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"I'll grant a final request: how do you wish to die?" - By: Yagami, Iori



This is Iori Yagami(You already know that), one of the most popular characters in the KoF series(You know that too). I know that he is overused on Fightcade, along with Kim(I was a player in there, but I stopped. Now I'm playing Vampire Savior). Here, he is like that one in the KoF 2002, and that's why you won't have many problems with his combos. Oh, you prefer his Orochi form, but want to learn this one first, to get used to it? All right, that's fine. Now for his pros and cons.

Good Things:

  • Easy to master(If you learned how to use him in the KoF series, that's a good step);
  • Has decent back walking speed and damage;
  • Has an excellent anti-air move(You'll be familiar with it if you used him before);
  • Has a great sweep(With nice reach and damage);
  • Can punish projectiles;
  • Has an effective Command grab to follow-up with almost any combo(His Orochi form has infinites with it, and I think this one can do some too);
  • He still has his Command move for crossup combos;
  • Has nice MAXIMUM Mode combos;
  • Remember that Super with the followup? That followup costs no meter here(On KoF 2002, Iori needs to have one more level if he needs to use the followup).

Bad Things:

  • Needs a lot of stocks and too depedent of MAXIMUM Mode for his main gameplan;
  • Lost his HSDM from his KoF 2002 version(It was unblockable);
  • His Exceed is just a counter move(That means, the reach of the move is the character itself);
  • He is unsafe on almost everything he tries to do;
  • His overhead is slow(Pretty usual, but it still is a bad thing);
  • Most of his moves from his SvC version are a little slower than his KoF 2002 version;
  • Gets slow forward walking speed and mediocre backdash (without b+B).

Moves List

Normal Moves

s.LP - (Far) Good as a poke, and only that, because it can't be normal canceled. I think it can chain into itself on certain characters. (Close) Just a Light Attack chain starter, but not the best one. Can chain into itself and other Light Attacks. Can be normal canceled too.
s.LK - (Far) Use it as a poke. It has better reach than the Far move above too. Cannot be normal canceled. (Close) Cancelable move that hits low. Important for mixup games, and it's Iori's main Light Attack chain ender, Can't chain into other Light Attacks, sadly. Interestingly enough, you can link a cl.HP after this move(And you can cancel it, leading for combos).
s.HP - (Far) Just a fast scratch, cannot be normal canceled. (Close) Important move for his combos, but use it if you need damage.
s.HK - (Far) Has the best reach on his Far normals. It's unsafe on block, your opponent can easily do a GCF and punish you after it. (Close) Not that useful as a normal. Can't be normal canceled, but can catch your opponent if he jumps.

j.LP - Iori's jumping normals have the same Neutral and Diagonal jump animation. It's just a punch. Can be better used as an air-to-air, it stays for a decent time.
j.LK - Another air-to-air, but this one has better reach, and angle. This move won't stay for a good time.
j.HP - A good jump-in attack for combos. It's probably the best one here. Use this if you need a little more damage.
j.HK - Another jump-in for combos, but can be used as an air-to-air too. It can whiff if you haven't timed well.

cr.LP - A simple punch that is useful for his Light Attack chains. Can chain into itself, and the other Light Attacks.
cr.LK - Another Light Attack chain starter. It hits low, can chain into all of the other Light Attacks, but can't be normal canceled, sadly.
cr.HP - Anti-air, and attack for combos. The timing to combo it after a jumping attack is a little different, so just use it if you need to punish(For a move to use after a jumping attack, just use the cl.HP or a Light Attack chain).
cr.HK - Just a sweep with nice reach and damage that can't be normal canceled. Hits low too, although it can't look like. Iori will move a little forward during the move.

Command Moves

Geshiki: Yumebiki

  • f+LP - A scratch with the same animation as his f.HP. Can't be normal canceled, but it's very useful on MAXIMUM Mode combos.
    • Follow-Up:
      • The name is unknown, but if you know it, add it here
        • LP - This followup is a little strange... It can be normal canceled, but the timing to make it hit needs to be perfect. This one is useful on some normal mode combos.

Geshiki: Goufu In "Shinigame"

  • f+B - Just a slow overhead that can't be normal canceled, but it loses this properties if canceled into(It won't act as an overhead, and can be normal canceled. Oh, it will continue being slow too). It can't combo after a normal too, so... Just use it like an overhead(I think you can do MAXIMUM Mode combos beginning with it).

