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Joe the condor(コンドールのジョー) is G2, second in command of the science ninja team Gatchaman. He is more violent and impulsive than Ken the Eagle, his superior, and it shows in his moves, as he routinely makes wild punches and shoots people.

Moves List

Normal Moves

  • 5a - Joe sticks his foot out and does a quick shin kick. This move hits low, and can be canceled into itself.
  • 5b - Joe leans forwards with a gut punch. Joe moves forwards during this move, but will move back if not canceled into something else. Useful for juggling your opponent after either 41236c or a counter.
  • 5c - Joe moves forwards a long ways with a wild overhead punch. (It doesn't actually hit overhead, that's just how it looks.) Has decent range, but is basically just filler for magic strings. The way it moves you forwards, however, can keep you in range for a somewhat iffy tick throw attempt on block if your opponent is expecting a continued string
  • 2a - Joe crouches down and sticks his foot out in front of him for a low kick. Looks like it has good range, but is actually about the same as 5a. It does less damage than 5a, but it comes out faster, and Joe has a significantly smaller hitbox, meaning this move will beat out more moves than the 5a.
  • 2b - Joe pulls out some kind of weapon and whips it around in a circular manner in front of him up to above his head. Hits twice. Stay away from this move. It doesn't serve a purpose that other moves can't do better, and if you put it in a combo, it will scale the combo to do slightly less damage almost every time.
  • 2c - a very strange move. One of the few 2c's in the game that doesn't knock down, Joe slowly jumps backwards in a strange crouching position and shoots his gun. The bullet can go almost full screen and hits OTG. You can use it to follow up after a knockdown or a lvl3 super in the corner. It can not be special or super canceled, but can be baroque canceled and is very tricky in block strings. It comes out at a good speed to give opponents time to think they have an opening and then get hit and comboed when you baroque and dash up at them.
  • 3c - A fairly straightforward launcher, Joe leans forwards, crouches down a little bit. and does an upward palm strike. Decent but not spectacular as an anti-air.

Special Moves

  • Wild Lasso-Charge 4 for a few seconds, then press 6A/B/C-Joe the Condor takes out his rope gun and slams the enemy down. He then takes out another gun and shoots the enemy in the back of their head. All three versions do the same amount of hits (5 hits) and has the same damage output (does around 4,300 Billion Damage). However, each version has its own trajectory. A version will shoot in a 45 degree declining angle, B version will shoot straight across the screen, and C version will shoot at a 45 degree inclining angle. The nice thing about Wild Lasso is after a knock down, you can combo into A/B (though B version is a little tricky and looks odd) version of Wild Lasso for more hits and damage (in this instance, this would be considered an off-the-ground (OTG) special move). You can also ground combo with A/B versions of Wild Lasso. C version of Wild Lasso can work as an anti-air, but the recovery on all versions of this move make it extremely risky to be thrown out. It's very easy to punish on block.
  • Savage Shot-623A/B/C (this move can also be done in the air)-Joe the Condor takes out his gun and shoots with it. Each version (both ground and air) has its own number of hits and damage output. All ground versions shoot at a 45 degree inclining angle: A version shoots 3 times and does around 3.,300 Billion Damage, B version shoots 4 times and does around 4,300 Billion Damage, and C version shoots 5 times and does around 5,300 Billion Damage. All air versions shoot at 45 degree declining angle: A version shoots 3 times and does around 2,900 Billion Damage, B version shoots 4 times and does around 3,850 Billion Damage, and C version shoots 5 times and does around 4,700 Billion Damage. In the corner, it is possible (with the right Assist) to go into a mini-loop with Joe the Condor's normal jumping Savage Shot loops (for instance, Kanji No Souki's Assist->Joe the Condor jumps, j.BB->B version Savage Shot->falling j.B->A version Savage Shot) repeat three or four times). This move is also great to use during an air combo, because it gives you enough frame advantage to hit a j.b in the corner and continue your combo. Note that the grounded version of this move will always whiff on standing opponents, no longer what range you are at.
  • Shuriken Feathers-Press and hold A/B/C, then release A/B/C when desired (this move can also be done in the air)-Joe the Condor throws feathers at his enemy. Each version has its own number of hits and damage output. A version does 1 hit and does around 1,500 Billion Damage, B version does 2 hits and does around 2,250 Billion Damage, and C version does 3 hits and does around 3,000 Billion Damage. These are great to use to surprise your enemy with this attack (since you simply hold a button down until you are ready to release it). You can also use these in both ground and air combos. You can create a long loop air combos if by using Shuriken Feathers, since they give you significant frame advantage, enough to dash in and then attack. They're also very unique in that you can use them to cancel other special moves, however, they will whiff on crouching opponents.
  • Cactus Bunker-63214A/B/C-A counter special move. Joe the Condor turns his back on his enemy. If the enemy hits his back, the screen goes red, Joe turns black, and shoots the enemy with a large bullet (causing the enemy to go into a juggling state). You can juggle after this move, but it requires a baroque if the opponent is not extremely deep. This is great to use against offensive opponents (especially fighting against giants: Gold Lightan or PTX-40A)! Keep in mind that juggling off of this move will immediately scale the damage on your combo by 50%.
  • Battering Ram-236A/B/C-Joe the Condor does a powerful kick. All three versions do 1 hit and has the same damage output (does around 2,800 Billion Damage). Each version has its own properties. A version will cause the enemy to go into a brief crumple stun, B version will make the enemy go into a stun state in which an attack will pop them up, and the C version will cause the enemy to bounce off the wall (or known as "wall bounce"). A version can naturally combo off of a 5c, but doesn't leave enough time to combo afterward naturally, however, it's fairly easy to combo by using a baroque or an assist (even an assist with very short hitstun such as ken the eagle will work if you time it correctly). B version, on the other hand, is too slow to combo off of a standing C without a baroque or assist, but leaves enough time to combo afterwards naturally. Since this is one of the few moves that joe has that is capable of putting an opponent into a juggle state low to the ground, it is useful for setting up some more advanced combos. C version is very slow, and impossible to combo into without an assist with a long stun period, however, it has super armor, and as such can be used to go through and punish fireballs or other slow moves.

