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Jotaro Kujo and his stand Star Platinum.


Jotaro Kujo is the main protagonist of series 3. He is basically the shoto of the game, and most well-rounded character. His special moves are most effective at close range. OraOra is a basic pressure move, and it advances towards the opponent without covering too much ground. But it is able to build meter quickly. Maha Ora covers a lot of ground, and hits hard but the full stand enhance version is laggy so be careful. This move is basically his b&b combos. Star Finger is where Jotaro shines the most. He has a lot of mix-up potential, and it sometimes forces the opponent in a position where you have the advantage. Star Finger mix-up is essential in Jotaro's playstyle. Jotaro's two main supers are very strong, and can be easily comboed into. Putzun Ora is a very good chipper super, and if used wisely can be a life saver. Though it is one of his most punishable moves afterwards so make sure it is in a combo. Or otherwise the opponent may guard cancel. The other is Star Breaker which is his strongest super, and can be used to break a stand quickly. The drawbacks to Star Breaker is the fact it doesn't chip as much as Putzun Ora, and it is a waste of meter if you miss. The level 3 which is "Time Stop" is a move that if successful your opponent would be frozen, and is prey to anything without the ability to block. Though it is the hardest move to land due to the startup delay. A opponent could easily punish you while in motion. I would say never use this move unless you can afford to. Like if your opponent health is low, and you have health to spare. Also it's best to use time stop on the last round. During time stop never use Star Breaker because the damage scaling keeps it to a few pixels. So instead get in a Putzun Ora or two because it takes off the most damage in the quickest amount of time than anything else in Jotaro's moveset.

The only cons to Jotaro is that it is very difficult for him to deal with long range stand users. Like Kakyoin and Abdul who can easily keep Jotaro at bay. Unless Jotaro gets in close it will be hard for Jotaro to win seeing as he has no projectiles.

Moves List

Normal Moves

5A - Quick knee jab. Can link into his other 2/5A moves, combos into QCF+S, and link his 6B to begin his BNB.

5B - A downward swing. Not too useful as it has identical start-up to 6B.

6B - A forward moving shin kick. His main move for his BNBs and Star Finger mix-ups. Hits low.

3C - Star Platinum does a half circular strike over Jotaro. Decent anti-air against opponents with the habit of quickly down air-teching above your head.

5C - Jotaro does a pose and has Star Platinum hits twice. Decent anti-air vs players trying to air tech behind you out of the corner and stop telegraphed hyper hops.

6C - Jotaro sways and has Star Platinum extend to strike at an angle. Same animation as 2C. Hits low, has the same reach as 2C/sweep but doesn't knockdown and it's much slower.

7/8/9.A - A jump knee attack. Can instant overhead and pretty active.

7/8/9.B - Same as above. Slight more start-up and hitstun than his j.A.

7/8/9.C - A hard jump kick. Great hitbox overall that can beat mistimed anti-airs and air-to-airs. Use it for short hop pressure, instant overheads with Star Finger or to close out a round. It can cross-up if spaced correctly.

2A - A backhand punch. Hits low, BNB starter or combo into QCF+S.

2B - Star Platinum appears to quickly jab. Decent for whiff punishing but doesn't hit low.

2C - Star Platinum strikes at an angle for a knockdown. Same animation as 6C. Good sweep you can cancel into Star Finger or QCF+S to continue your pressure. It's safe even if you don't cancel.

Special Moves

OraOra QCF+A/B/C - Star Platinum appears to deal a rush punch. Strength determines the distance and its active frames. C version is the most useful for advanced combos but outside of that don't use this unsafe move unless you know your opponent's pushblock habits or you will get super punished.

MahaOra QCB+A/B/C - Star Platinum appears to swiftly do a forward strike. Strength determines the distance and hitstun. C version can be linked from a 6B (or 6C) then link into a hyper hop 9C to continue on his BNB. As a gimmick, you can sometimes toss it out like a projectile to test your opponent's reactions but be wary of its long recovery.

Star Finger DP+A/B/C - Star Platinum appears charging up behind Jotaro and thrust his extended finger to pull in the opponent. Strength determines the minor variances in start-up, recovery, hitstun and blockstun. If you hold the button down for 10 seconds the move will be unblockable. This is one of Jotaro's move versatile special moves as it can be used to continue pressure, mixup on knockdowns, anti-air certain angles, or in some circumstance throw punish if pushblocked.

Super Moves

Putzun Ora: Super version of the OraOra OCF+AA

Star Breaker: A Crushing Blow QCB+AA

Star Platinum "The World": Stops opponent from moving 6, B, 6, A, S

The Basics

Advanced Strategy

Star finger Mix ups

There are a couple of ways to go about it, all leading to big damage, knockdowns and another attempt at a mix-up.

So first you need to get a knockdown. After the knockdown, activate starfinger (f,d,d/f+ any attack, I use a1). The as they are in the wake up animation do either: Instant overhead small jump a3 or f+a2 (standing low shin kick) and release the star finger. There are a bunch of benefits to this mix up. Its safe for one because of the large hit and block stun starfinger provides. So even if you mess it up (or they block), you can continue your offense. If it hits, it leads, like I said before, to big damage/knockdown/further mix-ups.

Here are some of the common setups:

- Knockdown, Starfinger(hold a1), instant overhead a3 (small jump, u/f+3), release starfinger, standing a1, standing f+a2, qcb+a2, small jump immediately(almost like a super jump cancel), j.a3, standing a1, standing f+a2, qcf+s, qcb+a2, qcb+a1

This is the overhead variation of the series.

- Knockdown, Starfinger(hold a1), f+a2 (standing low attack), release starfinger, standing a1, standing f+a2, qcb+a2, small jump immediately(almost like a super jump cancel), j.a3, standing a1, standing f+a2, qcf+s, qcb+a2, qcb+a1

This is the low variation of the series.

- Knockdown, Starfinger(hold a1), small jump j.a3, instant overhead small jump j.a3

If opponent blocks you get second chance at mix up if they are hit and stay crouching, its a reset.

- (High or low variation of mix-up here) standing a1, standing f+a2, qcb+a2, small jump immediately(almost like a super jump cancel), j.a3, standing a1, standing f+a2, qcb+s (during screen freeze input a1, a2, a3 4~5 times), when the combo activates, dash in and attack 3-5 times, small jump j.a3, standing a1, standing f+a2, qcb+a2, j.a3, standing a1, standing f+a2, qcf+s, qcb+a2, qcb+a1

This is really damaging though if pulled off in a match (very possible with some modest practice)and leaves you in prime postion for more mix-ups.


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