Jin (MVC)

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  • He had Long Range and Good Normals
  • He had Nice Zoning Specials
  • He had Damaging Hyper Combos
  • He had a Last Resort Armor


  • He is a Low Stamina
  • His Normals had slow recovery and unsafe Specials
  • He Had Short Magic Combo Series
  • He needs too much stocks for his offensive game

Basic Tips


Magic Series:
Ground Magic Series: Weakest to Any
Jump Magic Series: Weakest to Any
Super Jump Magic Series: Hunter Series

AC Finisher:

Move List

Command Normals

Tornado Kick: D + HK (only in air)

Jin will spin downwards from the air as he does a drilling attack that's similar to Dhalsim's command Drill's.

Saotome Fire: Taunt then P rapidly

Jin does his taunt as he rapidly turns red and shoots out fire from his body.

Special Moves

Saotome Typhoon: Charge B, F + P

Jin spins around going across the screen in a Typhoon motion.

Saotome Dynamite: Charge D, U + P

Jin's armor explodes out on where he stands for a quick amount of time.

Saotome Crush: HCB + K

Jin dashes forward in a command grab as he grabs the opponent and if it connects, drags the opponent to all four corners of the screen.

Hyper Combos

Blodia Punch: QCF + Px2

Jin commands his Blodia as he does a standing HP with his Blodia doing a punch that engulfs the opponent in flames.

Blodia Vulcan: QCB + Px2

Jin goes into his Blodia as he shoots the opponent that covers full-screen with its machine guns for a very short amount of time.

Great Cyclone: QCF + Kx2

Known in the Japanese version as Saotome Cyclone, Jin does an extended version of his Saotome Typhoon but has short range.


1) SP, cancel Saotome Cyclone
2) c. RK, cancel Saotome Dynamite
3) SK, cancel Blodia Fist
4) j. FP, c. JP, c. FP, cancel Blodia Fist/Blodia Vulcan
5) j. SK, j. RK, c. JP, c. SP, cancel Blodia Fist, c. RK
6) launch, sj. JP, sj. SK, sj. SP, sj. RK