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"No matter how beautiful I am, you don't need to hold back." By: Mai Shiranui, Ninja Girl



Hey, Mai fans! You came here because you already know her(On Fatal Fury series/KoF games/Certain images on the internet), that's pretty obvious. Her first appearance was on the second Fatal Fury game, where she got popularity, and many fans(Fans on rage, thanks to Andy. You can play the game in case you don't know why yet. Maybe on KoF XIV this situation can change...). Here, she looks like a mix of her KoF 2002 version, and her '98 one. Now for her Good and Bad things.

The Ninja Waifu's Good and Bad things

Good Things:

  • She isn't that hard to learn(She will be easier if you played KoF);
  • Has many fast Normals and Special Moves;
  • She recovered her best specials from KoF98, Hakuro No Mai and Koshuu No Mai(They can help her on combos);
  • She has great air strategies(Think of Mai as Claw but with a fan, and stronger);
  • Easy BnB Combos and MAXIMUM Loops;
  • Her Super Moves can do more damage on the corner;
  • Her Exceed is her SDM from KoF 2002(If you mained her on 2002, you already know some basic confirms to it).

Bad Things:

  • She has Low Stamina;
  • Isn't that good with Light Attack chains;
  • She doesn't have many anti-air options (Koshuu No Mai is now a hit and chain move);
  • Her projectile is slow on startup and recovery;
  • Her main "2 in 1 Chain Special" (Sayo Chidouri, Ryu En Bu) is possible only on the MAXIMUM mode;
  • Her Super Moves (Especially Mizudouri No Mai) are too unsafe if blocked.

Moves List

Normal Moves

s.LP - (Close) A slow attack with her fan. It can be normal canceled, and it can be used on chains(After a cl./cr.LK). It can be normal canceled, but can't chain into the Light Attacks, sadly. (Far) A very nice poke. It can't be normal canceled, and can't chain into Lights as well, but Mai recovers very quickly after the attack, making it a safe attack to use.
s.LK - (Close) It can look like, but it doesn't hits low(There are some characters with cose low-hitting normals). It can chain into itself, and most of the other Lights too. You can normal cancel it into something if you want. (Far) A simple poke. Can be used to anti-air, but can only work depending of the opponent. You can't normal cancel it, and it can't chain into other Lights.
s.HP - (Close) For comboing purposes. Cancel it into a Special/Command Move to do damage. (Far) Doesn't have so much reach(Compared to most moves), and can't be normal canceled.
s.HK - (Close) A kick aiming upwards. Use this one like the cl.HP. (Far) Mai jumps, and does a kick. This move can't be normal canceled, but Mai will move a little forward during the move.

j.LP - (Diagonal) Mai holds her fans, and attacks with the tip of one of them. You can use this one as an air-to-air attack, or even as a Jump-in move(Mai has better options, but you still can use this one). This move can be normal canceled into her QCB+P in the air. (Neutral) Mai kicks. Dunno how can you use this one(Neutral jumps aren't that used here). This normal can't be normal canceled into QCB+P.
j.LK - (Diagonal) Mainly for crossup combos(But it's hard to combo after it). You can't normal cancel it into QCB+P. (Neutral) An attack with her tail that can be used as an defensive air-to-air attack. Can't be normal canceled into QCB+P as well.
j.HP - (Diagonal) Another fan attack. Good to start combos, and you can normal cancel it into the QCB+P. (Neutral) Mai puts her fan upwards. Use this noe if you want to hit an opponent higher than you(Assuming that he/she is jumping too). You can't normal cancel it into QCB+P.
j.HK - (Diagonal) This one should be your move to begin combos. It has good reach, angle, damage, and can crossup the opponent. Oh, if you want, you can even cancel this move into the QCB+P. (Neutral) Use this move as a kind of anti-air move. Interestingly enough, you can normal cancel it into the QCB+P! Try this: Hit the opponent in the air with a n.HK, and then cancel it into a QCB+LP for a reset setup! We'll talk about it later.

cr.LP - Just a poke. Can't be normal canceled, can't chain into other Lights. A bad thing about this move is that it's hard to chain into it, due to the startup.
cr.LK - Another one of those low-hitting moves. Can chain into other Lights, but can't be normal canceled(Forcing you to chain it in case you used it).
cr.HP - Another move for comboing. Cancel it into something, and you'll be fine. The startup of this move makes it a bad move to use after a Jump-in attack.
cr.HK - A sweep(We know you like the position, don't lie). You can normal cancel it, but you can't combo with it. Cancel it into a special move if you need meter.

