M. Bison (SFA)

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How to Unlock

Cheat Codes

Moves List

Normal Moves

Stand LP

Crouch LP

Jump LP

Stand MP

Crouch MP

Jump MP

Stand HP

Crouch HP

Jump HP

Stand LK

Crouch LK

Jump LK

Stand MK

Crouch MK

Jump MK

Stand HK

Crouch HK

Jump HK


Death Suplex b/f+[MP/HP]

Special Moves

Psycho Shot b charge f+P

Double Knee Press b charge f+K

Head Press d charge u+K ^!Move b/f ^!Somersault Skull Diver P

Somersault Skull Diver d charge u+P ^!Attack P

Warp-right f,d,df+[3P/3K]

Warp-left b,d,db+[3P/3K]

Super Combos

Psycho Crusher
b charge f,b,f+P

Knee Press Nightmare
b charge f,b,f+K

Alpha Counter

Standing Medium Punch block b,db,d+P



-c.MK/c.MP,Ball/DK Press

-j.HP,c.LP,Psycho Ball

-j.HP,c.LK,DK Press

-j.HP,c.LK,KPN/P.Crusher Lvl3

The Basics

Advanced Strategy