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In the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Manga, Kahn is a barber who accidentally draws the Anubis sword, which takes control of Kahn and attempts to kill Polnareff. He is eventually defeated when Kahn is knocked out by a blow from Star Platinum.

One of six "hidden" characters in the game, Kahn fights using the Anubis sword. His gameplay is semi-similar to Chaka's, with a few noticeable differences, such as the presence of a charge slash, and the lack of a quick horizontal slash.

Moves List

Normal Moves

Stab: B + A2

Double slash: A3, A3 (standing)

Special Moves

Kinuizan/Famous Strike: F, D, DF + A

Classic-style dragon punch move. Doesn't have invulnerable frames but still has some good priority.

Kikouzan/Quick Strike: Charge B, F + A

Khan rushes forward with a horizontal swing. The weak and medium version can be cancelled into Kinuizan, even if they miss. The heavy version hits low, but does less damage.

Oboeta/Forget Me Not: D, DB, B + A

The standard counter move of Anubis characters. After learning a certain attack you can press any button the next time you block it (not with the counter move, standard blocking) to cancel the block stun.

Renkazan/Special Move 1: S (can hold, can be done in the air)

Khan spins around in a circle, blade extended. The longer you extend this move on the ground the more recovery frames it'll have at the end, until a point it stops on its own. The air version is particularly effective both at pressuring and running away.

Super Moves

Zangaizan/Super Combo 1: D, DF, F + AA

Khan rushes forward doing a series of slashes. Combos easily from heavy attacks.

Ichitachi/Super Combo 2: D, DB, B + AA

Shin Shoryuken basically. Combos from any strength of normal attacks if close.

The Basics

One of Kahn's biggest tools is the combo potential of some of his special moves, specifically his Famous Strike, which can be chained into from almost any ground normal. Also of note is that while both of his supers do the same amount of damage without scaling, his Ichitachi or Super Combo 2 will do more damage with scaling, due to it being composed of only two hits, as opposed to Zangaizan/Super Combo 1's fourteen hits.

Advanced Strategy


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