Command Moves

Kokuen no Mai

  • f+LK - (If used alone) An overhead move. You can't normal cancel it, but you can combo after it on the corner(With a f.LP, or even if you walk a little forward and then do a cl.HP). You can use this one on the opponent's wakeup if you want. (If used after a normal) This move will lose the overhead properties, will lose some hitstun frames(You can't follow it up with a normal), but it will be cancelable into the QCB+P(You can use this as a corner combo).

Koukaku no Mai

  • df+LK - (If used alone) It's a slide, and it hits low. After the slide, Mai will follow it up with another kick that will do a knockdown on the opponent(And it won't act as a low move, remember that). (If used after a normal) The first hit will be a low, and the second will knockdown. Any difference? Actually, it has a difference. The first hit(The low-hitting one) can be normal canceled into any Special/Super Move(Can even combo into the Exceed!) A good thing of this Command Move is that you can freely do "Any normal, df+LK", and it will work(Assuming that the normal can be normal canceled). Learn how to use this one, it can be important for your combos.

Dairin Fuusha Otoshi

  • d+LP (In the air only) - It's like Kyo's d+LP in the air, it will do a hard knockdown on the opponent, but can't crossup(Unlike Kyo's). It's a great combo starter too, and can even be normal canceled(And even combo, unlike the other Jumping Moves) into the QCB+P! It's easier on the corner, but if you jump deep enough, you can do it on midscreen.


  • d+LK (In the air only) - A cool move that will do a hard knockdown on the opponent, but it's easier to hit a grounded opponent with it(You can hit opponents in the air, but that's very hard to do). You can use this move during a backdash too(If you can find a way to use this way on a match, that's fine). Interestingly enough, you can cancel air normals into this move(You can use this to trick your opponent in case he blocked the air move). The best way to use this move is crossup-ing a knocked opponent. Try this, while you're near from the knocked opponent, do a neutral jump, and then use this move for a crossup attack! You should learn this, you can need.

Yusura Ume

  • d+HK (In the air only) - An attack with her butt(Don't abuse of it in a real match, you can see it on the training move anytime you want). On hit, you can crossup the opponent(On his/her wakeup, I mean). You can use this move as an air-to-air move too, it stays for a long time.

Special Moves

Kachou Sen

  • QCF+P - Mai's classic projectile. The button pressed will determine the speed of it. Don't use this outside of combos(I mean, to begin corner combos from fullscreen away), because it has a very long recovery(Mai needs to find another fan on her suit).

Hissatsu Shinobi Bachi

  • HCF+K - Another classic move. The LK version does two hits, and can be used on combos, while the HK version does only one hit, and can't be used on combos(Thanks to the long startup). The first hit of the LK version can be MAX canceled too.

Ryuu Enbu

  • QCB+P - You know this move too, because it's a classic one. The LP version does only one hit(But can't be comboed after the Lights), and the HP version does two hits, and can be comboed from any cancelable move(Including the Lights), which is good!

Sayo Chidori

  • QCB+K - This is a great move. The button pressed will determine the speed of the attack. The LK version is very fast, and can be used to anti-air the opponent. The HK is just slower(Can't even combo). Mai has a loop using this move on the MAXIMUM Mode(The hit can be MAX canceled).

Hakuro no Mai

  • DP+P - A move from her KoF '98 version. The LP version will do 3 hits, and the HP will do 5 hits, while the last hit of each version will knock the opponent down, and any hit can be MAX canceled(But you can't combo with the last hit, so... Cancel after it). Mai has a MAXIMUM Mode loop involving this combo too.

