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"The least I can do is offer a prayer for you; then send you to Hades!" By: Leopold Goenitz; Head of the Hakkesshu



That missionary over there is Leopold Goenitz, a well known character from the KoF series(With his first appearance being on the '96 edition). Why is he well known? I'll just say one thing. Koko desu ka? Never heard of it? Play KoF '96, he is in there to say that "beautiful" thing for you. He is a cool character here, with decent moves(And many nerfs, obviously). Now for his pros and cons.

Goenitz's Good and Bad Things

Good Things:

  • He is fun to play;
  • Had good and damaging Normals for poking;
  • Still can do the Tornado Spam thing(Koko Desu Ka?), which are great for his keepaway game;
  • The tornados can negate normal and Super projectiles;
  • Can juggle the opponent on the corner with his DP anti-air;
  • Has a Super Grab;
  • Can teleport and had faster startup than KoF '96;
  • His Exceed(s) looks safe to use;
  • His Exceed(s) has startup invincibility(And has two versions, see below);
  • One of the Exceed's versions will act as an overhead.

Bad Things:

  • He is a little hard to master;
  • Doesn't have Command Moves(They could help him on combos);
  • Got many nerfs on moves startup in general(He was a boss);
  • The Tornados can be unsafe on block at short distance;
  • Doesn't have many anti air options;
  • He isn't hard to counter on air;
  • Doesn't have many combo options;
  • Has poor MAXIMUM Mode strategies/combos;
  • Has low stamina (its a zoning and rushdown character of course).

How to select Goenitz

Oh, can't select him? No worries. Just do these inputs below while you're on the character select screen, and you'll be fine.

(While Holding Start) Down(3x), Right, Down, Left(3x)

Again, no worries. Do these before the timer reaches zero(0). If you want to use him online, you can download Fightcade, there is a bootleg that lets you use the sub-bosses without cheats(That includes Goenitz).

Moves List

Normal Moves

s.LP - (Far) A little slow for a Light Attack, whiffs on small crouching characters, cannot be normal canceled, cannot link into other Light Attacks, and you cannot chain into it. A great example of an useless(?) move. (Close) Good elbow attack. Can be normal canceled, and can chain into other Light Attacks as well. It won't whiff on most small crouching characters of the cast too, although it can look like.
s.LK - (Far) A kick with great reach. Use it as a poke, mainly. Won't whiff on most small crouching chars too. (Close) Knee attack. Has the same properties as the cl.LP, but can't whiff on small crouching characters.
s.HP - (Far) A two-hit slash. Depending of the distance between you and the opponent, the slashes will connect. Sadly, they can't be normal canceled. (Close) One of the attacks to start your combos. The main special move to combo with it is the QCB+P(3x). It can link into his cr.HK too.
s.HK - (Far) Can look like an overhead, but it isn't. It was his s.HK on his '96 version(It didn't have a close version). It can do two hits, but they can't be normal canceled, sadly. (Close) Incredible move. Why? It's the only normal that can combo into Goenitz's Tornado(LK version only)/Supers(Any Super)/Exceed(Only one of the versions, but you can still confirm it by using this normal). Goenitz even has a glitch combo using it(He can make a super do the damage of an Exceed, I'll talk about it later). Use this move only for punishing.

j.LP - (Diagonal) You can use it to air-to-air the opponent. If you want to use it as a Jump-in attack, Goenitz has better options, but you still can. (Neutral) It's like the Diagonal version, but with a different animation.
j.LK - (Diagonal) To start crossup combos. It's very easy to crossup with it(Think about Kyo's Jumping B, or The Shoto's classic j.LK). (Neutral) Strange-looking kick. Can start combos, but Goenitz has better options(And neutral jumps are dangerous to use).
j.HP - (Diagonal) Mainly used as a damaging jump-in attack. It does good damage, and can crossup if you aim well(It's easier with the j.LK too). (Neutral) Defensive move. Use it as an air-to-air(But I think you won't use it).
j.HK - (Diagonal) Cool-looking move. It's used as a jump-in attack for tall characters, because it can do more than one hit on them(Two hits, to be exact). The hits will only connect if you press the button while Goenitz is falling during the jump. (Neutral) This could be a Diagonal jumping move... Really. The angle is great, but it can only be used on a neutral jump. You can use it to start neutral jump combos.

cr.LP - A... Push? Dunno, but it has a strange startup(When I used it, it seemed like the game was with input delay). It can chain into itself, and the other Lights. Can be normal canceled too.
cr.LK - Low-hitting kick. Cannot be normal canceled, and it's like the above(Input delay things). Can chain into other Lights, but not into itself.
cr.HP - One of Goenitz's anti-air moves. Can be normal canceled too. A thing that I like to use when I anti-air with this move, is cancel it into a teleport, to confuse my opponent.
cr.HK - A simple sweep, but cannot be normal canceled. On MAXIMUM Mode, I like to cancel it into a teleport too, but to crossup on his/her wakeup(Works only if it hits, and you can link into this move, remember that).

