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Iggy is a dog who has the stand, The Fool. He has a defiant personality (such as jumping and grabbing onto Polnareff's face) but can be bribed with coffee flavored chewing gum.

Moves List

Normal Moves

Stand Off

s.A1 - Basically worthless, no range at all.

c.A1 - Same as s.A1, though it is used in tandem combos.

j.A1 - As far as I can tell, there is absolutely no reason at all to use this over j.A2/A3

s.A2 - Iggy hops forward biting. Not really useful at all.

c.A2 - Slide that can be comboed into super, decent range.

j.A2 - Poor range, but 2-hits.

s.A3 - Awesome poke, reaches about 2-3 character lengths without any hitbox for Iggy. Good meter building, too.

cl.A3 - Multi-hits, makes a good anti-air as long as you make sure you are within range. Kills crossups and depending on how they flip you can walk under and repeat.

c.A3 - Basically useless.

j.A3 - See j.A2

6+A2 - Overhead, cancel into specials or supers hit or wiff.

Stand On

s.A1 - Nice quick poke, leads to fair damage even at slight distances.

c.A1 - Sac a bit of range to make it a low. Still leads to fair damage.

j.A1 - Good priority coming down on a jump-in. Useful against his anti-airs since it says in one place relative to Iggy instead of swinging his arm

s.A2 - Decent range poke, but no reason to use it since s.A1 combos into it at any range.

c.A2 - Same as s.B.

j.A2 - Good priority air move, swings arm down, making it good for hitting opponents late on jump-ins.

s.A3 - Ok poke, better range than s.A1, but less range than the Stand off version. Less than amazing priority.

6+A3 - The fool punches the ground and makes a little pillar of sand. Less than amazing range, but really good priority on the part that actually hits.

c.A3 - Sweep, use c.A1

j.A3 - Like j.A2, but swings arm up instead of down. Can ghetto juggle with itself if your opponent doesn't flip.

j.2+A3 - Odd body splash move. Very strange to block, since the wave of sand goes straight down, but Iggy moves backwards. I am pretty sure they have to block based on which side Iggy is on. Has some odd properties if you get hit during the move, Iggy can be teleported to where the sand is if he gets hit. Still a great move, especially to use to confuse people when you get knocked above the screen height, combined with Iggy's ability to change facing in midair by flying.

Special Moves

Sand Magic (f) - 623+A - Teleport, goes about 1/2 of the max screen length towards your opponent. Can change sides.

Sand Magic (b) - 421+A - Teleport, same as above but goes away from opponent.

Sand Clutch - 63214+A - Command grab, button used determines delay and distance. If you are Stand on when you use this move, you will be forced to run along with the fool, and Iggy will sleep while the grab hits, otherwise you will be free to move independently and attack separately, even while it hits.

Sand Crash - charge 4, 6+A - The fool shoulder tackles forward. Button determines distance. A1 is under half the max screen length, A2 is just short of max screen length, A3 goes entire distance. Iggy stays in place if stand is off, moves with the fool if stand is on.

Sand Attack - charge 2, 8+A - Shoulder tackle but at a 45 degree angle. Iggy moves with the fool if stand is on, stays in place if stand is off.

236+S, The fool appears and swings an arm down. Good priority and speed. Leaves you in stand mode.

Stand on only

In air, 7/8/9 - Iggy flys around, with some directional controls.

While flying, A - Iggy drops a sand ball. Attack button determines the arc, A1 moves a bit forward and up, A2 moves a little forward, A3 goes strait down.

In air, 66 or 44 - Air dash.

Super Moves

Big Wave - 236+AA - The fool punches strait up, then makes a big sand wave. Iggy will ride the wave is stand is on when this super is activated, otherwise he will be free to act.

Sand Storm - A1, A1, 6, A2, A3 - Demon super. Moves a short distance before doing an upgraded version of his throw.

214+S - Tandem attack, think of it as a custom combo, but you have to enter the button inputs during the superflash.

The Basics


Stand Off

c.A2/6+A2 xx Big Wave/Tandem Attack

Stand On

(j.A1/A2/A3), s.A1, s.A1, s.A2, s.A3, A3 Sand Crash. Iggys b&b. Skip a s.A1 if you didn't start point blank to ensure the Tackle Combos. This combo leaves you at a frame disadvantage on a hit, and in the corner it also leaves you right next to them, so use with caution if its not midscreen.

(j.A1/A2/A3), c.A1, c.A1, c.A2, c.A3. Knocks down.

s.A1, s.A2, Big Wave

Advanced Strategy

Random stuff -

The sand balls Iggy drops in flight make great ticks. Against characters that get up slow you can do it as a loop pretty easily. You can also use him to tick into the sand storm super, as long as Iggy is still sliding forward when they get out of hitstun, your opponent doesn't get a chance to jump out of the tick.

Jumping, immediately flying, and dropping a sand ball is a good way to add some pressure, since the sand balls are quick projectiles. If you go out of flight mode you can do an air attack on the way down, and combo 2 hits into his ground combos, or you can air block after dropping the sand ball if you think they will try to super through it.

Keep in mind that Iggy's combo options are much better in stand on mode, but is much smaller and faster when his stand is off. He also has much better defense when his stand is on. Learn when to switch between them.

Iggy has great mobility options, since he is small and fast when his stand is off, has a teleport, and can air dash. Use this to keep on characters with good range games and keep poking distance from the ones who are more dangerous up close.

Iggy doesn't have a dash when his stand is off, but he runs fast enough that it doesn't matter at all.


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