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"Train under me! Your weakness of spirit makes you vulnerable." By: Kim Kaphwan, Taekwondo Master



Oh... Kim Kaphwan, one of the most loved characters in the KoF series. He's very good for beginners, and if you're used to his 02 version, you'll be used to a good part of his kick strings and stuff. Now for his pros and cons.

Kim's Good and Bad Things

Good Things:

  • Very easy to play and master;
  • Has a very decent walking speed and combos;
  • Has a very fast overhead;
  • Can stop ground projectiles;
  • He is almost the same as his KoF 2002 version;
  • Has some 100% combos and some infinites;
  • Can do damaging combos(In and outside of MAXIMUM Mode);
  • His Hou'ou Kyaku(QCB, db,f+K), can be used in the air too(While in KoF 2002, only his SDM version could be used in the air);
  • Has a very good Exceed that can substitute the Super mentioned above on combos.

Bad Things:

  • Can be easily punished on his Special/Super moves if they are blocked;
  • Don't have his Ryuusei Ranku(He would be OP with it, because that move hits low. Imagine if he could MAX cancel it the first hit);
  • Don't have good long range options(But he don't need them);
  • Isn't very good if he's pressured by the opponent.

Moves List

Normal Moves

Kim's normal moves are only one thing that makes him one of the best rushdown characters in the game. Learn how to use some of those below, and begin planning your strategies.

s.LP - (Far) A good poke that cannot be normal canceled, but hits most of the crouching characters. It's very fast too (Close) Avoid this move. It can be canceled, but it will whiff on most of the crouching chars, and don't have good uses in Light Attack chains(It can't chain with other Light Attacks). Kim have better options for a punch in his combos(Wait... Punch?)
s.LK - (Far) Can be used as an anti-air, but a very risky one. Whiffs on low crouching chars and cannot be normal canceled. (Close) A two hit kick that can be normal canceled in either hit. Cannot whiff on low crouching chars, but cannot be very used in Light Attack chains(The first hit will not connect if you try).
s.HP - (Far) It's his CD attack from KoF 2002. You'll know you to use it(Or if you want, don't use it). Cannot be normal canceled. (Close) This move... That's why he's so OP in combos... If you used him in KoF 2002 and got used to his combo strings, you'll(Without doubt) know why... Use this move on his very easy combos(And on his advanced ones too). It can be canceled in the second hit(I don't know if it can be canceled in the first hit, it is so fast that I can even notice it).
s.HK - (Far) Two kicks, one anti-air. Kim have good anti-air options(On his normals, Special Moves, and Supers). It's up to you to choose what better for him. (Close) It can look like, but it isn't an overhead. Can be canceled on either hit, but the cl.HP is just better than it(Because it is faster than this move).

j.LP - The Diagonal and the Neutral versions are the same. This jumping attack is so... Annoying... For the opponent. Abuse of this move. If you used him in KoF 2002, you'll know this move too. This little punch(Another punch? With a Kick-based char?) has the same properties of that move(It can crossup, and you can easily combo after it). Here, you can cancel it(Time well) on his air Special and Super Moves.
j.LK - The Diagonal and the Neutral versions are the same. Just a kick without reach. Avoid this move.
j.HP - The Diagonal and the Neutral versions are the same. A fast kick that can be used as and air-to-air, or even as a jump-in attack(But for a jump-in, the j.LP is better in my opinion, just saying).
j.HK - The Diagonal and the Neutral versions are the same. A kick with great reach that can crossup. Use the j.LP instead(it's easier to crossup). You can use this as an air-to-air, or if you want more damage on combos(If you didn't like the j.LP, I mean).

cr.LP - Another Punch... But it's good(Why a kick-based char can do better punches than his kicks?), unlike his standing version. Good to use on Light Attack chains, but as an ender for them(Mainly because it cannot chain with other Light Attacks, or even with itself, like on his standing counterpart). Can be normal canceled.
cr.LK - This kick will help you on his great(And easy) combo strings. Use this move as a starter for his Light Attack chains(It's good because it hits low, and can chain into itself). Strangely enough, it cannot be normal canceled(Kim can cancel a punch, but cannot cancel a kick? That's very bad, SNK).
cr.HP - An anti-air. Can be normal canceled(He has only one cancelable anti-air). Only that.
cr.HK - A simple knockdown kick. Like most of the other cr.HKs, it can be normal canceled, do cancel it if you need meter(And only that).