Command Moves

Sadly, Goenitz doesn't have Command Moves to use.

Special Moves

Yonokaze (aka "Koko Desu Ka?")

  • HCF+Any button - The "Koko Desu Ka?" thing. Can I spam it? From far away, yeah, but you need to know the right time to use each of the versions. The LP version can be used to anti-air(The tornado will appear in front of Goenitz, working like a Shield for him. The LK and HP versions are mainly for zoning, and the HK version can be used as a corner lockdown for EQ(Watch out if he has meter). Each tornado can negate normal, and most Super projectiles.

Shin Aoi Hana Seiran (aka Seiran)

  • QCB+P(3x) - Goenitz's Rekka move. He didn't have it on his KoF 96 version, which can be a minor buff for him. This move is mainly used on combos, and can be MAX canceled on each of the 3 hits.


  • QCB+K - Goenitz's teleport. This is what you'll need to control your space. Travel using it, you'll need. There are some interesting wakeup crossup strategies using this move. The button pressed will determine the angle of the teleport.

Wanpyou Tokobuse

  • DP+LP - This move(And the below) were changed in input terms(On '96, this move could be done with QCB+P). On '96, this move could do 6 hits, but here, it can do up to 5. You can MAX cancel each hit too.

Wanpyou Mametsu

  • DP+HP - Same properties as the above, but will aim to the air. You can use it mainly to anti-air. On the corner, you can juggle after it hits a jumping opponent.

Super Moves

Fuujin Ibuki

  • QCF(2x)+PP - Goenitz's dash super. It has some startup invincibility frames, which is great, but it's hard to confirm it, due to the startup. The only way to confirm it is after a cl.HK, but only if you cancel the move earlier(Or by doing this shortcut: QCF+HK, QCF+PP. If you time well, you can get it). If it hits the opponent in the air, Goenitz will stop after


  • HCB(2x)+P (While near from the opponent) - Goenitz's Super Grab, and his DM on KoF '96. It does good damage, and can combo from normals, but try to combo from the cl.HK, especially. Why? You'll get a glitch(A damaging one). When Goenitz grabs the opponent(After a cl.HK), he will do 50% damage on the opponent, and when he throws the opponent, he will do more 50%, which is a simple(Kind of; canceling the cl.HK into a Super is a hard thing), but damaging combo(And you can do it everywhere, which is great).


Shin Yaotome: Mizuchi

  • QCB, HCF+LP - Remember the dash super? It got an Exceed version. This dashing animation has the same properties as the dashing Super, which means... Yeah, you can confirm it only after a cl.HK(It's very hard too. Am I being sarcastic? Dunno).

Shin Yaotome: Jissoukoku

  • QCB, HCF+HP - Remember the Heavy version of the teleport? The Exceed has a version with it. You can't confirm it from a normal, sadly, but it will act as an overhead, which makes this move useful to surprise your opponent on his/her wakeup. After the Super hits, nothing will change(The damage and the attacks will be the same thing).

The Basics


First, Goenitz is a defensive character with solid ground game, and you need to know this. Why? You don't need to jump that much, that's why. The best opportunities to jump are: To punish your opponent(If he/she whiffs a move), or after a stun(To get more damage; while your opponent is stunned, you're free to do anything), this can be used with most ground-game characters. To play him, you'll need to control your space, by controling his tornado's positions(While you're using them, you'll build meter, and never use only one version, try to "You shall not pass!" your opponent by using many versions, based on where he/she is), knowing your best anti-airs(Based on the situation), and teleporting when you need(Or if you need space). If you need to punish, just do one of the combos below(Do it with a Super), and be happy with Goenitz. Good luck in your future matches.

Some Combos (Without MAXIMUM Mode)
Goenitz's combo options aren't bad, but aren't huge as well. If you know some more possible combos(Even if they are "EQ only"), you can add them below.


1- cl.HP, cr.HK - 2 hits

Simple link into a knockdown. If you want to add a Jump Attack on it, you can, but make sure you crossup the opponent. It can be easier on bigger characters too.

Yonokase(HCF+Any button) combos:

1- cl.HK,(Cancel it earlier as possible) HCF+LK - 2 hits

Not that simple to do. To cancel it earlier, you'll need to begin the input right after you press the button(And you need to do it very fast, really, very fast). There is a way to know that it will work. When you attack(Normally) with the cl.HK, you'll hear a slash. If you cancel it earlier, you'll hear a "BAM" sound. You can use other versions of the "Koko Desu Ka?"(The LP and the HP versions will combo as well), but only the LK version will knock the opponent down. Sadly, you can't add a Jump Attack before the cl.HK, because they won't combo(The startup of the cl.HK is very bad to combo after it).

