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Lee is just plain sick. He is arguably #1, the only thing separating him and Ray being Wheel Kick. You can expect the simplest combos to lead to staggering damage with Lee. His speed is unmatched. A character that is easy (some may even say a little too easy to pick up ) to learn, he becomes absolutely deadly in the hands of a skilled player.

Moves List

Normal Moves

Light Punch

Standing (Far) - Fast and good priority, you will be using this to interrupt others' attacks (such as an opposing Lee!).

Standing (Close) - Same as above

Crouching - Bufferable, you will be using this inside of bnb's.

Jumping - Will stuff attacks, but not as effective as jumping light kick. Use that instead!

Jumping (Neutral) -

Strong Punch

Standing (Far) - Excellent range and priority. More often than not this will at the very least clash if not outright stuff many other moves and pokes. A staple for Lee's ground game. Bufferable.

Standing (Close) -

Crouching - Similar to standing but with slightly less range... This is definitely a move you will be using. Bufferable.

Jumping -

Jumping (Neutral) -

Light Kick

Standing (Far) -

Standing (Close) -

Crouching - Another tool used in chains. Quick with acceptable range.

Jumping - Most excellent for crossups, this attack stays out longer than a alley cat and has good priority to boot.

Jumping (Neutral) -

Strong Kick

Standing (Far) - Really isn't worth your time.

Standing (Close) - Solid, this move buffers.

Crouching - Trip with a little more range than you would think. A solid attack.

Jumping - Excellent jump in with high priority. Stays out a fair bit of time.

Jumping (Neutral) -


Special Moves


  • Quarter Circle Forward + Punch

A rushing punch. LP version travels around 30% of the screen, HP version around 40%. This is your main combo ender, it's very damaging after you do a follow-up and is fairly safe on block (be careful against Marstorius though, you'll be begging to get Double Germaned).

This move hits on the middle, so doing a combo against characters with weak points in that zone like Ray and Yungmie gives you a free dizzy and, usually, the match.


  • (After ZesshouHou)Forward, Forward + Weak Punch

Does a tiny bit more damage than the HP follow-up, but doesn't knock out. This is reason enough to stick to the HP version.


  • (After ZesshouHou)Forward, Forward + Strong Punch

A bit less damaging than the LP version, but it has the huge benefit of a knockdown, which lets you continue the pressure, go for a crossup, etc. It also has a bigger hitbox, which means it covers more dizzy zones than the LP version.

Super ZesshouHou

  • Quarter Circle Forward, Back + Punch

A much faster version of the rush punch. LP version barely moves you forward, and the HP version covers nearly the entire screen at a blazing fast speed.

This move is your best tool to deal with zoners; it's so fast that projectile characters have to be extremely careful to not get caught during their projectile's startup against Lee. If one of these connects, you get a knockdown (after the follow-up) and the control of the match.

Don't use it in combos, use the normal version for that instead. The Super ZesshouHou tends to whiff the opponent and cross him up leaving you open for punishment.

This move can also be used in an infinite against Zazie, Karnov and Samchay, and it becomes unblockable (or maybe crosses them up? Needs more testing) if they are near the corner.


  • Quarter Circle Forward + Kick

A solid anti-air, works well to deal with Baloons and other aerial assaults. You can also use it to catch an opponent trying to retaliate after a blocked ZesshouHou, but of course be careful when doing this. LK version does 1 hit and always knocks down, HK version does 2 and randomly doesn't knock down.

Super Move

MouKo Kouhazan

  • Back, Forward, Down-Back, Down-Forward + AB

A powerful palm blast. The input is pretty hard to master as you have to end up in df. If you continue to f you'll get a ZesshouHou instead.

This move is well worth the effort of mastering its motion though, as it is excellent to kill dizzied opponents. You can combo it after HK and follow up with even more stuff like a fast ZesshouHou or cr.HP xx ZesshouHou in the corner. It makes Lee a really scary character since one dizzy usually means death.

This move is especially painful to characters like Ray since it hits middle weak points multiple times.

The Basics

Lee Diendo is a full rushdown character, your main objetive is to use your Lunge Fist to carry your opponent to the corner and then use your Energy Palm for cheap damage.

Dragon Kick its a regular anti air but an effective 2-in-1 standing opponent tool, but you need to be careful because it had a bad recovery.

The Lunge Fist variations depends of the distance of your opponent, Super Fist its for far ones and normal Fist for near ones, follow ups are optional but elbow one its your main one for combo finishers.

Energy Palm had a weird secuence but its had a good low and medium hurtbox and multihits for cheap damage.

More of his normals are decent for medium to short poking, anyway, use your Lunge Fist for long distances.


  • j.SP, cr.SP xx Fist > follow up
  • cr.WP,cr.WK,cr.SP xx Fist > Follow up
  • cl.SP xx Energy Palm , Super Fist > elbow follow up
  • cl.SP xx Energy Palm , cr.SP xx Super Fist > elbow follow up

Advanced Strategy

This is tough, but it's game over when you land this... S.(close)HK->Fireball->c. HP->Hard Zetsuu-> Light Followup This is 70% plus on most characters. If you really want your Lee to shine, this the combo that will take you to the top. It is worth noting this is corner only


Vs. Clown:

Vs. Jean Pierre:

Vs. Kano Ryoko:

A matchup in your favour. Look for crouching and standing Hard Punches. Be cautious about getting too close to Ryoko because she does have the slide tackle to worry about.

Vs. Karnov:

Senkyutai will beat his charge kicks. Make sure you senkyutai his balloon after the invincibility has worn off. You don't have that much to worry about in this matchup.

Vs. Lee Diendo (self):


Vs. Liu Feilin:

Vs. Liu Yungmie:

Vs. Marstorius:

You need to be able to play a careful spacing game against Marst. His Double German will own your Zetsuu on block, so don't resort to spam. Look for openings to plant his C.HP and S.HP, this will be your formula for winning. A final note: Don't jump in at all. Just don't.

Vs. Matlok Jade:

Vs. Mizoguchi Makoto:

Vs. Ray McDougal:

If you get a dizzy, this match is over. Your Fireball corner combo will take full advantage of Ray's weakness for 60%+ damage. Zetsu hits his weak spot. You can wait for a Wheel Kick to SenkyuTai back for a solid counter. Lee definately has the edge here.

Vs. Samchay Tomyamgun:

Similar to the ray matchup, minus wheel kick. Samchay *can* Teakaukou your zetsu, but if you stay unpredictable this will almost never happen.

Vs. Zazie Muhaba: