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Kakyoin the highest tiered character in the game only below, Petshop, who is banned from tourney play. Kakyoin is a high school student just like Jotaro. He also embarks on the journey due to Jotaro sparing him, and wanting revenge on Dio. Kakyoin is mostly a zoning/trap character. He does not excel at close combat. But if used correctly he is one of the most annoying, and dangerous characters in the entire game. He takes a lot of skill to win with, but when all is said and done you will reap the rewards with a vengeance. His stand has insane spacing capabilities, and he takes off tons of damage if your combos are on key.

Moves List

Normal Moves

(( Alizarin now, and my j.A# listings assumes that you are moving backward or forward as you jump. Despite what I've written, my knowledge of Kakyoin is KINDA limited ... ))

s.A1 - A light punch, comes out very fast and has combo potential. STAND ON: Same thing, except slightly increased range and a higher-placed hitbox.

j.A1 - A jab in the air, a good combo-starter (provided you don't get knocked out of the air and punished) if well-placed. STAND ON: A straight punch in the air.

c.A1 - Kakyoin extends a kick while crouching, a short-range poke that is unlikely to see any practical use outside of a few well-crafted combos. STAND ON: Hierophant Green punches towards where one's kneecaps might be.


s.A2 - A well-placed Kakyou-kick with about the same range as the s.A1 and slightly more damage, good to keep an off-Stand combo continuing. STAND ON: An awkward stretching punch that can be used against poorly conceived jump-in attacks, as a longer-ranged attack, or versus Petshop, OR if you hold Toward while pressing s.A2, you will use a good ranged "poke" attack.

j.A2 - The longest-range jump-in move Kakyoin has with his Stand off, a kick. STAND ON: A jump-in styled punch directed downwards, as if the enemy were almost directly below Kakyoin.

c.A2 - Hierophant Green materializes and delivers a low jab, a better-range poking move if ever needed. STAND ON: The longest range non-tripping attack Kakyoin has access to, GREAT for "Comboing" into a trip.


s.A3 - Two of Hierophant Green's limbs attack from just over Kakyoin's head, useful to stop a few jump-in attacks. STAND ON: A two-limb ranged punch that will hit one, two, or three times depending on how far or close you are to the target.

j.A3 - Great counter to jump-ins, not too much different from the s.A3. STAND ON: An attack that is like j.A2 except for a situation where the target is barely out of reach....

c.A3 - About as much range as the c.A2 with the added bonus of being a two-hit trip. In corners, someone with their Stand on will not like this since, because their Stand is on, they "float" a little instead of falling straight downwards, allowing the Kakyoin player to hit him a few times while the opponent is falling. Unless they Recover of course (two Attack buttons pressed at once). STAND ON: His longest ranged "melee" attack and one of the best trips available in the game, Hierophant Green extends a limb that goes far along the ground and trips on hit.

Special Moves

QCF+A - Emerald Splash. A few projectiles will spread at Kakyoin's front and disappear at a short range. He can still move while using this. STAND ON: This will release a concentrated Emerald Splash in front of Kakyoin, like a more typical projectile.

QCB+A - His "trap", which can be kept in the area it was used in by HOLDING the button that was pressed, can instantly crash the opponent's Stand AND stun him for a second whether the Stand is on or not. This can be followed by a Super'd Emerald Splash, an Emerald Splash, or even get the target ready for *another* QCB+A afterwards, or whatever suitably nasty combos you have lying around in that head of yours.

B, HCB+A - Kakyouin sends out a snare approximately 3 character lengths in front of him which hits low. If the opponent runs into it they will become immobilized for a few seconds, during which you are free to walk up and combo them. After the snare lets them go they will pop up into the air, during which time they are also comboable if they don't tech.

Super Moves

QCF+AA - Super'd Emerald Splash, VERY painful if well-placed. A barrage of Emeralds, basically. Holding Backwards AFTER the Flash of the super will spread the Barrage, allowing you to get a FEW hits on a jumping target. STAND ON: Will also work in the Air with your Stand on.

QCB+AA - Hierophant Green extends a single limb that you can move around. If the limb connects, try to KEEP it on the opponent until it ends. I personally prefer using it with Hierophant Green on, it keeps Kakyoin in one place and makes things a little easier to control. However, if you have good co-ordination, it could be possible to combo the hell out of him.

DP+AA (also known as F, D, DF) + AA - A melee ranged super that, if it connects, has Hierophant Green attack the target before blowing him away from you with an Emerald Splash.

a1, a1, f, a2, a3 - Command Grab, Hierophant Green moves forward about 2 character lengths, if it hits, he goes into the opponents head for a decent bit of damage.