Super Moves

  • Condor Magnum-236+Any two attack buttons (this super can also be done in the air)-Joe the Condor throws two sets of Shuriken Feathers, If the middle shuriken on the second set hits, it triggers a cutscene in which Joe punches the opponent so hard an explosion shoots out of their back. Both ground and air version do 9 hits (ground shooting the Shuriken Feathers straight across the screen; while in the air, shooting the feathers at a 45 degree declining angle) and the damage outputs are the same (does around 12.200 Billion Damage). This is a great way to end both ground and air combos with. If you miss the super, in the air Joe the Condor will simply teleport back to the ground and is pretty safe, but in the grounded version, he will do a little taunt-like animation and is open to attack. DHCing out of this attack on the same frame the triggering shuriken feather hits can cause a glitch that can make joe remain on the screen when he should tag out, or become invisible.
  • Bird Missile Strike-623+Any two attack buttons-Joe the Condor summons his ship. The ship shoots bullets along the ground while it shoots a missile in the air. 10 seconds later, the missile hits the ground, causing a large explosion. While the bullets varies on number of hits and damage output (due to where Joe the Condor and the enemy are on the screen), the missile, for 1 hit, does around 15,000 Billion Damage. If you are able to create a set-up where the missile hits, you can continue to ground or air combo your enemy. Be careful, if you do not jump out of the explosion (or block the explosion), you will take damage as well. All parts of this super hit OTG, but it is very difficult to make useful.
  • Science Ninpo: Tornado Fighter (Level 3 Super)-63214+Any two attack buttons (this super can also be done in the air)-Joe the Condor kicks the enemy in the air, and summons either Ken the Eagle or Jun the Swan (if she is your partner) to join him in a spinning bird dance (so powerful, in fact, they create a large tornado). This super does 33 hits, and does around 23,000 Billion Damage. This super is great to end your ground or air combos with. You can even connect A/B version of Ground Lasso to add more damage in the corner.

As An Assist

Joe the Condor jumps out and does his B version of Savage Shot. While his Assist is not great to combo with, it is good enough to use as an anti-air.

The Basics

  • Whie Joe can do decently well enough playing keepaway with his guns, his real strength comes in his high damage combos and tricky block strings. Most of his normal moves keep him moving forwards, and moves such as his confusing 2c, his counter attack, and his ability to cancel specials with shurikens can make it very difficult to figure out when you have an opening to attack him.
  • You'll want to omit 2b in his combo strings, since it scales damage poorly. The normal magic string you'll want to be using is just 2a,5b,5c.
  • Learning how to combo effectively in the air with the shurikens is key to unlocking Joe's damage potential. A good combo off of a standing launch would be something like:
  • 2a(hold),5b,5c,3c(hold),(jump cancel),j.b,j.b,release a and immediately hold again,66,j.b,(jump cancel),j.b,release c,66,j.b,release a,623a,236ab
  • an easier, and one that also works off of an aerial launch, such as the wallbounce 41236c, would be:
  • 3c(hold),(jump cancel),j.a,j.b,j.b,623b,release c,623b,236ab

Advanced Strategy