Mai Shiranui (FFS)

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Character Colors

Ffspecmai colors.png

Moves List

Quick Move List


Move Name Motion
Fuusha Kuzushi F/B+HP when close to opponent
Yume Zakura air, D+HK when close to opponent

Special Moves

Move Name Motion
Ryuu Enbu QCB + P
Hissatsu Shinobi Bachi HCF + K
Kachou Sen QCF + P
Musasabi no Mai Charge D,U + HP

Super Move

Move Name Motion
Chou Hissatsu Shinobi Bachi F,DB,F + LK+HP




Mai, as far as I can see atm, is the most broken character in the game. she has two moves, the Flame Fandango and air throw which would have needed serious attention if another rev. had been made. Without these she is a very well designed, fun to play (and against) character. Using her fireball, standing A, D & C+D to hold ground etc... But the Flame Fandango has invulnerable frames, its completely retarded. It should be a slow, vulnerable startup - high priority late, good recovery type move (kinda like a knockdown version of Hugo's Clap from SF3) but the invulnerability means its an all round ubermove. The only alternative is to try to constantly Guard Attack it... Then there is the air throw... Air throwing is one of the most rewarding, skillful elements of oldschool games. And an airthrow is a perfect component of Mai's arsenal, whom just like Hyper Fighting Chun Li has no command AA special. But the airthrow Mai has been given is just stupid, you dont need to use foresight and good positioning. It can just grab you from anywhere pretty much, even from near crossover positions. These two moves totaly spoil Mai, such a shame. Oh and dont mention her background specific pole diving either.... To me she's the ST Akuma of this game, beatable, but drags the game down to such an extent as to be not worth bothering with...

Credit to Crayfish

Normal Moves

Standing A

Crouching A

Standing B

Crouching B

Standing C

Crouching C

Standing D

Crouching D

Jumping A

Jumping B

Jumping C

Jumping D

Command Moves

Line Blast


Special Moves

Super Move

The Basics

Advanced Strategy


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