Mars People (NGBC)

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Body Tosses

Million Leg Lariat - Near opponent, press or N or + C+D

Unique Moves

Mars Slider - Press + D

- Mars People crouches down and swipes his tentacles across the ground, sweeping his opponent off of the floor.

Before in SVC some may remeber this animation as his crouching HK, while for his Mars Slider he performs a sort of low spinning head attack. Both attacks remain the same but their commands are different. Therefore the Mars Slider from SVC is crouching HK and the crouching HK from SVC is now performed by pressing down-forward + D.

The Mars Slider best use remains in his bread and butter combo - crouching Ax3, Mars Slider. Quick simple damage and knocks down. It also serves for good punishment against whiffed attacks from afar. With that said you should use this attack with some antcipation due to its slow start-up period. Compared to most sweeps, the Mars Slider is extremly dangerous to be whiffed or blocked. Strangely enough this attack hits twice on a block but you may use this to your advantage. For example you perform crouching A, Mars Slider. The opponent blocks the crouching A and begins to Guard Cancel Front Step. They blow through the first hit only to be sweeped by the second hit. Outside of combos and punishment situations you may use this attack in conjuction to his Mars Shot as a poke. Keep in mind though this attack is highly punishable, even from max range with the right move.

Special Moves

Mars Shot - + A or C

- Mars People points and his aims his gun and fires a small particle across the screen.

The A version may have a longer start-up period it travels across the screen faster. While the C version comes out faster to only travel slower. In addition, the A version travels in a straight line and the C version follows a zig-zag like path. The Mars Shot is mainly used as shield to dash behind to enter point blank range or to just pressure your opponent.

Roswell Vanish - + A or C

- Mars People explodes into flames, thus teleporting for a brief moment.

In SVC the Roswell Vanish was overly abuseable. Could be used as an anti-air or combo finsiher. The attack had high prioirity and was invincible upon start-up. Not only that, but it was unblockable when used against a waking up opponent. This has all been removed. The range is slim to none. A mere step out of point blank range equals a whiffed Roswell Vanish. Do this drawback it can no longer be used in combos outside of Plasma Spin juggles. The invincibility frames are completely gone. Mars People is not completely invincible until he fully teleports, and is invisible?? AHA! Due to the poor priority you will almost always trade hits with this special move. The recovery has also been nerfed making this move dangerous to commit to. Another note is the command. In SVC, the command input wat hcb + K, but this slight change did not change anything. Besides that is the fact that the C version teleports Mars People forward and behind his opponent. Before in SVC, he would teleport and reappear further away from his opponent.

You will find yourself to be using this move rather sparingly. It is a possible anti-air but not fully recomended due to its pathetic priority. This move is best used as run-away tactic. After a blocked attack, espcially a Area 801 (B), perform a Roswell Vanish to counter any possible late counter attacks. If it is executed before their attack, yours should surely win without trading hits. Mix it up, use both A and C version. Though the C version is risky to commit to. Not only is the recovery painfully slow but the range is non-existent. The only time you may use a Roswell Vanish (C) is if you see your opponent running at you from full screen range to rush you. This way you can avoid there oncoming offense and retreat to the other side. You may also use it after you perform a Mars Shot or Flatwoods March to cross the opponent up and confuse them. Use Roswell Vanish periodically just to throw your opponent. The only sure plus use for it is in corner Plasma Spin juggles.

Plasma Abduction - Near opponent, + A or C

- Mars People grabs his opponent, slowly levitating his opponent into the air he reaches for a remote. Upon pressing a switch on the remote, electricity surges through the opponent's body.

Strangely enough this move does not combo from strong attacks anymore. Instead, it can only combo from light attacks unlike its SVC counter-part. Another note is that you can only combo into the A version To add to the differences from SVC, this move now has a whiff animation. The Plasma Abduction is great for punishment situations. The damage is decent, plus it puts some space between yourself and the opponent to restart your Mars Shot pressure or Plasma Spin cross-ups. The Plasma Abduction also works great within tick throws off of crouching A. Since it is a command throw, it also works great as Gard Cancel Front Step counter. Due to the damage, recovery and overall usefulness, you will find yourself using the Million Leg Lariat less than often.

Area 801 - + B or D

- Mars People leaps at his opponent, while smacking them down with his tentacles

Area 801 works great in conjuction with the Mars Shot. Not only does this move get him across the screen quickly, but it is comepletley safe from a Guard Cancel Front Step if a Mars Shot is on screen. The Area 801 is also an over-head. Unfortunatley it cannot be comboed into. The Area 801 (B) travels a smaller distance, shorter height and ends with one-hit knockdown. The Area 801 (D) covers much more ground and hits twice. However, from max range only the first hit will whiff and the second hit will whiff, resulting in no knockdown. This was never a problem before in SVC. The Area 801 now has a tendency to whiff more. Espcially when done against a cornered opponent. It is also possible now for the Area 801 to cross-up but the positioning is rather difficult and can be character specific. Keep in mind, that the Area 801 is the only move Mars People's arsenal that cannot be quick recovered from.

Plasma Spin - + B or D(SC)

- Mars People spirals up off the screen only to come back down spiraling.