Koshuu no Mai

  • DP+K - It was a great anti-air... Thanks, SNK. On KoF '98, Mai would do a Flame Kick, which was great to anti-air! But this has changed. Now it's a rush move. The button pressed will determine the distance Mai will travel. If you ask me: "It looks good, can I combo with it after a normal?" I'll just say: "No." But there is a good thing about it, the hit can be MAX canceled, but I don't know why would you cancel it, because you can't combo it from normals/Command moves, and you can't MAX cancel moves into it. You can use this to punish the opponent from far away, but only that.
    • Follow-Up:
      • Tsuika Kougeki
        • DP+K - Here is the flame kick... A sad thing about it is that you can only use this move if the move above connects(Meaning, no anti-air for Mai). Anyway, each version will do 2 hits, and the button pressed will determine where Mai will land. On the LK version, Mai won't move from her initial position, and she will land very quickly. On the HK version, Mai will jump forward while attack, but she will take some time to land, making it unsafe on block.

Musasabi no Mai (Kuuchuu)

  • QCB+P (In the air only) - Classic move. This one is Mai's dive attack. The button pressed will determine the angle, and the speed of the move. Each version will act as an overhead too. You can cancel some air normals into it, which is interesting for her! You can use this move during a backdash too, which can be useful to build meter.

Musasabi no Mai (Chijou)

  • Charge d, u+P - Mai will do a wall leap(Like Claw, or even Choi). After she jumps off the wall, you can move her(With the left/right directionals), to decide where she will land/attack. The button pressed won't change anything.
    • Follow-Ups:
      • Musasabi no Mai
        • Hold P - Mai will do her dive. The button will determine the angle, like the normal version. It has the same properties as it too.
      • Musasabi no Mai (Kuuchuu)
        • QCB+P - The dive again. It has the same properties as the other dive versions.
      • Ukihane
        • d+K - Mai will do her d+LK Command Move(No matter the button pressed). It has the same properties as it too(You can try to crossup using this version too).
      • Yusura Ume
        • d+P - Mai's d+HK, with the same properties.
      • Toki Tsubute
        • d+HK (While near from the opponent) - A grab. It's unblockable, but very risky to use anyway. I think you can grab an opponent in the air too, but I'm not sure. The opponent can't do a recovery roll from it too.

Super Moves

Mizudori no Mai

  • QCF(2x)+P - Mai will throw 3 fans on the opponent(Like a Super projectile, but each one will act as a normal projectile), and the last one will knock the opponent down. The button used will determine the speed of the 3 projectiles. You can use this move on some combos, and each fan attack does decent damage.

Hou'ou no Mai

  • QCB(2x)+P - This is a great move to use. You can use this move to punish projectiles, due to the part where Mai is going up. If you hit an airbone opponent with this move, you'll get more damage, and you'll have the opportunity to juggle after it(There are some corner combos using this feature, I think).


Hissatsu Shinobi Bachi

  • QCB, HCF+KK - Mai's SDM from KoF 2002(But it's very damaging here). This Exceed is very fast on the startup, but can only be confirmed from the Heavy Normals(Or the df+LK if canceled into). There are some simple confirms for it, and you won't have problems with them.

The Basics

Mai's gameplan

Mai is a fast character with great movement options, and that's your plan, move and attack the opponent, mainly in the air with her Command Moves, and her wall leap(You can walk/dash/jump back/forward while using pokes too, Mai's attack are good for that). In the air, you can just use the j.HK(Probably her best jumping attack), or even her Command Moves(When you need them). I don't know if you'll need her supers on combos(Aren't that useful, but Mai has some options for them), so you can use them for punishing situations(Any super does great damage, even if it was used alone). For her Exceed, it won't be hard for you to confirm it, but you can use it alone too(It's not that hard to perform it). Well, that's it, move while being offensive. Good luck on your future matches.

Some combos: (Without MAXIMUM Mode)
Mai has some good options, but you won't be using most of them. If you know some more possible combos, you can add them here(With the details, but that's optional).

Links that you(Maybe) need to know:

1- cl.HP, df+LK, cancel the first hit into something - 2+n hits(Where n is the Special/Super/Exceed used)

The most damaging of her basic links. You can use this one for her BnBs, it will be important(You can confirm many things with the df+LK).

2- cr.LK, cl.LK, df+LK, cancel the first hit into something - 3+n hits(Where n is the Special/Super/Exceed used)

Like the above, but with a low starter. It does more hits, but won't do more damage. You can use this one on mixup games.

Kokuen no Mai (f+LK) combos:

1- (Corner only) f+LK, f.LP - 2 hits

An easy link with Mai's overhead, but it's a corner only combo, sadly. Other bad things on this combo: You can't combo a normal into this Command Move; You can't cancel the f.LP outside of MAXIMUM Mode(On this mode you can do more things with this combo).