Seiran(QCB+P(3x)) combos:

1- [Jump Attack] cl.HP, QCB+P(3x) - 4 hits; 5 with a Jump Attack

Your BnB, and the easiest way to combo with Goenitz(We know, he is very hard to combo, but he still can). You can use the cl.HK on this combo too, but I think it's easier with the cl.HP.

Wanpyou Tokobuse(DP+LP) combos:

1- [Jump Attack] cl.HP, DP+LP - 3 hits; 3 with a Jump Attack; 4 if you crossup

Not that hard as a combo, but... Just use the Seiran instead.

Wanpyou Mametsu(DP+HP) combos:

1- (Corner only; Jumping opponent only) DP+HP, cl.HP - 5-7 hits

A very hard combo to confirm. You won't see someone jumping on the corner saying: "Please, do this combo on me!". Note that this combo will reset your opponent.

Fuujin Ibuki(QCF(2x)+PP) combos:

1- cl.HK, QCF(2x)+PP - 7 hits

For punishing purposes. You can shortcut it by doing: QCF+HK(Goenitz doesn't have a QCF+K special move), QCF+PP. The combo will only work if you cancel the cl.HK early. To know that this combo worked, during the Super's flash, your opponent won't be pushed(But will be on the hitstun animation). It does great damage too.

Yamidoukoku(HCB(2x)+P) combos:

1- [Jump Attack(Make sure you crossup)] cl.HP, HCB(2x)+P - (I can say) 2 hits; 3 with a Jump Attack

A not-that-hard combo(You can shortcut it by doing: HCB+HP, HCB+P; if you do a HCB+HP fast enough, the Seiran won't come out). It's mainly to use for punishing purposes, but I think that the below is better.

2- cl.HK, HCB(2x)+P - 2 hits

It does more than one bar(More than 50%) in damage terms. That's why it is better. It is actually a glitch that makes the Super do the damage of an Exceed. It won't crash the game, so you can use it freely(And it can be used after a stun too, which is great for you, and the worst thing for your opponent), assuming you have meter. The two combos are different because you can't combo a Jump Attack into a cl.HK.
(I know, this is the only combo section with more than one combo, but anyway)

Exceed(QCB, HCF+LP/HP) combos:

1- cl.HK, QCB, HCF+LP - 20 hits(The bloody part can count as hits)

A hard combo to confirm, because you can't shortcut it. Your execution levels need to be high to do it. To know that the combo worked, it's like the Fuujin Ibuki combo, the opponent will be on hitstun during the flash.

Advanced Strategy

Some combos (With MAXIMUM Mode)
Goenitz can MAX cancel only 3 special moves: his Rekka Move(The 3 inputs can be MAX canceled), and his DP+LP/HP moves(Can be canceled on any hit). Sadly, he doesn't have loops too.

Wanpyou combos:

1- DP+LP, (MAX cancel the first/second hit into) QCB+P(3x) - 4/5 hits

Not that hard as a combo. On bigger characters, you can MAX cancel the third hit of the move to do this combo. Generally, I like to MAX cancel the last hit of the QCB+P into a teleport, just to get more space.

2- (Corner only, the opponent needs to be jumping) DP+HP, (MAX cancel any hit, but not the last one into) QCB+P(3x) - (Up to) 7 hits

Cool combo. You won't see it that much, but it's still cool.

3- (Corner only) cr.HK, (early) HCF+LP, DP+HP, (MAX cancel it into) QCB+P(2x)(Only the second needs to hit), (MAX cancel it into) DP+HP, (MAX cancel it into) HCF+LP - 7(Or even more) hits

Hard to land. Use it on a combo vid, or even if your opponent doesn't know how to block on the wakeup. I'm not sure if you can use this combo to DP+HP, QCB+P(2x) loops, if you can loop by doing it, go ahead and add it below(Let's say that this is a challenge for you).

Seiran combos

1- [Jump Attack(Make sure you crossup)] cl.HP, QCB+P(2x), DP+LP - 4 hits; 5 with a Jump Attack

Simple combo, really(But it's not a thing that you'll see in a match). Use it like if you would use a normal Seiran combo.

2- DP+LP, (MAX cancel the first/second hit into) QCB+P(3x) - 4/5 hits

Refer to the first Wanpyou combo.

I already said about the loops. If you find one(I think he has one), just press Backspace on everything that it's written here(Beggining on "I", obviously, and the "(?)").