The Basics

A few pointers;

Kakyoin is a character that can have a lot of control over the fight. His attacks have range and decent power, and his QCB+A trap can get your enemy ready for your next combo or attack, or to get a little breathing room. Well played Kakyoin characters can potentially demolish most other characters.

Basically, unless you are using a Stand-Off combo, keep Hierophant Green out because his abilities become more effective with it on (as opposed to Jotaro, who can destroy others with his Stand off while his Stand offers a nice hot cup of ORA ORA).

You don't HAVE to get right in someone's face with Kakyoin, so don't do it if the other player has to. Lay a trap and pepper the enemy with Emerald Splash. If the opponent is caught by it when you set it off, Super him or start a combo. If the player is not too skilled, you can destroy him easily like this. Otherwise, this tactic will still be a bit of a pain, but either way, realize that an attack placed in the trap's location will destroy it.

Advanced Strategy


Vs. Jotaro Kujo (JoJo):

Vs. Joseph Joestar:

Vs. Muhammed Abdul:

When it comes to acting dependently, Magician's Red (Avdol's Stand) is one of the greatest. Even if it leaves Avdol himself vulnerable, he can keep you away from him with his attacks - which are kinda reminiscent of Ryu's (Street Fighter character)... Shoryuken/Hadouken. Heh.

Anyway, besides the fact that 1.) he has a Dive kick in the air that will also make his stand move by itself, and 2.) he has an ability where a bomb of fire will float around until Avdol releases the button or it hits you, and 3.) he has a charging trip with his stand Off, there aren't going to be too many surprises as far as moves go. But in terms of strategy, don't underestimate this character.

Good luck.

Vs. Kakyouin Noriaki:

This is a straight-forward fight unless the other Kakyoin is the kind that knows a LOT of good combos. In which case, good luck getting him off of you. Either way, you MIGHT want to keep your Stand on a lot depending on how he fights.

If you hear the Trap sound, consider using (standing) Forward+A2 to destroy it before you run into it.

Trip him with Down+A3 (Stand off or on)! If his stand his On when you trip him, you might be able to fit in a few more attacks and "juggle" him before he recovers. Although it can be smart to do against more characters than just Kakyoin, this should not be forgotten.

If the other Kakyoin is throwing Emerald Splashes like there's no tomorrow, start dodging them to try to catch up. If he backs up, he's probably not a smart player and will be beaten quickly because you would eventually corner trap him. HOWEVER, if he is setting you up for a QCB+A trap, listen carefully for that sound and either avoid it or destroy it. In any case, depending solely on Emerald Splash against another Kakyoin can be a potentially bad move.

Vs. Jean Pierre Polnareff:

Vs. D'Bo:

Vs. Iggy:

Iggy's Stand can make him fly and toss balls of sand at you (this is rather simple to deal with - Emerald Splash him in the air), make him teleport behind or away from you (meaning if he knows where your trap is, he will simply try and lead you away from it), and it makes him a much larger target if it's On. If it's Off, he is not very good with normal attacks, but in exchange he becomes a very small target.

Trap carefully, and take as much control over the fight as possible. You have high-range attacks, more so than many of the other characters - take advantage of them and the fight is yours.

Vs. Midler:

A few things about her. First, she has decent (but not incredibly long) ranging capabilities. Second, she can make cars appear from the ground and can interrupt any attack you may have been planning (unrelated, but that move can also severely disadvantage some Vanilla Ice players). Third, if she is using a Super and her Stand goes into the ground, JUMP, because she is most likely using a move that cannot be blocked. If you see cars, however, go ahead and block.

Nothing else to say about Midler at this time, go get her.

Vs. Alessi:

Vs. Chaka Khan:

Chaka is strong in melee range. This means you MAY want to stay out of melee range, unless you plan on hitting him first.

Chaka, and all Anubis-Stand characters (Black Polnareff and this one guy I forgot the name of), have a Parry-attack - they will flash blue for a while... if you hit them while they are flashing, your attack will deal no damage, and you will be knocked into the air a little (having damage dealt to you instead).

Other than that, have fun.

Vs. Vanilla Ice:

Vs. Dio:

Vs. Mariah:

Vs. Hol Horse:

Vs. Pet Shop:

Pet Shop is an annoying flying bird that can throw ice shards at you and root you in place if you're on the ground, or charge into you as an ice-block. In any case, this damn bird is pretty vulnerable to your trap. Take advantage of that.

I have nothing to say here otherwise.

Vs. Black Polnareff:

Vs. Shadow Dio: