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The step brother of the X-Men's founder Professor X, The Juggernaut Cain Marko harbors resentment for his brother and in turn all of the X-Men.

Moves List

Normal Moves

Forward Punch F.png + Hp.png

Special Moves

Citorak Power Up Dp.png + P.png P.png
Juggernaut Punch Hcf.png + P.png
Earthquake Punch Hcb.png + P.png
Juggernaut Body Press (also in air) Hcf.png + K.png
Nail Slam Hcb.png + K.png

Super Moves

Head Crush Qcf.png + P.png P.png

The Basics

Advanced Strategy


Beginner 1) J.HP , C.MK XX LP-Juggernaut Punch (OTG)
2) HP Throw, Juggernaut Headcrush

  **Note: The Headcrush activation is very picky.  It depends on how far away
          you are from the corner as well as how heavy the enemy is.
          Characters like Cammy, you have to wait for what seems like a
          lifetime before you actually do the Headcrush.  Characters like
          Zangief, you have to do it right away.  Also, if you're right next
          to the corner, you generally have to wait a bit before you do the
          Headcrush whereas if you are in the middle of the playing field,
          you have to do it earlier.

3) Have enemy in the corner. Pound Into The Ground, S.MP XX Juggernaut Headcrush
4) J.HP , S.HP XX Juggernaut Headcrush
5) Have enemy in the corner. J.HP , S.HP XX LP-Juggernaut Punch (FS), C.LK (OTG)

Intermediate 1) J.HP , C.HP SJ SJ.LP , SJ.LK , SJ.MP , SJ.HP (FS)
2) Have enemy near corner. C.HP SJ SJ.LP , SJ.LK XX LK-Body Splash
3) HP Throw enemy into the corner. C.HP SJ SJ.LP , SJ.LK , SJ.HP (FS)
4) Have enemy in the corner. J.HP , LP-Earthquake, S.MP XX Juggernaut Headcrush
5) Have enemy in the corner and get right next to them. S.HP XX LP-Earthquake, T.HP SJ SJ.LP , SJ.LK , SJ.HP (FS) ,SJ.HK (FS) , S.MK (OTG)

  **Note: You have to stagger the timing of the Air Combo so that you hit the
          enemy with the SJ.HP as late in your jump as possible, so that
          the enemy is clearly above you and will fall right INTO your
          SJ.HK.  This combo will NOT work on the light characters,
          as the T.HP will Launch them WAAAAY too high for any Air Combo
          to connect.

6) Do this combo anywhere EXCEPT near corners. J.HP , MP-Earthquake, Juggernaut Headcrush

Expert 1) Get enemy in the corner. J.HP , LP-Earthquake, D.S.MP XX LP- Earthquake, S.LP XX Juggernaut Headcrush

  **Note: Juggernaut gets an Expert Combo!!  Although it's pretty wimpy
          compared to most Expert Combos in terms of number of hits, it is
          still extremely difficult to pull off, mainly because of the
          difficulties of getting both Earthquakes in.  After the first
          Earthquake, Dash in as far as you can before hitting MP so that
          it will connect with the LP Earthquake.  The problem is this: if
          you wait too long, the MP won't hit in time to combo.  Timing
          is CRITICAL.  After the second Earthquake, let Juggernaut take the
          tiniest step so that the S.LP will barely connect.