Lilith (MVC)

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  • Speedy Normals as her counterpart
  • Different Hyper Combos


  • Bad Stamina as her Counterpart
  • Worst Special Projectile
  • Doesn't had relative changes

Basic Tips


Magic Series Ground Chain-Combo Zig-Zag
Jump Chain-Combo Zig-Zag
Super Jump Chain-Combo Zig-Zag

Air Combo Finishers
Soul Flash

Move List

Special Moves

Soul Flash (air)

Morrigan yells "Soul Fist!" and throws a bat ( or is it a skull? ) surrounded by flame. This is her projectile and it reaches all the way across the screen on all 3 versions. The jab version has slightly less recovery time but the Fierce stuns your opponent for a second if connected. While in air it travels in an angle and it also pushes Morrigan back up a little. A great keep-away move.

Shining Blade

Morrigan yells "Shadow Blade!" and her bat cape opens as she do a dragon punch. It can hit up to 4 or 5 times and it has great horizontal and vertical range. She can do this in air too. Great for defense, but be careful if you miss.

Vector Drain
close HCB+P

Morrigan grabs her opponent and flies to the sky with him/her. She then spins, yells "Hoi J-cho!" and slams the opponent to the ground. This move does a lot of damage but it can be blocked. If Morrigan miss her opponent she will try to regain her balance by flapping her wings which will leave her vulnerable. Treat it as the same as Zangief's special throws.

Hyper Combos

Brilliant Shower

This is the REAL potential of her shape-shifting bats unleashed! They'll all glow and fly towards the opponent, bursting on impact and dealing some damage in the process. It does a minimum of 20+ hits (as far as I've seen) and that can be increased to 30+ if you mash the buttons while she's at it. Cannot be done in mid-air unlike Ryu's Shinkuu Hadouken, but would cover more vertical range. See anyone who can't move for the moment? DO IT NOW!!! Added note: This super CAN be comboed from a D+HK, but you'll have random(or rather little) success since the bats come out at random and you need the first two to four bats to come out low for the whole super to connect. I usually wouldn't recommend that combo unless the opponent has little life left, where chipping would prove most useful

Luminous Illusion

As if one bombshell beating you up wasn't enough, now there are TWO of them! In this move, Morrigan's Lilith Mode glides toward the opponent, and if she connects, another Morrigan in the same mode will appear behind the victim, and they both will get to do a near twenty-hit combo which would register as 30+ since there are two of them. You can do this super in mid-air, but it can't be comboed from an air combo.

Splendor Love

Lilith flies to the sky while holding "Morrigan" in her arms with their bat wings extended. This move has okay horizontal range and it can be combo with her launcher but you have to be really quick. It can hit up to 10 times and it can be use as an anti-air attack .


1) d.c. SP, c. FK, s. RK
2) s. SP, s. FP, Soul Flash
3) s. FK, s. RK, Soul Flash
4) s. JP, s. SK, Shining Blade
5) s. JP, s. SP, Shining Blade
6) s. SK, s. FK, Shining Blade
7) d.JP(two-hit), d.SK, d.FK, d.FP, sj.JP, s.j.SK, s.j.SP, s.j.FK, Soul Fist
8) d.JP(two-hit), d.SK, d.SP, d.FK, d.RK, Brilliant Shower
9) d.s. JP, s. SP, s. SP, s. FK, s. FP, s. RK
10) d.s. JP, s. SP, s. SP, s. FK, Shadow Blade
11) j. JP, j. SP, d.c. SP, c. FK, c. FP, SJ ,s.j. JP, s.j. SP, s.j. SP, s.j. FK, s.j. RK,FP etc or any air combo finisher
12) d.c. SP, c. SP, c. FK, c. RK, Luminous Illusion (otg)
13) d.s. JP, s. SP, s. SP, Luminous Illusion