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"What a limp, pansy foe you are. If I'm so scary to you, why not run home to mommy!" - By: M.Bison/Vega(aka The Dictador)



M.Bison(aka Vega in some places, but let's call him The Dictador) is a classic character from the Street Fighter series(and he was good in that game). In this game, he is a little hard to play, but this is only matter of practice. Now for the pros & cons:

The Dictador's Good and Bad Things

Good Things:

  • Easy playstyle;
  • His classic Head Press is nice in this game;
  • His Exceed is fully invincible;
  • The classic Psycho Crusher is good to use on the opponent's wakeup(Will crossup the opponent if timed well);
  • He can be hard to crossup on some matchups(His hitbox confused me);
  • Has an 100% corner combo with his Psycho Crusher;
  • Has a warp move.

Bad Things:

  • Can be hard to learn;
  • Don't have good reversals;
  • His Super/Special Moves(Excluding the Exceed and the Warp move) don't have immunity frames;
  • Hard to combo into his charge moves(But it's possible);
  • His Psycho Crusher is risky and have almost no priority;
  • His warp move is slow;
  • He depends of the meter to be good;
  • Cannot combo into his Exceed;
  • His Exceed is easy to block;
  • Bad walking speed.

Moves List

Normal Moves

s.LP/A button - (Far) Fast punch that is cancelable(But it's a hard thing to do). Nothing really special on this. (Close) Can combo in itslelf, and it's cancelable. Can be good to use.
s.LK/B button - (Far) Nice move for poking. The startup is strange, but it's a nice move. Can be comboed after two cl.LK's. This is not cancelable, sadly. (Close) Nice move. It's fast, can combo in itself, and it's cancelable.
s.HP/C button - (Far) One of Dictador's pokes. It's fast, can be safe if whiffs, and can hit crouching characters(Good part of the cast, but it whiffs on Choi standing). It's not cancelable. (Close) Nice move, nice damage, cancelable. This can be your lead to the basic combos(It's a little hard to do Dictador's combos).
s.HK/D button - (Far) Another poke. This aims a little upwards, so it can whiff against more crouching characters. Just use the f.HP instead. (Close) Same properties as the cl.HP, but whiffs on Choi standing.

j.LP - (Neutral) Devensive move that comes out quick. Watch out for it's speed if you want to use. (Diagonal) Can be used as an air-to-air move. Comes out quick, but the damage is not that good.
j.LK - (Neutral) Defensive kick. Better to use when you're near from the ground. (Diagonal) One of his air-to-air moves. You can try to use as a jump-in, but The Dictador have better options. This can crossup some characters too. Can be hard to use on some crouching characters.
j.HP - (Neutral) Aims down and it's quick. You can avoid this if you want. (Diagonal) Nice jump-in move. You can use it as a combo starter.
j.HK - (Neutral) Nice defensive move. You can use as a surprise move on the wakeup of the opponent(If you're sure that he/she will not do any kind of reversal move). (Diagonal) His best jump-in. This can crossup the opponent, is useful as a combo starter, the range is nice and the priority is nice too. Needs to be well timed.

cr.LP - Same properties as cl.LP.
cr.LK - Hits low, it's an rapidfire move, can combo into the move above, but it's not cancelable. If you want to use, just connect with the cr.LP.
cr.HP - This is The Dictador's anti-air. The damage is nice, and you can cancel it.
cr.HK - The Dictador's classic Slide is here. The range and reach are pretty good, but the startup is a little worse. Can be risky if blocked, because you cannot cancel it. This is part of a setup, but it's a little hard to work. You can use this better on MAXIMUM Mode.

Command Moves

Sadly, The Dictador doesn't have Command Moves(And if he had at least one, he could be better).

Special Moves

Psycho Crusher

  • Charge b, f+P - His signature(and probably the most classic) Special Move. This move is not the same thing as it was on the SF2 games... I was a little sad when I tried to testify this move in action. The damage is ok, it knocks down, can fly over those low projectiles, can be used to hit the opponent in the air(Not guaranteed), to crossup the opponent on his/her wakeup, as a combo finisher, and you can use it as a cheap finisher too. This is part of a setup(Mentioned on the Normal Moves section), but we'll see this later. Now for the bad part of the move: Almost no priority, the two versions are not safe if blocked(The LP version is a little safer), and can be easy to GCF. Use if you know that this will hit.

Knee Press

  • Charge b, f+K - Classic move. If you played with The Dictador on other game, you'll probably know this move. This does two hits, and can be better than the move above in some things. The reach is nice, recovery is kind of good, and can be comboed only after the cl.HP/HK. This move is safe if blocked outside of the corner. You can mix this with the Head Press if you want on the opponent's wakeup. Watch out for those GCF's too.

Head Press - Somersault Skull Driver

  • Charge d, u+K - (Head Press) Classic move. Can be one of his best in this game too. On the SF2 games, he didn't need this move to be good. In this game, you'll need it. It's one of his most important moves. The priority is nice(Can trade hits with some DPs and anti-airs), you can use on the opponent's wakeup(Just time well), safe if blocked(And this have an followup), and the charge time is short(Nice thing). Can be hard to punish with DPs. You can use this to punish from far away too(You'll fly over projectiles and counter he/she depending of the opponent). Well, you can abuse of this on some matchups too(Like on opponents with bad anti-airs). You can control The Dictador in the air after the hit too(You can begin to charge a Special/Super Move after the hit just to use when you land). Remember: This can be an air move, but it can be blocked low.
  • b or f+P - (Somersault Skull Driver) Useful move, and it has nice priority too. If you want to run in a defensive way, just hold back after the hit and use this move. If you want to attack, just hold forward and use this, but the hits will not connect. If the Head Press hits a jumping opponent with a counter hit, and then you use the follow-up, the opponent will be on a juggle state(I'll try to explain this later). This is not an overhead too.

