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Moves List

Normal Moves

  • 6B-Overhead Kick-Ken does an overhead kick. The opponent must block while standing. You can combo into his Bird Shot to start a ground combo (especially in the corner), cancel into either of his level 1 supers, or to simply confuse your opponent with a high/low mix-up game. Note: If you use his Overhead Kick->A version Bird Shot in the corner, you can continue to ground combo->air combo; also, you can do Overhead Kick->A version Eagle Rush->Science Ninpo: Bird Smash super.
  • 5C-Standing Spin Kick-Ken does a bizarre kick. If the enemy is in the air when you do this (and if Ken's kick hits), the enemy will go into a launching state. This move is an alternative launcher for Ken (and is faster than his normal 3C launcher). Use this to catch your opponent in the air (and to steal an air combo), or to confuse your opponent. Catch your opponent off guard!

Special Moves

  • Bird Run-Charge 4 for a few seconds, then press 6A/B/C (this move can also be done in the air)-Ken takes his Bird boomerang and throws it at his enemy...eventually, the Bird boomerang returns to Ken (both going towards the enemy and returning to Ken hit). Each version (both ground and air) travels in its own direction. A version will travel straight across the screen, B version will travel in a counter-clockwise direction, and the C version will travel in a clockwise direction. While you cannot combo into Bird Run, you can use them to counter your enemy's attacks or to play a "keep away" game (especially in the air, delay your fall). Each hit (going towards the enemy and coming back to Ken) does around 1,024 Billion Damage (for all versions).
  • Bird Shot-623A/B/C (this move can also be done in the air)-Ken rushes at his enemy with a Bird headbutt. Each version travels in its own direction (both ground and air). A version will travel straight across the screen, B version will travel at a 45 degree incline angle, and the C version will travel straight up vertically in the air. All versions (both ground and air) does around 2,800 Billion Damage. The nice thing with Bird Shot is that you can combo into his Science Ninpo: Bird Smash super, usually guaranteeing a knock down (just practice the timing and the spacing). Bird Shot is fast enough to cause your opponent to play defensively (and block wrong in some cases), and can cause confusion (along with the right Assist, for example, Ryu's Assist). This special is also great to end air combos with because you can cancel Bird Shot right into Random Flight to play a "keep away" game, creating a frustrating and difficult task for your opponent to hunt you down to even get near you.
  • Eagle Rush-While in the air, 63214A/B/C-Ken does a series of kicks in the air. Each version does a different number of hits and has different output damage. The A version does 3 hits and does around 2,130 Billion Damage, the B version does 4 hit and does around 2,780 Billion Damage, and the C version does 5 hits and does around 3,400 Billion Damage. This special is an alternative to Bird Shot in terms of canceling this special (in an air combo, using the A or B version) into his Science Ninpo: Bird Smash super. With proper timing and spacing (in an air combo), you can get some very nice set-ups (if you cancel this special into his Ninpo: Bird Smash super). C version Eagle Rush will not combo in the air due to the animation delay of Ken actually building momentum to perform C Eagle Rush. It is possible to cancel Eagle Rush into Random Flight; however, you will have to wait until you either Baroque Eagle Rush or if you look for Ken doing the back flip animation after he completes his Eagle Rush to cancel into Random Flight.
  • Random Flight-421A/B/C (this move can also be done in the air)-Ken teleports abruptly (all versions at normal jump height). Each version (both ground and air) teleport Ken in different spots of the screen. A version will teleport him to the left side, B version will teleport Ken in the middle of the screen, and C version will teleport Ken to the right side of the screen. This is a wonderful special to use because it gives you the ability to play your "run away" or "keep away" game against your opponents. You can teleport up to two times per jump set (making it a total 4 times if you jump after the first set), meaning you cannot do unlimited teleports; once you do two Random Flights, you must land on the ground in order to reset Random Flight use (ground version you can only teleport two times before you have to touch the ground). Using his special during air combos or ground combos will create great mix-up/mind games. A lot of combo potential with Random Flight, experiment!

Super Moves

  • Gatchaman Attack: Lightning Strike-236+Any two attack buttons-Ken kicks his enemy in the air (with his Launcher), following it up with a series of Bird Shots (and ending the super with two Bird Shots coming at the enemy at once). This super is good to ground combo into. This super does around 12,160 Billion Damage.
  • Science Ninpo: Bird Smash-623+Any two attack buttons (this super can also be done in the air)-Ken's super version of Bird Smash. This super is great to use both in ground and air combos, because if all the hits get in, your opponent will fly across the screen. The damage output and number of hits varies due to spacing and timing. This gives you the ability to start (or continue) your "keep away" game. Using this super during an air combo (depending on where Ken is on the screen) can turn into very interesting Team Hyper Combos. Experiment!
  • Science Ninpo: Phoenix (Level 3 Super)-214+Any two attack buttons (this super can also be done in the air)-Ken jumps to the corner of the wall (regardless if he is on the ground or in the air). Ken then does a flying kick at his enemy. If this hits, Ken turns into a Phoenix, causing his opponent to burn. While this super does a lot of damage (almost 28,000 Billion Damage), his level 3 super is very difficult to connect in a ground or air combo. Under certain circumstances (proper Assist, Team Hyper Combo, or Cross-Over Combination) can you combo into his level 3 super. This super is better to use when you can punish your enemy's mistake (such as missing or "whiffing" a move, not blocking, etc.).

As An Assist

Ken the Eagle jumps out of the screen and uses A version of Bird Run. However, the Bird boomerang does not return (so it only hits once and in the front). This Assist good to use during ground combos (since the speed of A Bird Run is slightly delayed), giving you the ability to come up with some interesting ground combo possibilities.

The Basics

Advanced Strategy