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KILL la KILL IF (KLKIF) is a 3D arena fighting game.

Match Format

Default matches have a 180 second timer, and are a best of 3 in rounds.

Once one round ends, everything carries over to the next round. This would be:

  • Health
  • Timer
  • SP Gauge
  • Valor Level
  • The position you were in when the round ended.


Pressing the Guard button causes your character to block in place against incoming attacks.

Attacks do not deal chip damage, and you're rewarded meter for successfully blocking attacks.

Counter Hit

Interrupting the startup frames of an opponent’s attack causes your attack to deal an extra 300 damage. This only applies to the first hit if Its a multi-hit.

Certain moves benefit more from a Counter Hit, such as Ryuko’s uppercut dealing an extra 700 damage when Its a Counter Hit.

Knockdown, Get Up, Air Tech

A knockdown will commonly occur at the end of a combo. When a player is on the ground, they're invincible until their get up animation finishes.

Upon getting hit in the air, if you aren't immediately hit afterwards your character will automatically Air Tech. After Air Teching, you will be invincible until you land to the ground.


Launching the opponent while their back is to the wall will cause a wallsplat.

The opponent is stuck to the wall and slowly slides down to the ground. This allows for combo extension and big damage potential.

Low Health Recovery

If you’re at low enough health (HP bar starts flashing), and you bring the match into round 3, you will be rewarded health recovery at the beginning of round 3.

SP Gauge

KLKIF SP Gauge.png

The SP Gauge is used to perform actions such as Specials, Ketsui Burst, and FIBER LOST SECRET ARTS. It's broken up into four 25% integers.

The SP Gauge increases whenever:

  • You hit the opponent.
  • You get hit by the opponent.
  • You guard an opponent's attack.

Meter Consumption
Nui's EX Attacks One bar (25%)
Specials Two bars (50%)
Ketsui Burst Two bars (50%)

Blue Meter

Upon using meter to perform an action, the SP Gauge freezes for about 6-7 seconds. During this time, your meter will not be able to increase.

The exception to this would be landing a Ketsui Burst that leads into Bloody Valor. That and the potential SP gained from winning Bloody Valor.

Types of Attacks

KLKIF is a 3 button fighter with each button having their own unique purpose.

There are the expected grounded and aerial attacks, but everyone also has exclusive attacks from dashing.

Close Ranged Attacks

KLKIF Close Ranged Attack 1.jpgKLKIF Close Ranged Attack 2.jpg

Your go-to attacks to throw out when close to your opponent and to quickly apply pressure.

Pressing the button multiple times performs followup attacks. Depending on the inputted direction, you will perform an attack that excels in covering specific actions.

Horizontal inputs will give you attacks that hit to the side, allowing you to catch Step Dashes and side movement. These moves don't hit as high and can be jumped.

Vertical inputs give you a narrow attack that hits upwards. Generally used as an anti-air that can be a combo starter.

Long Ranged Attacks

KLKIF Long Ranged Attack.jpg

A character's mid to long range options mostly consisting of projectiles.

Long Ranged Attacks can be dash cancelled afterwards which doesn't make you much of a sitting duck when zoning. This can also be used to close the distance on your opponent and travel with your projectiles.

Charging Long Ranged Attacks will give you additional effects such as increased range, speed, damage, etc. You can also charge aerial Long Ranged Attacks to air stall, causing your character to float based on the direction of your jump.

You can change the trajectory of Long Ranged Attacks based on the direction inputted.

Break Attacks

KLKIF Break Attack.png

Unblockable attacks that act as a replacement for having no grab system.

Although they have weaknesses such as slow startup, long recovery, or short range, they're strong options if the opponent doesn't react and counterplay against them.

Step Dashing is invincible against Break Attacks on frame 1.

Step Dash

KLKIF Step Dash.jpg

A universal dash that can be done left, right, forward, or backwards.

Each dash has Its use, such as a side dash to evade projectiles, forward dash to close the distance, and backwards dash to avoid short range attacks.

Specific moves can be done exclusively out of a Step Dash, making whiff punishing much more consistent.

Step Dashing is invincible against Break Attacks on frame 1, making them a good wakeup option to avoid Break Attack okizeme.

Homing Dash

KLKIF Homing Dash.jpg

Homing Dash causes your character to home in on the opponent and quickly attack for 50 damage. This can be done either on the ground or in the air.

Homing Dash allows you to armor through low priority projectiles after the initial startup.

Both variants of Homing Dash can be dash cancelled after the initial startup.

Ketsui Burst

Ketsui burst.jpg

By spending two bars of your SP Gauge, you can perform a Ketsui Burst.

There are two types of Ketsui Bursts:

Offensive Ketsui Burst

A Ketsui Burst that has been performed while your character is in a free state and not under the effects of hitstun or blockstun.

Once activated, you become invincible and release a multi-hit shockwave that deals 1500 damage (non-lethal, cannot KO.)

If the opponent is hit by an Offensive Ketsui Burst, Bloody Valor will commence.

Defensive Ketsui Burst

A Ketsui Burst that has been performed under the effects of hitstun or blockstun. Once activated, you become invincible and can break free of the opponent's combo or guard pressure.

The shockwave knocks back the opponent and deals 10 damage (non-lethal, cannot KO.)

Defensive Ketsui Burst can also be performed in the air. However, you will not be able to perform any action until you land on the ground.


KLKIF Fiber Lost.png

FIBER LOST SECRET ARTS (Fiber Lost for short) is an instant kill attack that can be performed once you have Valor Level 3 and your SP Gauge is at max.

Landing this on your opponent will immediately end the match and declare you the winner.

They can be combo'd into as well.