Command Moves

Neri Chagi

  • f+LK - This move can be used in two ways: Alone, or after any normal(The animation will be the same, but the properties of the move will be different). (When used alone) Wow, a fast overhead attack. Very fast compared to most characters with overhead Command Moves, I can say. Cannot be normal canceled, but you can cancel it on MAXIMUM Mode. Use if your opponent's character is ducking a lot(Like Guile, who likes to sit, relax, and wait for you to jump, and Kim is a jumper). (When used after a normal) Want a tip? Don't use this version. It cannot be connected with any normal, it's slower than the overhead version(Very slower), it won't hit as an overhead, but any hit can be normal canceled(That's the only good thing about this move).

Special Moves

Sanren Geki

  • QCB+P(3x) - A very important move(Or moves, right?). It's just one of those combo moves(You'll need to do 3 QCB+P inputs to get the 4 hits, or 2, in some cases), but can help him in his basic combos. The first and the second hit will be the same depending of the button pressed, and they are useful only on combos(They can be MAX canceled too, which will lead Kim to extremely damaging combos), but the last hit will change. In the LP version, Kim will do his Command Move's animation. Which version he will use? I don't know how to say... It's... A mix of the two versions? Yeah, something like that. It will do 2 hits(But you cannot cancel any of them here), it will not connect with the other two kicks, and the second hit(only) will act as an overhead. Use if your opponent is blocking low everytime. Now in the HP version, the things will get better. Kim will perform two kicks in the air, and it will combo after the two kicks, and you can MAX cancel the second one in his air Super/Exceed while in MAXIMUM Mode. Very nice to use on combos(Especially the corner ones). Unlike on KoF 2002, you can choose the ender for the string. If you're using the HP version, and(Let's suppose) the opponent is blocking it low, you have the option to change the ender, like QCB+HP(2x), QCB+LP. Very nice.

Sankuu Kyaku

  • QCB+P, uf+K, d+K - This combination is just a variation of the above, but better on midscreen combos(It's the most used version in KoF 2002 too). There's no diference on the button pressed. And only the first hit can be MAX canceled(Because it's the same as the first hit of the move above). The third hit is an overhead too.

Hangetsu Zan

  • QCB+K - A classic, and still good Special Move. Any version is good on MAXIMUM Mode combos. The LK version will do only one hit, and will not knock the opponent down, but the HK version will do 3 hits, and will knock the opponent down on the last hit. Any version can be useful on MAXIMUM Mode combos(You'll see more details about that later, and the LP version can be super canceled in MAXIMUM Mode).

Hishou Kyaku

  • QCF+K (In the air only) - This move is good. Kim has two versions of this move(The version changes depending of the game you're playing), which are: The descending one(Where he kicks and continues kicking until he lands), and the one that makes him bounce after the hit. Here, he will use the descending one(Like Choi's). You cannot followup/MAX cancel it, but it's almost safe on block against some characters, and you can crossup with it. How many hits it can get? It's just depending of the character. The bigger he/she is, most hits he/she will get.

Haki Kyaku

  • d, d+K - This move is exactly the same from his KoF 2002 version(And he still can do his Haki cancel bug, and I don't know if that's really a bug/glitch. More details on the combos section, if I can explain the combo in there, I mean). This move can eat ground-based projectiles too(Only the ground wave will eat them, not Kim's legs). LK version will not knockdown, but the HK will. This move hits low, and can be MAX canceled.

Hien Zan

  • Charge d, u+K - This move is classic too. It his best special anti-air(But I cannot say that this move is the best anti-air in his arsenal). The LK version will do only one hit, and will make Kim land faster(It's not safe, but it can be depending of how you hit). The HK version will do two hits, but will take some time to make him land(Yeah, it's very unsafe on block). In MAXIMUM Mode, the HK version can be canceled(Or even Super canceled).
    • Tenshou Zan
      • d+HK (After the HK version of Hien Zan) - The classic followup of the HK Hien Zan. It will be an overhead too(Good if the opponent blocks it). Now if it hits after the Hien Zan, it will be a hard knockdown(The opponent cannot recovery roll from it after it hits).

Super Moves

Hou'ou Hiten Kyaku

  • QCF(2x)+K - This move is the same from his KoF 2002 version. Kim will perform a kick aiming up. The damage isn't that good, but don't worry about that(If you're new with Kim's game, you can juggle your opponent after the kick, and almost any attack can be used as a followup. If you're wanting to use this move to juggle your opponent two, or even infinite times, forget about that, but he has a possible loop with this move in MAXIMUM Mode). There are differences between the two versions. In the LK version, the kick will send the opponent a little away from Kim. But in the HK version, the kick will send the opponent straight up! Use this version instead, it will help you on combos(But some combos will work with the LK version).

