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Moves List


Karai Throw
B.png or F.png + Lp.png
Karai Bash
B.png or F.png + Hp.png

Command Moves

High Hover Punch
D.png + P.png
High Hover Kick
D.png + K.png
Low Hover Punch
Db.png + P.png
Low Hover Kick
Db.png + K.png
Diving Kick
Diving Punch
D.png + Lp.png
Karai Punch
D.png + Hp.png

Special Moves

Karai Slam
Lp.png + Lk.png
Lightning Fists
Hp.png + Hk.png

Ultimate Attack

Dark Thunder
Hp.png + Hk.png

Move Analysis

Weak Punch

Jumping Weak Punch

  • This is a fairly high priority move; it can stop a few ground attacks and some air-attacks. Raph takes a quick, high swipe with his blade and does not retract his elbow. Not bad as an anti-air; it has more range than you'd expect. For Raph, if you're going to have a mid-air collision, may as well as use WP.

Standing Weak Punch

  • From afar, the s.WP is a slow forearm. It's too slow and short ranged to be used in combos, or in general, but strangely has the priority to stop long reaching moves like C.Shredder's s.FK if you do it before he attacks. Up close, it's the standard turtle "fast & really high elbow".

Crouching Weak Punch

  • A crouching jab. The sai he's holding gives him a bit more range than Donnie, and it barely slows the attack down. It is fast enough in short combos, but you can use better moves. It can stop mid-level charging attacks, such as Raph's Power Drill or Rat King's flying Axe-Kick safely.

Fierce Punch

Jumping Fierce Punch

  • A downward punch. For a combo-starter, it can get you a deep hit, but isn't as good as the other turtles' j.FP. It is not a swing, so as an anti-air, it's not so great.

Standing Fierce Punch

  • When far away, this is a fairly short-ranged swipe with his Sai. Up close, it's an uppercut which is decent at stopping jump-ins, but is even more effective in combos.

Crouching Fierce Punch

  • A skyward stab with his sai. This is one of the easiest and best anti-air attacks in the game. This has less horizontal anti-air range compared to his brothers, but its' great for anyone about to jump on top of you. Because it hits high, do not use this on close crouching opponents.

Weak Kick

Jumping Weak Kick

  • A diving knee. It has low priority compared to Raph's other moves. If you jump straight up, Raph will do an extended high kick. The range is also very limited, but it comes out faster than his j.FP. The horizontal j.WK hits deeper than j.WP.

Standing Weak Kick

  • If you're not next to your opponent, Raph does a zippy straight kick. Best move for him ever. It's fast enough to keep an opponent blocking and has a surprisingly long range. It can be used to snuff close attacks with it's speed, or be part of Raph's pressure games since you can rifle off three or so before an opponent gets pushed away. When next to your opponent, it's a low-attack kick to the shins. Opponents must block LOW to stop this. Raph's speed lets him follow this shin kick with a s.WK (far)!

Crouching Weak Kick

  • A very fast, long ranged low-attack to the ankles. One of the best in the game, this move is fast and long ranged, giving it a high priority. After a few s.WKs, do a few c.WK or c.FK to drive your opponent farther. And like the s.WK, it can still combo!

Fierce Kick

Jumping Fierce Kick

  • A deep-angled jumping kick that can cross-up. This is a great move for Raph as his j.FP can't cross-up.

Standing Fierce Kick

  • The standard turtle s.FK from long-range, the angle he kicks is great for knocking people out of the air. Up close, it's a weird 2-hit, short-ranged hopping kick. The first hit is high (which works as a weird anti-air), the second is mid-level. Larger opponents can't duck the first hit.

Crouching Fierce Kick

  • A sweeping low attack that knocks people off their feet. Good range & excellent speed; very hard to avoid.


Shoulder Toss

  • Forward or Back + FP
    • A "seoi-nage" throw.

German Suplex

  • Forward or Back + FK
    • A German Back Suplex.

Command Moves


  • Back, Back
    • All turtles have this. It's a quick evade move that provides complete invincibility as you move backwards. You are vulnerable the moment feet land however, but should have enough time to block.
      • Pros
        • Complete Invincibility
      • Cons
        • You're moving backwards

Body Press

  • (In Air)Down + WP
    • An easy, but weak cross-up move.
      • Pros
        • Easy cross-up move
      • Cons
        • Weak



  • Half Circle Forward + Punch
    • An energy disk forms in Raph's hands before he lobs it. The energy disk takes a long while to form, even the FP version, but Raph has NO lag time after throwing it. This move is almost uneccessary for Raph, but handy to have.
      • Pros
        • No lag time
        • FP moves quickly
      • Cons
        • WP takes too long to create
        • It can go through someone if they're right next to you

Power Drill

  • Charge Back, Forward + Punch
    • Raph flies forward, spinning sai-first, knocking people down in one hit, or if blocked, scores multiple hits. This can be a very cheap way to get close or chip at someone's life.
      • Pros
        • FP is very fast, and can go the whole stage
        • WP hits multiple times if blocked as well
        • Very quick start up
        • Very little lag at the end of the move if blocked
      • Cons
        • WP has a short range
        • Beware of mid-level attacks like c.WP or jump-ins

Chest Buster

  • Charge Back, Forward + Kick
    • Raph somorsaults forward with a high kick to the chest. This is a very quick attack with very little lag or start-up. Easy to combo and follow up with more attacks. The WK version goes about 1/3 of the screen, the FK about 2/3.
      • 'Pros
        • Very fast
        • Almost no start-up delay and little lag time
        • Invincibility window at the start and quick forward motion lets you pass through ALL projectiles and ALL attacks (FK & WK)
        • High priority kick; you at least trade hits and remain standing
      • Cons
        • This is a [Hold Back 2 sec.] move
        • Armaggon's WP Aqua Shock requires expert timing to pass through w/SK
        • This has more lag time than the Power Drill, so beware of throws


Dark Thunder

  • Karai stands and unleash a thunder from her mouth
    • Pros
      • Wide-angle of attack
      • Scores multiple hits, even if blocked
      • Will RE-dizzy someone if all the hits connect
    • Cons
      • Short Range




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