will run forward and knock the opponent down with a punch. Hugo can be punished with ease if this move is blocked/whiffs, so use with caution. In the HK version, Hugo will run until he gets on the other side of the screen/if he touches the opponent.

Shootdown Backbreaker

  • DP+K - This is an anti-air grab. If the opponent jumps, try to hit him with this. This is a nice followup to the Ultra Throw. HK version makes Hugo "float" for a longer time.

Giant Palm Bomber

  • QCB+P - This is a nice move for Hugo's combos. He claps, and, if this move wasn't blocked, followup with ANYTHING you have(Even his special grabs will connect after this move). You can connect the HP version with the LP version too.

Ultra Throw

  • HCB+K - You'll need this in the match. You need to know the special properties of this move too. Hugo grabs the opponent, Hugo will grab the enemy and toss them in the "wall". After the opponent hits the "wall", you can juggle the opponent with his QCF+K, DP+K, or his QCF(2x)+K Super. Do it on punish combos.

Moonsault Press

  • 360(Full circle motion)+P - Is like Gief's SPD. It's his most powerful special move, but the input is what you'll need to master. You can do the command after a jump.

Meat Squasher

  • 360+P - Hugo runs and grabs the opponent before running to the other side to slam and get that damage. The range of this move is pretty good too, but don't try to aboose of this move, unless if you're against those turtlers.

Super Moves

Hammer Mountain

  • QCF(2x)+P - This is Hugo's SA3, as I can remember. Hugo will do an auto 5 hit combo after the input, don't worry, you can hold the button to delay this auto combo, but if you delay too much, the super will be used in vain. The third hit of this move acts as an overhead, so you can use this to aboose of those crouch-blocking ab00sers(Don't know what I said). If the overhead hits, the rest of the move will connect(And the damage is nice). You can use this to get out of the corner too.

Megaton Press

  • QCF(2x)+K - Hugo's anti-air Super(And SA2 in SFIII). It's a nice follow-up to his HCB+K if you need damage. Button pressed will define the distance traveled.


Gigas Breaker

  • 360+PP - This is... AN AWESOME MOVE!!! Please, in SFIII, you needed to do an 720 motion, and here you don't need to do that, and that's so good! Oh, I think I don't need to say, but there are some combos with this too. It's hard to hit, so practice on how to use this move effectively, because it's extremely important to Hugo(And you can use it only one time in a match). Watch out for the input too, because you can get a Moonsaut Press accidentally(And lose your chance to do THAT damage), so be used to the 360 motion and Hugo's buttons if you really want to play him.

The Basics

Hugo's Gameplan
First, you'll need to master his parry system against the CPU/another player and the 360 motion. If you don't want to master those two, forget Hugo forever. But, Hugo has some other moves to use in the battle(offensively), like his long-range pokes(f+LP and s./cr.LP, for example), and his QCB+P(That clap, it's useful if you need to punish your opponent, but don't try use Hugo as a turtler, please). One more thing, Hugo can be slow, but he can travel in the screen with: his dash(You can cancel the dash by doing a s./cr.LP, so you don't need to be scared), his DP+K(Good to use if you need to get out of the corner defensively), his run moves(like the QCF+K and the 360+K), and his Supers(He's fast in the QCF(2x)+P Super if you hold the button pressed, and for the anti-air super, you don't need to use it to travel, because the DP+K travels at the same distance as the Super in each versions).

Some Combos
Sadly, Hugo isn't so combo friendly(He can normal cancel only one normal move in his arsenal), but he has some useful ones. They aren't that hard, don't worry. If you know more possible combos, add them here.

1- QCB+HP, QCB+LP(Let's call it QCB+P punish, because you can't use it alone), followup with any combo listed below - 2 hits

You'll need to master this combo. It's important to do damage, but only on punish matters, because it's unsafe if blocked(Don't be a turtler, use his parry instead).

2- [QCB+P punish] cr.LP, QCF+K - 2 hits; 4 with the punish

A simple and basic combo. You need to input the QCF+K right after the cr.LP. Don't add a jump attack or another cr.LP, because if you do that, the combo will not work.

3- [QCB+P punish] cr./s.LP(5x)(You can alternate beetween them) - 5 hits; 7 with the punish

Use this if you need space. Simple to do. I don't know if it's possible to do more than 5 hits with this, it's only my record.

4- [QCB+P punish] cr.LP, HCB+K, DP+K/QCB+K/QCF(2x)+K - 3 hits(The game won't recognize it as a combo, but the hits will connect); 5 with the punish

Those are the possible followups to the Ultra Throw, and yes, you can cancel the cr.LP into the Ultra Throw(Very hard, but it's possible, but don't do it if you're having problems). The QCF(2x)+K is the most damaging, but use the other two if you need meter.

5- [QCB+P punish/Jump Attack] cr.LP(2x), QCF(2x)+P - 7 hits; 8 with the jumping move, 9 with the punish

A tricky, but possible combo. The damage is nice too(And that's why the punish combo is important to Hugo).

6- QCB+HP, QCB+LP, 360+P/Exceed - 3/5 hits

Probably the only way to combo into Hugo's most damaging grabs and if you want to hard knockdown opponent also . If you want to combo with the Exceed, prepare yourself, because you'll see the opponent's lifebar falling down.

Advanced Strategy

Getting close to your opponent with your parry

This is a nice part of Hugo's anti-zoning game: His parry-and-cancel. You can cancel Hugo's parry animation with ease after a projectile, and remember that the High Parry statys for a longer time than the Low Parry, and we don't have low-hitting projectiles in this game(Take this, Sagat), and to cancel into his QCF+K(If you need, you can even punish some projectiles), and that's a good and effective way to begin your parry training with Hugo.

Some Combos(With MAXIMUM Mode)

In MAXIMUM Mode, Hugo is a beast. He can cancel powerful moves like his f.HP, and his cl.HK, for example. Now you'll see what he can do in his true form. I only know 3 combos, so if you know some more of them, you can add here.

1- f.HP, QCF+K

A long range combo. Good to use if your opponent used a DP accidentally.

2- QCB+HP, cl.HK(2 hits), f+LP, QCF+K

A tricky and good combo to begin. The damage is nice too(Hugo's damage IS nice). Watch out for the input after the f+LP, because you can get a DP+K instead of a QCF+K.

3- QCB+HP, f+LP(You just need to link those two, now MAX cancel in...) QCB+HP, QCB+LP(Cancel again), f+LP(MAX cancel), QCB+HP, f+LP ...(Do it again if you have meter)... QCB+HP, QCB+LP, Exceed

This is Hugo's 100%(or 200%) combo. It's extremely good to use in a match(Your opponent will be scared to face you again after you land this powerful combo). If you want to begin with something faster, like QCB+LP(It's faster than the QCB+HP), f+LP(By MAX canceling), go ahead. You can need this, but don't try to land it everytime. If you don't have the Exceed anymore, you can do a HCB+K combo after the QCB+P link(Followup with the Super, but it's not a 100/200% combo).