Hou'ou Kyaku

  • QCB, db, f+K (In the ground or in the air) - This move is classic. Unlike in KoF 2002, he can use this move in the air(In KoF 2002, he can use his SDM version in the air only, and the DM in the ground only). Very nice to use on combos, and can be used as a followup to the Super above. You can use this move in the air, but near from the ground(By doing a simple backdash and doing the Super's input while you're in the middle of the dash). It's very unsafe if it is blocked or if it whiffs, so it's way better on combos. Trouble with the input? Just do QCB, QCF+K. Way easier now.


Hou'ou Kyaku

  • QCB, db, f+KK (In the ground or in the air) - This Exceed has almost the same properties as the Super above(It can be used while you're backdashing too), but with more hits and damage. In MAXIMUM Mode, you can cancel the 3rd animation of the QCB+HP, where he does 2 kicks in the air(You can MAX cancel the second kick into this Exceed), and yeah, it will work with the Super above(I think it was possible to do the same thing with his SDM in KoF 2002 too, while in MAX mode). The input mentioned in the Super will work here too.

The Basics

Kim's gameplan

Kim is a very good(and very simple) rushdown char to use. He can be great for players who like offensive strategies and simple combos. Kim is a good jumper too, but a thing that you'll need to is:"Where he will land?" That's the most important thing in Kim's jumping game. His j.LP is very good to use on combos, because you can crossup with ease using it, but it's bad as an air-to-air, due to the reach of the punch. But if you need damage, you can use any heavy normal in the air. For an air-to-air you should use the the j.HP/HK, they are the best you can use. "But he's only offensive?" No. He can be pressured, like any other character(I mean, he can take one of Geese's infinites, like any other character in the game). If you want defensive options, you can do his Charge d, u+K(If you're going to use his HK version, you can followup it with a d+HK to get better damage). Another good option is the QCF(2x)+K super(Can be risky in some cases, but can work). If you hit with it, you can just followup with anything(Even supers, excluding itself) to do THAT damage on your opponent. In MAXIMUM Mode, Kim just have to land a combo, and he won the round. He can do some very nice infinites and corner 200% combos(Or 100%, full health combos, I don't know how to say it), which makes him a dangerous character in MAXIMUM Mode(Most characters are, don't worry).

Some combos (Without MAXIMUM Mode)
Well... Kim is a combo friendly character, but I'll only put here some notable combos. You don't need to learn all of them too.

1- [Jump Attack] cl.HP, (Cancel the second hit) QCB+P, uf+K, d+K

Very nice as a BnB combo. You can use it everywhere too. It's better if you add a crossup jump attack in the combo(Way better if you choose the j.LP). Practice this. If you miss any part of the combo, continue trying.

2- [Jump Attack] cr.LK, cr.LP, QCB+P, uf+K, d+K

Another version of the combo above, but starting with a low-hitting move. Only that. Choose which combo you'll use as a BnB now. Normally I'm seeing this combo almost everytime on KoF 2002 matches. (Note: For most of Kim's combos with cl.HP included, you can substitute it with cr.LK, cr.LP if you like low starters. I just added the two versions here to add this note).

3- cr.LK(2x), cr.LP, u+LK

Simple combo too. You'll be charging while you're crouching, so you just need to press u+LK after the cr.LP hits. If you want to add a jump attack before this combo, make sure Kim will crossup the opponent, but if not, just do one cr.LK(Instead of two) on the opponent. This combo will not work with the HK version too, sadly.

4- [Jump Attack] cl.HP, QCF(2x)+HK, QCB, db, f+K/Exceed/Charge d, u+HK(With the followup)

Very useful to confirm that the Exceed will hit outside of the MAXIMUM Mode, but you can use the Super, or even the Charging move(If you don't have meter).

5- (Corner only) [Jump Attack] cl.HP/cr.LK, cr.LP, QCB+HP(3x)

Very great as a combo, but it can be used only on the corner. Remember that in MAXIMUM Mode, the 3rd QCB+HP(The two kicks) can be MAX canceled into the Exceed in the second kick.