Geshiki: Yuri Ori

  • b+LK(In the air only) - This one is important. Very important, I can assume. If you used him on KoF 2002, you'll most likely know what this move can do. If not, just use it in the air and try to see what it can do. Huh? You haven't got a hit? Try to crossup with it, and land a combo, to see what it can do. Just hold the button to the direction Iori is facing, and press the LK button when you're on your opponent's back. This move can be used after a backdash too, which will make you dash longer(Useful if you need to run away when the timer is reaching zero).

Special Moves

108 Shiki: Yamibarai

  • QCF+P - Iori's basic ground projectile. You won't need this so much on combos, but you can use it as a meaty, or if you need to negate other projectiles. The button pressed will determine the speed of the projectile.

100 Shiki: Oniyaki

  • DP+P - This DP-like move has many uses! It can be used as an anti-air(Better with the LP version), or on combos, because it can be MAX canceled(Use the HP version for that, it does 3 hits too).

311 Shiki: Tsumagushi

  • DP+K - This is an interesting move for Iori. The button pressed determines the distance Iori will move. If you need to punish your opponent's projectiles, use this(While Iori's in the air, he gains autoguard hitboxes). For the hit, nothing special about it, but you MAX cancel it(That means, you can punish projectiles with a combo in MAXIMUM Mode).

127 Shiki: Aoi Hana

  • QCB+P(3x) - Probably Iori's most classic move. This Rekka move is very good on punish situations, and you can do good combos in normal mode with it. If you need, you can delay the hits(If the first one was blocked, you can delay the second one to make it hit). The button pressed will determine the speed of the punches(You can't change between the versions while doing the inputs). The 1st hit will let your opponent on the ground(It has some good combos on MAXIMUM Mode involving this hit). The 2nd hit will send your opponent in the air(That means, you can juggle after in MAXIMUM Mode). The 3rd hit will act as an overhead on each version, but is very unsafe no block(No MAXIMUM Mode combos with it). Combo the LP version from the Light Attacks(The most used, Light Attack Chains rule), and the HP version from the Heavy Attacks(Most damaging, better for punish situations). Any hit can be MAX canceled too, leading for nice combos.

212 Shiki: Kototsuki In

  • HCB+K - This is another classic move. Iori dashes and grabs the opponent, but it's blockable(And very unsafe on block). You can use this on combos, or as an option to dash while your opponent is knocked down.


  • HCB, f+P (While near from your opponent) - This is a great grab(It's unblockable this time). It doesn't do damage, but you can followup with almost anything after it(The easiest followup is Iori's Rekka move). Iori will move a little forward during the grab. I think you can dash and followup with a combo, like on KoF 2002(But in there, you had a run, not a dash). Dunno if you can cancel a normal into it, but I think you could on KoF.

Super Moves

Kin 1211 Shiki: Yaotome

  • QCF, HCB+P - Classic move. Mainly used on combos. When this move connects , Iori will do a series of attacks, ending with a grab, and an explosion. During the dash, Iori can pass under some projectiles(Like Sagat's High Tiger). Use this on combos only, because it's very unsafe on block.
    • Follow-Up:
      • Ura 306 Shiki: Saika
        • QCF(4x)+PP - If you played KoF after the 2001 edition, you'll be familiar with this followup. It's better if you learn this, because it's free damage on your opponent(I mean, you won't lose meter). Iori will slash, and after it, a flame pillar will knock your opponent down. Always try to execute it(Again, it's free damage), but it's a little hard to connect with it(For me it was, but on KoF it was very easy, I can assume).

Ura 311 Shiki: Saku Tsumagushi

  • QCF(2x)+K - Remember that special move to punish projectiles? It's a super version of it. Iori yells "Ikuzo!"(Means "Let's go!"), and grabs the opponent if it connects. It will be an overhead on each version, and does decent damage. The LK version will make Iori does a (almost) fullscreen jump, and the HK version will make him do a fullscreen jump.


Chi no Bousou

  • HCB(2x)+PP - Iori's counter Exceed. He will turn into his Orochi form and will make a pose. If something(Not projectiles/grabs) hit him, he will do nice damage on his opponent. It should be nice if you hit-confirm it from a normal, or something like that (You can use it as a damaging anti-air, but it can be very risky if your opponent does an empty jump. I mean, he'll see the Exceed's flash).

