Kaede (NGBC)

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Moves List

Body Tosses

Taitou Tani Otoshi: B/F+CD

Taitou: B/F+CD in air

Normal Moves

Command moves

Pounce Attack: DF+C on downed foe

Special Moves

Shinmei Hayate: QCF+P

Shinmei Oite: QCF+P in air

Shinmei Kuga: F,D,DF+P

Shinmei Renjin Zan: QCB+P

Shinmei Tabakaze: QCB+K

Shinmei Arashi Uchi HCF+K


Setsuna Shunretsu: F+BD(SC)

Setsuna Shunrai: b+BD(SC)

Itsutou Kagura Nobari: BD with successful Repel move

Setsuna Shundan: F+BD in air

Desperation Attacks

Kasshin Fukuryu: QCB,HCF+P Takes 1 stock

Kasshin Seiryu: QCF(x2)+P (can hold P to delay)Takes two stocks

The Basics

Kaede NGBC Primer Part I(by Dark Geese):

Kaede the Last Blade Supersaiyan Ryu Ken Clone is the OG Triad playa. Hes a one trick pony that needs meter to do the most damage. But hes a noob KILLER!!!!! Use him to rape your friends until they discover how to get around his Noob killer cheese! -Qcb+C is Kaedes best special. Very few things can punish it and its meter and non-meter safe. BUT you can do a Deadly Assault right before the lst hit of qcb+C and punish Kaede or other moves experts know to punish him! If it hits they cannot tech it also. -Anti Air with Dp+C…but be careful and don’t whore it against people Like Tung…because if you miss and I get on your back…40+ hits FOR FREE. -He has Parries like all the Last Blade characters and follow ups… (forward+BD and back+BD) plus the forward+BD followup to all of this. Except with Kaede he can follow a high or low parry up with his Level 2 Light Saber Super. -If your opponent has meter do NOT abuse cb+a. Its non-meter safe only. Qcb+C fits the bill and is the noob killer! -His hcf+k command grab is very good..it links into a well timed qcb+C (first hit) xxLevel 2 Light Saber Super (qcfx2 C) for VERY GOOD DAMAGE. -Objective with Kaede is combo into Light Saber super..thats it..and without meter hes too predictable and most of his ame is lost. Experts will snuff qcb+C with ease…so don’t whore it against experts.You have been warned.. -Poke with Far St. b also. The Japanese Kaede Mixup- Aftera command grab time a late qcb+C so that the 1st and third hits hit, reset with a then run into whatever you want. -Triad Kaede Unblockable: After a regular throw (CD), throw his fireball…its unblockable. His air fireballs he has two variations..one that goes closer and one that pushes you back..mix it up but do not go all Noob 3s Akuma PLEASE…...

-Other bnbs:

1. cr.b,cr.axxqcb+axxLevel 2 Light Saber Super.

2. Far St. Dxxqcb+a to Light Saber Super.

3. In corner, hcf+k command Grab, Deadly Assault.

Advanced Strategy