6- (Corner only and while you're not in MAXIMUM Mode) d, d+LK, (Cancel it) Dash, cr.LP, d, d+LK,...(While in MAXIMUM mode) d, d+LK, QCB, db, f+K/Exceed

This is Kim's infinite outside of the MAX mode. How can you do it? How can you "cancel" the d, d+LK? It's a glitch, and very known to most of KoF 2002's Kim players, I can say. I'll explain more about the glitch later.

Advanced Strategy

Canceling the d, d+LK in normal mode (aka Doing Haki Cancels)

This is a very known glitch(or bug, I don't really know what is that), and very used by most of the advanced Kim players on the KoF '98 - 2002 era. First, I'll explain the glitch, and with that, the last combo on the normal combos list will be explained. First, you'll need to have less than 3 levels to cancel it(That means, you'll have to be outside of MAXIMUM Mode), and yes, if you have 0 levels, you still can use this. You'll have to kind of "Super cancel" the d, d+LK into the QCB, db, f+K. How? Just do this input: d, d+LK, QCB, db, f+K. If you're needing help, just do this: d, d+LK, (Hold d for a little time after the attack and go to) b, f+K(Using the shortcut now). If done correctly, Kim will flash white(after that, he'll go to his standing position), and you can followup with almost anything after the flash(That's how, and why the infinite works). I could get 16 hits(Beginning with 0 stocks) using the infinite, but I think he can get to 35-40 hits. Oh, while you hit with the infinite, you'll get meter, so pay attention on it(You'll need to know when you'll get on MAXIMUM Mode), and don't worry about the opponent's meter(The d, d+LK won't give him anything). If you're needing help with the Haki Cancels, I have a video here. There are some KoF 2002 tutorial videos about the Haki cancels, you should watch them later. Just jump to 1:19 and watch a player triyng to do Haki cancel combos(In the beginning of the video, you'll see some practical combos too, and without Haki Cancels). Good luck if you want to try them.

Some combos (With MAXIMUM Mode)
Kim is a "corner monster" here(He can be worse than Demitri if he corner his opponent here). You'll see some damaging combos here, and you'll need to know only one of them(Or even more, if you want to make one of those combo videos).

1- (Corner only) [Jump Attack] cl.HP, QCB+HP(3x), (MAX cancel the second air kick into) Exceed

This is a known combo(We already know that the second air kick can be MAX canceled into the Exceed), but very easy to begin if you're having trouble with the full health combos below. The combo can be hard if you add certain jump attacks(The j.LP is the best on combos). And Kim has so many combo options... I'll put here only some notable ones(There are some videos on YouTube if you want to see some more of his combos in, and outside of MAXIMUM Mode).

2- [Jump Attack] cl.HP, QCB+HK, (Cancel it into) Charge d, u+HK, d+HK

Very simple, but effective. It does almost half of one bar in damage terms, which is very nice(But he can do that damage, he just needs a super).

3- [Jump Attack] Charge d, u+HK, (Super Cancel the first hit into) QCF(2x)+HK, walk/dash a little forward Charge d, u+HK, (Do it again) QCF(2x)+HK, ... (When your MAX gauge is near from the end) QCF(2x)+HK, QCB, db, f+K/Exceed.

I remembered this combo from a KoF 2002 bootleg(That Magic plus thing, for those who don't know. And I almost cried when he landed it on me), and it works here, which is very nice, simple, and damaging. You can do it everywhere too. For the charging part, don't worry, you'll have time to do that(You can even buffer it with a dash), but you'll need to time well when you'll use the u+HK part(And Super cancel it).

4- [Jump Attack] cr.LP, QCB+P(Only one)/d, d+LK(Without the cr.LP), (Cancel it into) QCB+LK, QCF(2x)+HK, QCB, db, f+K/Exceed

Pretty nice, beautiful, and very damaging. Use when you want(On MAXIMUM Mode, I mean). The bad part is only the normal move used, it's the best normal he can use to help on this combo. The Haki Kyaku(d, d+LK) is here only if you want a low starter for the combo.

5- (Corner only) [Jump Attack] cl.HP, QCB+LK, (Super cancel into) QCF(2x)+HK, Charge d, u+HK, (Super Cancel the first hit into) QCF(2x)+HK, QCB+HP(3x), when the second kick hits, cancel it into Exceed

A little mix of the combos number 1, 3 and 4, and works(It's a full health combo too). You should learn it, just to make sure you can kill your opponent in MAXIMUM Mode. Use what you have learned here! (I hope you learned something here). Good Luck with this too.