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The Master of Magnatism, Magneto, desires to create a world where mutants rule. Magneto will follow any means necessary to reach his villainous ends.

Moves List

Normal Moves

Downforward Kick (in air) D.png + Lk.png

Special Moves

E-M Disruptor (also in air) Hcf.png + P.png
Hyper Grab (also in air) Hcb.png + K.png
Air Blast Beam (in air) U.png , Uf.png , F.png + P.png
Forcefield Hcf.png + K.png
Fly Qcb.png + K.png K.png

Super Moves

Magnetic Shockwave Qcf.png + P.png P.png
Magnetic Tempest (also in air) Qcf.png + K.png K.png

The Basics

Advanced Strategy


1) J.HK , S.HK (1 hit) XX LP-EM Disruptor
2) Hyper Grav, Magnetic Shockwave
3) Be a screen away from the enemy. Hyper Grav, Magnetic Tempest
4) C.HK XX Magnetic Shockwave (OTG)

1) J.HK , D.S.LP , C.HP SJ SJ. LP , SJ.LK , SJ. MP , SJ.MK , SJ.HP (FS)
2) J.HP , J.HK , D.S.LP , C.HK XX Shockwave (OTG)
3) Hyper Grav from a screen away, Magnetic Tempest, D.C.LK (OTG) , C.HP SJ SJ. LP , SJ.LK , SJ. MP , SJ.MK XX LP-EM Disruptor

  **Note: The Magnetic Tempest must be done IMMEDIATELY upon making contact
          with the Hyper Grav.  Otherwise, the enemy will have shaken out of
          the Hyper Grav by the time the Tempest starts hitting.

4) Hyper Grav from a screen away, Magnetic Tempest, D.C.LK (OTG) , S.HK XX Magnetic Shockwave (OTG)
5) Have enemy in corner. FD.F.LP , F.LK , F.MP , F.MK , F.HP , F.HK XX LP-EM Disruptor

  **Note; When you do the Flying Dash, Dash diagonally Down/MK.

6) J.HK , D.C.LK , C.HP XX Shockwave

1) J.HP , J.HK , D.S.LP , C.HP SJ SJ.LP , SJ.DN.LK, SJ.LP , SJ.LK , SJ.MP , SJ.MK XX Air Dash [diagonally Up/Towards], AD.SJ.LP , SJ.LK , SJ.MP , SJ.MK , SJ.HP (FS)

  **Note: You actually buffer the SJ.MK into the Air Dash.  Just make
          sure you are holding Up/Towards when you Air Dash.

1) Get enemy into corner. J.DN.LK , J.MP , J.HK , D.C.LK , C.HP SJ SJ.LP , SJ.LK , SJ.MP, MK-Air Throw, SJ.LP , SJ.LK , SJ.MK XX Air Dash [diagonally Up/Towards], AD.SJ.LP , SJ.LK , SJ.MP , SJ.MK , SJ.HK (FS)

  **Note: When you do the first Air Combo before the throw, Chain SJ.LP into
          SJ.LK right away, but delay for half a second before throwing
          out the SJ.MP.  The Air Throw is hard to time because it's much
          quicker and sooner than it appears (to have it add to the

3) Have enemy in corner. J.LP , J.DN.LK , J.MP , D.C.LK , C.MP XX Hyper Grav, C.HP SJ SJ.LP , SJ.LK , SJ.MP, SJ.LP , SJ.LK , SJ.MP , SJ.MK XX Air Dash [diagonally Up.Towards], AD.SJ.LP , SJ.LK , SJ.MP , SJ.MK , SJ.HK (FS)

  **Note: The difficulty of this combo lies mainly in the difficulty in
          timing the C.MP buffered into the Hyper Grav.  You can do the
          buffer with conventional timing, but oddly enough that will NOT
          combo.  In order to get it to work, you HAVE to cancel it VERY,
          VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY quickly.  When you do it successfully,
          you can BARELY see the C.MP actually animate.  The Hyper Grav
          actually starts coming out BEFORE the enemy is hit, because
          Magneto's C.MP sends out a little energy ball along the ground.
          If you do it right, you can cancel the C.MP right when it
          starts, but the energy ball keeps going and will knock the enemy up
          into the Hyper Grav.  My best advice is to just keep practicing.