2- (Corner only) f+LK, walk/dash a little forward, cl.HP, df+LK, (Cancel the first hit into a Special/Super/Exceed) - 3+n hits(Where n is the move you canceled into, assuming that it will connect)

Probably the most damaging thing you can do with the overhead outside of MAXIMUM Mode, but it can be hard to do(You'll need to have a good timing to link the f+LK with the cl.HP).

3- (Corner only; Cancel a normal into) f+LK, QCB+P - 2 hits; 3(Or even more) if you count the normal move that was canceled

A simple combo. I don't think you'll have problems landing this, but it's not a thing you'll see on a match. (Important notes: The f+LK can be canceled into the QCB+P only if you cancel a normal into it, but the Command Move will lose the overhead properties)

Dairin Fuusha Otoshi (d+LP in the air) combos:

1- (Corner only/On a deep jump-in) d+LP, (Cancel it into) QCB+P - 2 hits

This is an exclusive combo(You can't connect the QCB+P if you canceled the jumping normals). You'll need to do a very deep jump if you want to land this one. I would recommend using the QCB+LP on the combo, but if you want to try with the HP version, go ahead. On certain characters(Big ones), this combo can be easier.

2- d+LP, any ground combo - 1+n hits(Where n is the combo used

Yeah, you can use the d+LP to start your combos like a normal jumping attack, which is great! You won't have problems with this one if you're used to begin combos with a jump-in move.

Kachou Sen(QCF+P) combos:

1- [Jump Attack] cl.HP, df+LK, QCF+P - 3 hits; 4 with a Jump Attack

A not-that-hard combo. I wouldn't recommend this one, due to the bad recovery on the projectile(But I think it can be safe on combos). Mai has better options, but this one still can be used.

2- [Jump Attack] cr.LK, cl.LK, df+LK, QCF+P - 4 hits; 5 with a Jump Attack

Just a combo with a low starter. The above does more damage too.

3- (Corner only; Mai needs to be fullscreen away) QCF+LP, Superjump forward(For me, it was easier with dash+forward jump, but I think you can do this combo with the simple Superjump), Jump Attack, any combo - 2+n hits(Where n is the combo used)

This is better to use while the opponent is stunned/if you want to do corner pressure on the opponent(By using the projectile as a meaty). You can learn this if you want to do more damage(Or even if you like to do combo videos, this one can be a good combo for you).

Hissatsu Shinobi Bachi(HCF+K) combos:

1- [Jump Attack] cl.HP, df+LK, (Cancel the first hit) HCF+LK - 4 hits; 5 with a Jump Attack

Probably the most damaging thing you can do with the HCF+K. Note that you can't combo with the HK version, due to the long startup of it. Remember that you can MAX cancel the first hit of the HCB+K(Only on the LK version), so you can do more damage if you need.

2- [Jump Attack] cr.LK, cl.LK, df+LK, (Cancel the first hit) HCF+LK - 5 hits; 6 with a Jump Attack

Does more hits, has a low starter, but won't do more damage than the combo above. You can use this on some mixup games.

Ryuu Enbu(QCB+P) combos:

1- [Jump Attack] cl.HP, df+LK, (Cancel the first hit) QCB+HP - 4 hits; 5 with a Jump Attack

You'll know how to use this combo if you're used to that first link. You can use the LP version too, but the HP version has better startup.

2- [Jump Attack] cr.LK, cl.LK, df+LK, (Cancel the first hit) QCB+HP - 5 hits; 6 with a Jump Attack

Can be used too. Has a low starter, which can help. The df+LK is optional on this combo too.

Sayo Chidori(QCB+K) combos:

1- [Jump Attack] cl.HP, df+LK, (Cancel the first hit) QCB+LK - 3 hits; 4 with a Jump Attack

A good combo. You can use this one to confirm Mai's MAXIMUM Mode loop. Note that you can't combo with the HK version, due to the startup of it. If you're used to the pattern, you'll know the second combo(And probably some other ones below too).

Hakuro no Mai(DP+P) combos:

1- [Jump Attack] cl.HP, df+LK, (Cancel the first hit) DP+HP - 7 hits; 8 with a Jump Attack

This one is one of the best(If not the best) of Mai's no-meter combos. Does many hits, and decent damage. You can use this to confirm Mai's loop too.