The Basics

Iori's gameplan

Iori is a damage-based character(That means, he is fully offensive). What do you need to do? Damage(With his easy combos), crossup combos(You know how, and the crossup ones are easy to land), mixups(You have a slow overhead and a standing low-hitting move for that), anti-airs(DP is the best one for that), meaty projectiles(Free damage is still damage) and things like that(If you're doing damage, you're okay). If you need to punish, do it with a damaging combo(Especially if you use his dash super with the followup, or in case you're in MAXIMUM Mode, cancel if you punished a projectile), that's how Iori works. If you're a KoF 2002 player, of course, you can use his strategies from there, but I can't say that they will work(In that game, we had short hops, which helped on Iori's offensive game). Well, that's it, be offensive, and good luck in your future games.

Some combos (Without MAXIMUM Mode) Iori's combo options are decent, and not that hard(Most of them, I mean). If you know some more possible ones(Or cool ones, Iori have many of them), add them here, if you want.

1- [Jump Attack(Crossup)] cl.LK, cl.HP, QCB+HP(3x)/QCF, HCB+P, QCF(4x)+PP - 5/18 hits; 6/19 with the Jump Attack

Iori's link. You can learn it, and it's probably the best followup for the crossup Command Move(It's very useful, and probably the most damaging of the list).

2- [Jump Attack] cr.LK, cr.LP, QCB+LP(3x)/QCF, HCB+P, QCF(4x)+PP - 5/18 hits; 6/19 hits with a Jump Attack

Very basic combo with a low starter. You should learn this combo, and it's generally used as a BnB for him outside of the MAXIMUM Mode.

3- [Jump Attack] cl.HP, QCB+HP(3x)/QCF, HCB+P - 4/17 hits; 5/18 with a Jump Attack

This is a punish combo, but to use when you won't have meter to use(Or while your opponent is stunned). The damage is very good too.

4- [Jump Attack(Crossup)] cl.LK, f+LP, LP, QCB+P(3x)/QCF, HCB+P, QCF(4x)+PP - 6/19 hits; 7/20 with the Jump Attack

Another easy combo with a low starter. Good luck with it. In the list, that's the one that does most hits in the list(Excluding the below)

5- (When Iori is in the corner) cr.LP, HCB, f+P, cr.LP, HCB, f+P, dash, cl.HP, QCB+HP(3x)/QCF, HCB+P, QCF(4x)+PP- (Assuming the grab is a hit, because it will connect after the cr.LP) 8/21 hits

A very hard combo, but possible anyway. I saw this on his KoF section, and I tried. Incredibly enough, it worked! I don't know if you can use it in a real match, but it's beautiful! You can add a crossup(You know what I mean) attack to go on the corner too if you need a little more damage, which can be better if you need a hit-confirm for this combo.

Advanced Strategy

Some combos (With MAXIMUM Mode)
Iori's combo options in MAXIMUM Mode are nice, but I'll put only some notable ones here(He has more than two, you can find them easily on videos). If you want to add more combos, you can share them here(You can probably find one).

1- [Jump Attack(Crossup)] cl.LK, cl.HP, HCB+HK, (MAX cancel the first hit) DP+HP, (MAX cancel the second hit), HCB+HK, (Again) DP+HP, (You know) ...(When you want, MAX cancel any move into) QCF, HCB+P, QCF(4x)+PP - n+18(Where n is the number of loops); n+19 with the Jump Attack

One of Iori's best MAXIMUM Mode combos. He has more options, but this can one of the most damaging ones(Maybe). If you don't want to do a crossup(Or if you're having problems with the link), you can just do a [Jump Attack] cl.HP instead(But the Crossup Command move is a nice hit-confirm for many combos). Can it do 100% damage? Dunno, I think it depends of your opponent's character(I'm not sure if the characters have different defense points, or things like that).

2- [Jump Attack(Crossup)] cl.LK, cl.HP, DP+HP, (MAX cancel the second hit) QCB+P, (MAX cancel it) DP+HP, (Again) QCB+P ...(When you want, MAX cancel any move into) QCF, HCB+P, QCF(4x)+PP - n+18 hits(Same as the above); n+19 with the Jump Attack;

Just another option for a combo. Dunno if it can do more damage than the above, but it's harder to land than the above(You can get a Super when you don't want, and that's very common with this combo).