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Maherl discovered a magical lamp containing a genie. He was given 3 wishes and he used them very wisely. For his first wish, he wished to be able to turn into a giant balloon. For his second wish, he wished to be able to spit fire. For his third wish, he wished that the genie would be enslaved for eternity to Maherl to fight for him. Now Maherl travels the globe with only his lamp and sword to battle the world's strongest challengers.

Moves List

Normal Moves

  • Throw - f or b + HP while close
  • Other throw - f or b + HK while close
  • Fat Attack - LP+HP, Maherl uses his big belly and hops forward. Dodges some lows, can be comboed after and into but it's breakerable.
  • Butt Stomp - d + LK in the air, Maherl uses his big butt to attack the enemy.
  • Body Splash - d + HP in the air, Maherl does a standard body splash attack. Great move, great for crossups.

Special Moves

  • Fire Spit - hcf + P. In the LP version he moves slightly forward and spits fire and doesn't knock down. The HP version has him spinning around spitting fire. Use the HP version only, and only in combos.
  • Sword 1 - qcb + P. Maherl travels forwardthe LP version has shorter range than the HP version. Both moves knock down. LP Sword 1 is pretty hard to punish, so use this in blockstrings.
  • Sword 2 - qcb + K. The LK version hits once and has shorter range than the HK version which hits twice. Both of them knock down. This move has a higher vertical hitbox than Sword 1.
  • Balloono - A+B+C, then steer left or right. Using his genie-granted powers, Maherl inflates and attempts to sqaush his enemy. This move can cross up. You can steer it to make it go farther.

Super Moves

  • Genie Super - qcf, qcf + P. This is one of Maherl's only good moves. Although it is sometimes hard to punish, it is still punishable on block. Full invulnerability making it one of Maherl's only breaker moves and reversals.
  • Balloon Grab - 360 + K. Maherl grabs the enemy and turns into a balloon causing great damage! Another good breaker move of Maherl's.
  • Sword Super - qcb, qcb + P. This is a decent super with invulnerability after the super flash but not on startup. It has massive range and great comboability. Maherl can go through fireballs with this move.

The Basics

  • Notable Normals
    • Standing B - This move is the closest thing to an anti-air that Maherl has if it is used very early.
    • Standing C - This move moves Maherl forward and has huge range and good priority. One of Maherl's only good moves and a great all-around poke.
    • Crouching C - This move moves Maherl forward also. It has only slightly less range than his st.C but will beat lower pokes.
    • Far Standing D - This move moves Maherl forward just like the other two. It has good priority and much larger range than Crouching C but slower startup.
    • Close Standing D - This move has good priority and moves Maherl backwards, allowing him to dodge some reversal wakeup moves while your opponent is rising.
    • Vertical Jumping C - Good air to air that causes Maherl to jut forward. Small range.
    • Body Splash, d + HP in the air - Great jump in attack with crossup potential making it the key to Maherl's crossup game.
    • Jumping C/D - Decent jump in attacks.
  • Crossups
    • Body Splash, d + HP in the air
    • Butt Drop, d + LK in the air - No real reason to use this over body splash.
    • Balloono, A+B+C - You can cross up with this by steering it, but if its blocked you're going to eat a super.
  • Meterless Combos
    • Jump in d+HP, cr.C, Fire Spit (HP Version) - A surprisingly damaging combo, but you have to land a jump in to be able to hit-confirm. Use whenever you land a jump in. Important: This combo will randomly whiff on crouchers for the final hit. Use the below combo if you aren't feeling lucky.
    • st.B xx Sword 2 - Combo for punishing things that the below combo is too slow for.
    • cr.C xx Sword1/Sword2 (light versions) - Use this if you are not sure that the cr.C will hit, or are far away. Even on block, you are more than likely left open.
    • cr.C xx Sword1/Sword2 (heavy versions) - Use this if you are absolutely certain that the cr.C will hit, as a punish combo.
    • Most normals xx Fat Attack (LP+HP) - You can pressure with this and attempt to combo after the LP+HP. He has a very very strict and still breakerable infinite with chained normals into fat attack, but it isn't even worth it to attempt as you can get breakered at about a million different spots if you try this. If you whiff the fat attack you can try for a 360+K super throw for a neat mixup to be used sparingly.
    • Anti-Air Normal xx Sword 2 (LK version) - Combo off an anti-air!
  • Combos with Meter
    • Anti air normal xx Sword Super - Good examples of anti-airs to use are st.B and st.C or even cr.C, they all work for this combo.
    • Air-to-air attack, land, Sword Super - Basic juggle after an air-to-air hit. Can be kind of tough to make this happen reliably.
    • (one hit)/cr.C xx Sword Super - Hey its a combo into sword super from a normal. If you can land an HP Fire Spit instead do that, but if you can't, do this.

Advanced Strategy

How does Maherl play?

Maherl is not a combo character, he is a poking character. As such, he has great pokes and low comboability. He doesn't have a fireball and has an abhorrent dash, making it difficult for him to move across the screen. Using the threat of st.C, cr.C, st.D and cr.D he can move across the screen and hopefully do a little bit of damage. Once he does score a knockdown his only real mixup is his weak crossup game which he cant set up well from most of his knockdowns.


Maherl has great breaker attacks with his Genie Super and his Balloon Throw. Both of them do great damage and allow Maherl to start his pressure.

He can be easily breakered against if you try to do pressure with his Fat Attack (LP+HP). It is not recommended to do this very often or fall into predictable pressure with Fat Attack because you will probably eat a combo or a super.

Random Tips

  • Maherl needs to milk all the damage he can at all times. It is very important to always land absolutely every super possible and not ever have a super blocked. Using the Genie Super as a reversal (outside of breakering) is tempting, but meter is more than likely better spent on comboing into sword super or landing a Balloon Grab.
  • Maherl has the worst dash in the entire game. It cannot be stopped by blocking or jumping or attack. It can go under some fireballs and through the other player. Use it carefully, and mainly just to cover ground after a knockdown.
  • Sometimes, Maherl can benefit more from not knocking down and instead spamming repeated normals that move him forward. These frame traps are risky, so be careful! The reward can be great, however, and spamming cr.C is a lot of fun!


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