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The original JoJo from Series 2 makes a return to the battlefield searching for Dio Brando. He is a now a mere shell of the man he was, but is here to lend his experience and wisdom to his teammates. His Stand is the vine-like Hermit Purple, which gives him useful psychic abilities.

Joseph is more of a close-range character, with quick, short-reaching moves and powerful throws. He is also the only character who can roll while his Stand is on.

Moves List

Normal Moves

Special Moves

Hamon Blue Overdrive (QCF+A (Stand Off))

Joseph does a sideways chop with his far hand, throwing out a blue wave of electricity.

  • A1 and A2 versions start up quickly and hit once. A3 version takes a moment to charge but hits up to three times, knocking the opponent down on the last hit.
  • Each version has a slightly longer range than the last. A1=Shortest -> A3=Longest
  • Startup is long enough that even the A1 version will not combo when buffered from a standing or crouching A1. However, it will work from any higher strength Normal or a running A1.

Hermit Web (QCF+A (Stand On))

Joseph extends his hand and causes Hermit Purple to wrap around the opponent. From here pressing any attack button will send small Hamon balls through the vines to hit the opponent and pressing b+A will make Joseph pull the opponent toward him.

  • The A3 version comes out low. Other than this, the move is no different.
  • The opponent remains tied up for about four seconds of game time, during which they cannot mash out.
  • If the opponent has their Stand on when grabbed, it will be deactivated. However, it cannot grab a Stand which has separated from its owner (such as through a Tandem Attack).
  • For some strange reason, hitting the opponent with Hamon balls does not contribute to the Combometer.

Hamon Yellow Overdrive (DP+A)

Joseph takes a moment to charge Hermit Purple with Hamon then swings in a downward arc. With Stand on the charging phase will last a bit longer, but Joseph will move forward slightly when attacking.

  • This move hits overhead and will knock down.
  • Similar to the A3 Hamon Blue Overdrive, hitting a cornered opponent with this move will cause them to bounce off the wall.

Strategist's Action (QCB+A)

Joseph turns away from the opponent and holds up one hand, surrounded by Hamon energy. If hit with any non-projectile attack during this time Joseph will create a field of electricity around himself, which hits multiple times. With Stand on, Joseph will go straight to the electricity with no need for a counter.

  • Whether Stand is on or off, this move will instantly Stand Crush an opponent.
  • This is Joseph's Blazing Fists attack, meaning that if it clashes with a move such as Jotaro's Ora Ora (QCF+A), the game will segue into a Blazing Fists Match.

Beat Ripple (360+A)

Joseph grabs the opponent, surrounding them with vines which are then charged with Hamon. After a moment, he uses his free hand to uppercut them away.

  • With Stand on, the A3 version ends with a kick instead of an uppercut.
  • Despite appearances, you cannot juggle after the move ends.

Super Moves


Sample combos


(Stand off) c.A1, c.A1, s.A2 XX QCF+A1 or A2 (4 Hits)
  • Not very damaging, but good for putting some distance between yourself and the opponent.
(Stand on) j.A3, s.A3 XX QCF+A -> b+A, s.A1 -> s.A3 XX QCF+AA (11 Hits)
  • Easy combo made all the more damaging when Hamon balls are added to the equation. Substitute a throw for the s.A1 onward if you lack meter or just feel like being fancy. Do note that the throw won't actually combo.

(More to come...)


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