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J.Max is kind of the Dudley of this game, a character who hits hard and has a great high/low. Close HP is an overhead, low MK is his best low, and both can combo into qcf+LK into jump canceled HK. The jump cancel also makes LK tackle safe on block. His DP is great, enormous hit area and damage. His priority is rather poor, but trading hits usually wins him the game. He's got great anti-projectile tools, also - he can slide, catch & throw projectiles back, and head dive over things. The EX is pretty good, invincible with good chip and crossup potential. His super is one of the best, I swear that thing comes out in 3 frames or so...combos from practically anything and can punish some things that are usually safe, AND it has almost no recovery. He has especially tough match-ups against Erick & Mudman, who can get around all of his anti-projectile stuff, and Kidd, who can infinite him especially easily. I would suspect he has a hard time against great pokes, as well...

Moves List

Normal Moves

Command Normals

Dashing Down Fist Dash Forward, HP

Gut Punch f/b + MP the frame which Johnny's fist first extends has high autoguard

Strong Low Knuckle d + HP blow defense

High Punt f + HK

Slide df + K

Normal Throws

Touchdown f + HP close

Back Toss b + HP close throws opponent against wall

Bearhug f/b + HK close tap b and f and mash buttons for longer hold

Special Moves

Shoulder Charging qcf + K

Lighting Tackle f, d, df + P

Head Crash Charge d, u + P /d, u + P

Johnny Special hcf + P close pushes opponent all the way to the corner; unblockable

Super Moves

Hyper Johnny Special qcf, qcf + LP+LK connects close; down punch must connect (not blocked) for Desperation to be performed


  • Crouching LP, Crouching LK, Crouching MK > QCF + WK > Jumping MK

Frame Data