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Moves List

Normal Moves

  • 6C-Sword Lunge-Kaijin No Soki takes his sword, and lunges at the enemy with it. This move can reach the enemy a little over half-way across the screen. You can use this normal move in a ground combo, and can use his Chain special (BC) right after this move.

Special Moves

  • Head Splitter-41236A/B/C-Kaijin No Soki takes his sword, and slams it on the ground, causing a mild shock wave. If this hits the enemy, you will cause the enemy to go into a stagger state. This move cannot be used in a ground combo (unless you either Baroque a previous move in which it gives you time, or if you have an Assist that permits you to use this special move during a ground combo). You can also use this move to catch enemies from the air (normal jumping). An example would be to stop Instant Air Dashing attacks by using this special move. This move has auto-guard properties. You can also use this move when your enemy is lying on the ground for additional damage.
  • Deflect-63214A/B/C-Kaijin No Soki takes a stance with his sword in front. If the enemy hits him during his stance, Kaijin No Soki will slash right through his enemy, causing them to tremble to their knees. You cannot follow up with any normal attack, special, or super. However, this special can use used to surprise your enemies. Use this special to shut down some Instant Air Dashing abuse; use this to also to get away from players who use block string attacks and a lot of pressure (offense tactics). This counter will register (or when your enemy hits him) in Medium, High, and air attack ranges. The issue here is that this counter does not work on low attacks, or throws. So do not overuse this attack, because your enemy may start to catch on.
  • Chain-During 6C normal move, press BC-After the Sword Lunge (6C), Kaijin No Soki will slash right through his enemy, causing them to spin slightly above the ground and toward and past Kaijin No Soki. This special move is nice, because you can follow this special move with a ground combo (or to continue a ground combo), or with a super (though the timing to cancel into a super may be a little tricky).
  • Slam-623A/B/C-Kaijin No Soki lunges at his enemy with a shoulder tackle. Depending on which version you use will have different effects on the enemy. The A version will cause the enemy to stagger; you can use the A version in part of your ground combo (and can continue to do so after using Slam A version). The B version will shoot the enemy in the air (slightly above normal jumping height); you can use this in part of your ground combo, however, once you use B version Slam, you cannot continue to ground combo the enemy (unless you cancel B version Slam right into a super, or if you Baroque right after using B version Slam, or if you have the right Assist for you to continue to ground combo). The C version of Slam will cause the enemy to bounce off the wall (i.e. wall bounce). You cannot ground combo into this unless you Baroque a move where the move you used to Baroque gives you enough time to combo with C version of Slam or if you have the right Assist. Fortunately, you can combo after the enemy bounces off the wall. Use this special for mix-up and for ground combos (under certain circumstances).
  • Finisher-22A/B/C-Kaijin No Soki takes his sword and stabs the enemy. You can use this special during your ground combo, or when the enemy is lying on the floor. This special is nice to use to just throw in additional damage, right after, for example, an air combo.

Super Moves

  • Sword of Purification-236+Any two attack buttons-Kaijin No Soki summons his red sword (from his back), to attack the enemy with fire. The red sword launches the enemy in the air, attack the enemy in a spiral manner with fire, when finally, when the enemy lands on the ground, the red sword slams into the enemy with a powerful stab. This super does around 17 hits and around 12,000 Billion Damage. This super is great to use at the end of your ground combo, team Hyper Combination, or even Cross-Over Combination.
  • Oni Tactics-623+Any two buttons (this move can he charged)-Kaijin No Soki takes his sword, and charges it with soul energy, and then attacks the enemy with lightning strike(s).Depending on how long you hold down the attack buttons determines the different effects in which the super produces. If you just input the super, Kaijin No Soki's sword will have a green aura, and will do 1 hit on the enemy (causing stagger when the enemy is on the ground, and a wall slam when the enemy is in the air). If you hold down the attack buttons for two seconds, Kaijin No Soki's sword will have green aura, and will do 8 hits and around 18 Billion Damage. If you hold the attack buttons for three seconds, Kaijin No Soki's sword will have red aura, and will do 11 hits and around 25 Billion Damage. This super can be used during a ground or air combo (though situations as to when you use this super varies greatly and can be tricky).
  • Onimusha Transformation (Level 3 Super)-63214+Any two attack buttons-Kaijin No Soki becomes a powerful demon. When you hit your enemy, you will see orbs floating around the screen. Each one has its own use. The red one is part of his Oni Cutter Super (you must collect 7 red orbs in order to use Oni Cutter--there will be red orb meter directly above your super meter); the blue orbs increase your super back, and the yellow orbs increase your health meter. The only drawback on using this super is: you cannot switch out your partner. Instead, your P button now makes Kaijin No Soki suck in orbs. You can suck in orbs while you are either on the ground or in the air. Sucking in orbs while you're in the air will cause Kaijin No Soki to float down to the ground. This might be good to use if you are waiting for time to run out or if you are simply trying to avoid the enemy (while sucking in orbs, of course). The nice thing about this level 3 super is that you can still do all of your normal, special, and super moves (take in consideration that super moves during Onimusha Transformation still take one super bar, so be wise on what you do during Onimusha Transformation).
    • Oni Cutter (During Onimusha Transformation and when you collect 7 red souls) 623+Any two attack buttons-Kaijin No Soki's Demon form takes his two swords, cuts the enemy (to make an "X" slash-effect) and sends the enemy flying into the air. The number of super bars that you have does not matter as long as you have collected 7 red orbs. You can use this as part of your ground combo. This super does around 26,000 Billion Damage.

As An Assist

Kaijin No Soki jumps out and does his B version Slam special move. You can use this during a ground combo. His Assist is also nice to use since it travels a little less than half-way across the screen (his Assist might give you the opportunity to run away from the enemy (or play defensively), or use his Assist to create a mix-up game).

The Basics

Advanced Strategy