Jaguars Player Rips Out Opponent s Hair On A Tackle

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But in the 20th century, being cleanshaven rapidly became the norm.
A series of charts posted to the DataIsBeautiful subreddit by Reddit user celacanto shows the incredible decline of facial hair from the 1840s to the 1970s. It's originally from a 1976 paper from University of Washington economist Dwight Robinson, and is based on men's appearances in the Illustrated London News, the first ever illustrated news weekly.

The Arizona Cardinals were driving down the field with three minutes left in the third quarter when Jags defensive end Jason Babin tackled running back Andre Ellington and ripped out a piece of his hair.

The 2013 World Beard and Moustache Championships were held Nov. 2 outside Stuttgart, Germany and officially crowned the globe's best facial hair in eighteen different categories. Among those honored were the world's top Fu Manchus, musketeers, full beard Garibaldis, and Hungarian mustaches.

Especially when they involve hair.
Astronaut Karen Nyberg is spending six months on the space station, but she's kept her long locks, though they look like a pain to wash.
She posted this video to YouTube on how she gets her hair clean - without a shower. She uses a bag of water to wet her roots, then massages in no-rinse shampoo. Her hair stands on end because of the lack of gravity in space.

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