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KwonHo: Fist of Heroes


KwonHo: Fist of Heroes is a free multiplayer online 3D fighting game. KwonHo is currently open beta after the second closed beta and waiting many months after the first closed beta.

Game Mechanics

Who knows until they tell us?


Dash forward, dash back, sidestep, crouch, run, punch, kick, guard, crouch dash, just frame, ring out, hero skill, combos, grabs, throws, back throws, counterhits, launchers, wakeups, abuse reports, health, damage, taunts, grab breaks, guard cancels.

Servers, rooms, lobbies, chats, gyms.

Experience points, skill points, ladder points, credit, ijji coins.


A full health bar has 200 health points.


Basic Strategy

Spam and mash for now.

Advanced Strategy

Ring out and use your Hero skill.

From 3rd Strike Strategy

Strategy is a very basic concept. It is the principle of using X to beat Y, where X has some sort of advantage over Y. Be it a flat statistic superiority, or a mind game.

Here are some general tips to help you begin.

  • Know your options (and your opponent's). Consider how easy a move might be to super counter. If you keep doing a c.HK with Ryu, sooner or later, your opponent will catch on and punish you, and you DON'T want it to be a super that they choose to punish with.
  • Super after Parry, if you have been parried by someone, hope is not all lost! Try supering. If you are against someone who parry-counters excessively, it can really throw them off, as invariably a super will beat the move they attempt. This is very risky however, as the opponent always has the option to block.
  • Bait Throws. Particularily basic players will try to throw whenever you are close to them. So get close to them, avoid their throw, then punish it. Justin Wong, to name just one name, does that all the time.
  • Mix-up can roughly be interpreted as: "Doing something that is different to what you have just done, to force the opponent to change his block zone". If you aren't hitting high, try hitting low! A mix-up is a using a variety of moves that make your strategy unpredictable.

Class Strategy

Tae Kwon Do

Backflip and abuse front launcher's invincible startup frames.

Muay Thai

Crouch punch and knee launch.

Tai Chi Quan

PPP and sweep.

Ba Ji Quan

Copy please_duck's 50% damage combo.


Get backed up to the edge and back throw ring out.

The Classes

  • Tae Kwon Do (TK)
  • Muay Thai (MT)
  • Tai Chi Quan (TC)
  • Ba Ji Quan (BJ)
  • Judo (JD)

Game Versions

  • PC Windows