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JoJo is Joseph Joestar from the 2nd Part of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Battle Tendency (vols. 6-12). According to the story of the game, Joesph is made younger by Alessy, who then runs away, leaving Joseph young until he defeats Alessi. It should be noted this does not happen in the manga, as Joseph does not even encounter Alessy, obviously making this a sort of dream match. He plays like Joseph, but without a stand. He loses quite a few moves, but he gains some as well.

JoJo is a much better character than his older self (which makes perfect sense). Unlike Old Joseph, he uses the Hamon he learned a long time ago as more of an offensive technique. He can either rush down, or when the chips are down, turtle very well. He is a versatile character with an almost shoto feel to him. And being without a stand puts him at an advantage over most of the characters, i.e., no stand crash.

Moves List

Normal Moves

Sobat- 6+C or 44+(any attack)

Slide kick- 3+B or 3+C or 441+(any attack) NOTE: C version sweeps

Crackers- S NOTE: Can be used in air

Crackers Upper- 6+S NOTE: Juggles, auto-stand crashes

Crackers Sweep- 2+S

Slide Crackers- 66+S

Special Moves

Hamon Overdrive- 236+(any attack) NOTE: The C version is delayed, but juggles.

Hamon Cola- 623+(any attack) NOTE: Juggles

Cracker Volley- 236+S,S,S (upper, juggles if only upper hits, auto-Stand Crash) or 236+S,S,6+S (hop attack, auto-Stand Crash) or 236+S,S,2+S (sweep)

Cracker Boomerang- 214+S NOTE: If this move is ducked and passes opponent. Will remain in air for a couple of seconds. The one bola will return in opposite direction. Will disappear if hit.

Iron Bow Gun- 63214+(any attack) NOTE: In the C version, Joseph fires the lead ball in the opposite direction. It will attack the opponent from the other side. It will not connect if Joseph is hit.

Guard Cancel: Hamon Cola

Super Moves

Unforgettable Memory- 236+(2 attacks)

The Red Stone of Eija (Hamon Beam!)- 214+(2 attacks) NOTE: Unblockable

The Basics


Slide Kick xx Hamon Overdrive

Slide Kick xx Cracker Volley (upper)

c.A, c.A, s.B xx B Hamon Overdrive

j.C, c.B xx B Hamon Overdrive

c.A, c.A, s.C xx Cracker Volley (upper)

j.C, c.A, s.C xx Cracker Volley (upper)

C Hamon Overdrive (x3) [does not work on all characters, can be infinite on some]

Super Combos

(in corner) Crackers Upper, s.A, s.A, s.B xx Unforgettable Memory

j.C, c.A, Slide Kick xx Unforgettable Memory

Advanced Strategy

The fact that the slide kick can cancel into any move is very advantageous. Basically, you can run away from the enemy, do a slide kick to punish your opponent for chasing you and cancel into anything you like.

The Hamon Beam is a terrible super to use point blank (since it can be ducked easily), and cannot be comboed into, due to delay so here is a set-up: use the crackers sweep (which can be comboed into) and do the Hamon Beam right before they hit the ground. By the time the start up is finished, your opponent will get up and eat the beam for massive damage!

JoJo's "Crackers" are your friend in the air, just don't do it too much or you'll end up eating an anti-air super!

Only use the C Overdrive if you are sure you can land it, the start up is too long to make mistakes.

NEVER use the cracker boomerang up close. Start-up is too great. Use at half- to full-screen distance from opponent.

Here is a throw setup: Crackers upper, j.S, land directly in front of opponent and throw. If they do not air tech afterward, juggle with Iron bowgun (A or B version) or get them on wakeup w/hamon beam.


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