Devil's Reverse

  • Charge d, u+P/ b or f+P - Similiar as the above. This move has two parts: The first is when you do the command and don't press any button after it. Dictador will do a Super Jump similiar to the Head Press, but he will not attack. This is useful for mind games or just to scare the opponent. Now for the second part: When you use the followup. If you press b+P, can be useful to build meter in a defensive way(You can counter some anti-airs with this too). You can try to mix this with the Head Press too. Nice damage and reach, it knocks down, has decent priority and this have another trick, which is: after landing an LP+LK throw against the opponent, use the HP version, press forward after you land and press a punch. You'll hit from behind(The opponent will need to block on the other side). Just throw again after that. Just mix this strategy with the Head Press and you'll be fine. It's not an overhead too, sadly.

Bison Warp

  • DP/RDP+ 2P/2K - Not the best warp. You cannot build meter with this. The recovery is not so good, and The Dictador has invincibility only on the startup. You just need to practice. DP makes him warp forward and RDP makes The Dictador warp back. The 2P version travels a longer distance. You can use this to flee from the corner too, but can be risky, because he can get some throws while he is warping. You can use this on poke situations too(Warp back and forward and do one of his pokes, can be hard, but this works better when the opponent don't have a projectile). You can use this against those zoning characters(Like Sagat). If you want to Warp + Throw, this can work, but it's not safe. Good Luck if you want to use this.

Super Moves

Mega Psycho Crusher

  • Charge b, f, b, f+P - This is like the normal, but the damage is higher. This has no priority and no invincibility frames, can travel over ground projectiles, can combo from the Light and Hard attacks, and can be usafe if blocked(All of them are like the normal version, and I don't know why, really). You can use this to crossup the opponent too, for example: Do a cr.HK(The slide). Let's suppose that it hits the opponent. It will knock down him/her. And then when the opponent starts to wakeup, do a Super Move. The attack will hit from back, which makes your chances of hitting the opponent a little higher. If you want to do this again after the hit(This Super knocks down too), go ahead. Oh, I almost forgot, this is part of a damaging corner loop too.

Knee Press Nightmare

  • Charge b, f, b, f+K - Nice Super, but has more startup than the move above.This super has a little bit of priority(Better than the move above), but this has no invincibility frames, and do lesser damage than the Mega Psycho Cruser. This can be comboed only from the hard attacks. This does some nice chip/guard damage too, so this can be used as a chip killer, because it's easy to block this(And to do those GCF's too). In my opinion, the Mega Psycho Crusher is better, but you don't need to avoid this move.


Final Psycho Crusher

  • Charge b, f, b, f+PP - This is The Dictador's Exceed. This move has so much invincibility frames, but sadly, it can be used only once on the match. The startup of the move is bad, so this move is bad on combos, and the opponent can block with ease. This can be better for punishing those moves with Heavy Recovery/Startup(More details on that will be on the Advanced Strategy). This will eat those projectiles too, but you need to antecipate the move to do that. This will cover the entire screen, so don't worry, it will hit the opponent. The chip/guard damage are nice, so you can use this as a chip killer. On the recovery, The Dictador can be wide open for attacks.

The Basics

The Dictador's Gameplan

His gameplan is simple. You just need to try to be offensive EVERY SINGLE TIME, by pushing (and confusing) the opponent to the corner with your charge moves, and if something is disturbing you, outplay it, because in a fighting game, you have almost endless options. You have almost only charge moves and no projectile, so he got some disadvantages against some characters in this game, but that doesn't means he is a bad character.

Some Simple Combos
The Dictador's combination options aren't that great, and I know only know one simple combo(You can add if you know some more):

1- [Jump Attack] cl./cr.HP, Charge b, f+P/LK - 2/3 hits; 3/4 with a Jump Attack

Nice combo for beginners. This is better with the jump attack, because you will have more time to charge the move(Yeah, you can charge while jumping). The damage on this combo is nice, so you can try to use this some times.

2- cl.LK, (Charge db) cr.LP, f,b,f+P - 9 hits(Dunno if it's possible to add a Jump Attack on this one)

The only and useful combo from a low attack start, it's recommended only against tall characters.

Advanced Strategy

MAXIMUM Mode combos
I only know two, so you can add if you know some more combos.

1- cr.LK(2/3x), Charge b, f+LP - (Up to) 4 hits

Nothing so special on this one. It's just a simple combo with a low-hitting starter.

2- (When the opponent is on the corner) Charge d, u+P, followup(Make sure you get a counter hit on the followup), Charge b, f, b, f+P(4x) - 30 hits

This is The Dictador's 100% combo. The damage is incredible, but can be very hard to do in a real match. If you don't want to do the Charge d, u+K part, you can do 4 Mega Psycho Crushers on the opponent while he/she is in a jumping state(Another 100% combo), but you need to time well. If you are not on the MAXIMUM Mode, don't worry, you can do one(Or two) Mega Psycho Crusher(s) on the opponent.

MAXIMUM Mode Strategies

Now, this is the good part. If you like pressure games, you can read this.
First step: Do a cr.HK.
Second Step: Now just wait, but make sure that the cr.HK connects.
Third Step: If the cr.HK gets blocked, cancel into a Head Press(You have time to hold down), and do the followup(I think you can do another cr.HK after the followup). If the cr.HK hits, cancel the move into a LP Psycho Crusher(You'll land behind the opponent). And then, just do any move, it will be a crossup(You can use your Exceed too), because the opponent will wake up with his back turned.
Another options to cancel the cr.HK after it gets blocked: You can use the Bison Warp(If you want to run away from GCFs), Normal/Mega Psycho Crusher(Can be unsafe), and your Exceed(If you want a Chip Finisher).