Musasabi no Mai(QCB+P in the air) combos:

1- (Corner only/On a deep jump-in) d+LP, (Cancel it into) QCB+P - 2 hits

You know this combo. All of the other QCB+P combos are on this page, so I won't add them here.

Mizudori No Mai(QCF(2x)+P) combos:

1- [Jump Attack] cl.HP, df+LK, QCF(2x)+P - 4 hits("But the super does 3 hi-" I'll explain that); 5 with a Jump Attack

This is probably the best confirm for this super. Why does it do only 4 hits, assuming that the Super does 3 hits (Meaning that the combo would do 5 hits)? Well, as you know, this Super isn't that fast when compared to most projectiles(Assuming the Super ones as well), and the 3 fans will connect into each other, and this is right, because you probably used it, and saw the Super doing 3 hits. But you used it alone, not on a combo. We need to add at least one attack before the Super to call it a combo. And that attack will push the opponent(If you tried this combo, you can see that the opponent stopped being pushed during the first 2 fans, and then he continues being pushed during that little pause after the first 2 fans(That means, the target's position changed, making the 3rd fan nearly useless, because the opponent can block it). I just noticed on the training mode that the opponent's position is what determines if the 3rd fan will connect or not(You can test the positions, but the fans will combo if they are used on point-blank reach, or even if they are used fullscreen away. This combo will do 5 on the corner as well.

2- (While Fullscreen away) QCF+LP, QCF(2x)+HP - 4 hits

This is an interesting combo. You can use it while your opponent is stunned, and you don't know what to do. This combo can be used as a cheap finisher too(4 chipping moves from far away), but only when you need to(Don't waste your meter like that if you know that you're not going to win the match).

Hou'ou no Mai(QCB(2x)+P) combos:

1- (While the opponent is in the air, and near the corner) QCB(2x)+P, hit the opponent with something while he/she's in the air - (At least) 8 hits(If you used the LP version); 11 hits with the HP version)

This is the only possible combo for this Super, sadly(But you know, the opponent can't block while he/she is in the air here). The LP version of the Super does less hits, but it's easier to combo after it, so you can stick with it for now. There are some great combos using this juggle properties on the MAXIMUM Mode(And even a confirm for the Exceed!), but we'll see that later.

Exceed (QCB, HCF+KK) combos:

1- [Jump Attack] cl.HP, df+LK, Exceed - 14 hits; 15 with a Jump Attack

It's just the most damaging Mai combo outside of MAXIMUM Mode. It's not that hard to do(You don't even need good hands to cancel the df+LK). Well, it's very important to confirm the Exceed on any match, so learn this combo, you will need it on your matches.

Advanced Strategy

Some combos (With MAXIMUM Mode)


1- [Jump Attack] cl.HP, df+LK, DP+HP, (Cancel it before the last hit) QCB+LK, (Cancel it into) DP+HP, (Again) QCB+LK ... QCB+HP, (Cancel the first hit into) QCF(2x)+P (Note: This last part of the combo is possible only on the corner) - 6+5n(Where n is the number of loops); 7+5n with a Jump Attack

This is a great combo, but not that hard to perform, thanks to the DP(You can get a projectile if you miss the input. To avoid that, stop the motion on df, not on f). The corner only finisher is great, because it will add some damage to the combo, but... It's very hard to cancel a QCB+HP into a QCF(2x)+P(You won't have so much frames to perform the inputs), but there is a way to make it easier, which is: Buffering the first QCF. Try something like QCF, QCB+HP, QCF+P(While on MAXIMUM Mode). You'll need to do it very fast to make it work.

2- (Corner only; The opponent needs to be in the air) QCB(2x)+P, QCB+HP(Try to land the first hit, not the second one), (MAX cancel it into) DP+K, (Juggle the opponent with) QCB+HP(Again, land the first hit only), (MAX cancel it into) DP+K ..... (When you want, cancel any first hit of the QCB+HP into) Exceed - (Up to) 22+2n

This is the most damaging way to confirm the Exceed, and the only way to use the DP+K on combos. You can learn this, but it's a little hard to land it on a real match(You'll need to predict your opponent's jump for that). It's easier than the loop above too.