The start-up has now been reduced from its SVC counter part, however the juggle potential has changed somewhat. In order for this move to present a juggle it must hit on the way down. If Mars People does not hit his opponent on the way down at all, the opponent will simply fall. If it hits both on the way up and the way down you will still recieve a free juggle. In addition, if the Plasma Spin (B) crosses up then it will knock down. You will find yourself using the B version mostly due to it's quick start-up and recovery. The Plasma Spin is great since it sets up juggles, mix-ups and Mars Shot pressure games. Upon blocking a cross-up Plasma Spin (B), Mars People is relatively safe to freely work his opponents guard bar with crouching A. The Plasma Spin (B) is so fast now, that it can juggle a opponent after a Plasma Spin of either strength. The Plasma Spin (D) on the other hand travels alot further, doing more damage and has a higher chance in juggling opponents, it's one major drawback is its start-up period. An opponent can easily see a Plasma Spin (D) coming from a mile away. With this said, the super cancelable first hit is rather useless. Unless used in Bronze After mix-up's.

Desperation Moves

Independence Day My Bleem! - + A or C

- A UFO flies from the side of the screen and starts to fire down rings of energy as it continues its path off screen.

Executing this super with (A) will position the UFO on Mars People's side. While executing this super with (C) will position the UFO on your opponent's side. This super has been severly weakened from its transition from SVC to NGBC. The start-up is much slower. Instead, the UFO flies down and then begins to spiral across the screen. It barely travels half way across the screen. In addition, the postioning on this super is difficult to comprehend. Mainly due the fact that a ring or two maybe fired before the UFO becomes visible on screen. The recovery on this super is awful. Unlike in SVC, Mars People was free to roam right after he executed this attack. Now he does not recover until the last ring is fired. On another bad note, the rings are no longer unblockable, but they must be blocked high. However, the rings are fired in a faster succesion. It is even possible for all three rings to connect for a 3-hit combo. The rings can still be avoided by standing in the middle, but the rings are much smaller making this tactic risky. This super can also be performed with a Mars Shot on-screen, keeping the opponent immobilized. It is still possible to land juggles off of this super, but due to all of the drawbacks in range, recovery and postioning you will find such a task impossible. Take all of this in and accept that you will not be using this super.

MP12 - + A or C

- Several smaller martians fly across the screen in three various paths before leaving.

The martians start out by flying downward from the upper corner behind Mars People. Then they fly out from the opposite upper corner. Finally, they make one last path from the bottom corner behind Mars People and fly off-screen. This super knocks down and does great guard damage. Though nothing has changed from a visual aspect, the paths the martians fly in are different from SVC. The hit-box is much smaller, and due to repostioning this super will have the tendency to whiff. The overall speed on this super has been improved, but it lost it's ability to juggle the opponent. Compared to Independence Day My Bleem, this super works much better. Even if one path of aliens whiff, your opponent will still be locked down. For they cannot take the risk to press on and get hit by another wave of aliens. As long as you are at max range, this super works well for immobilizing your opponent. Best used after a throw on an over-agressive opponent.

Bronze After - + B or D

- Mars People leaps across the screen and fires down a small ring of energy.

This remains as Mars People's most effective super. It set-up's juggles and creates great mix-up's. For the ring fired must be blocked from the other direction. The (B) version has a futher tendency to hit from the front since it travels a shorter distance. The (C) version is capable of hitting from the front if both characters are at max range from each other. Your best options for juggles upon the ring hitting is a Plasma Spin (B) or a DA Assault. Even if the ring is blocked you are freely safe to start mix-up's off of Mars People's crouching A

Flatwoods March - Press + B + D (requires 2 stocks)

- Mars People lays several eggs that hatch into small baby martians. Upon hatching, the suicidal martians begin to charge the opponent.

I find this super to be more of a gimmick. The start-up is slow and the martians can be avoided by simply positioning yourself to not have the eggs on-screen before they hatch. It does set-up combos and gives Mars People a good control over the ground in front of his opponent. In addition, he can easily keep his opponent grounded by his standing D. The martians must also be blocked low and clash with projectiles. You just need to ask yourself, is all of this worth 2 stocks. While the only safe set-up for this move is after a Million Leg Lariat or Plasma Abduction.

Tungus Incident - Press + A + C (requires 3 stocks)

- A UFO flies down from the sky and crash lands on the opponent.

The Tungus Incident is Mars People's most damaging super. Though he lost the ability to aim the ship as in SVC, it homes in on the opponent automatically in NGBC. However, your opponent can easily dash out of harm's way, right after Mars People inputs the command. The Tungus Incident also lost its over-head properties as well. In addition, this move can no longer hit a juggled opponent after a Plasma Spin. Instead it will connect as an OTG hit, with that said the opponent can easily quick recover and escape the super. Yet, you can juggle with a standing close D or crouching and cancel into the Tungus Incident. Some Oswald or Kula players maybe familiar with this form of juggle from KOF XI. The Tungus Incident is great super to use for punishment situations when Mars People is outside of range to do anything.


Jumping deep D, crouching Ax2, Mars Slider

crouching Ax3, Mars Slider

Jumping deep D, crouching A, Plasma Abduction (A)

Jumping deep D, crouching Ax4, DA Assault

Crouching Ax5, DA Assault

Bronze After, juggle with Plasma Spin (B)

Bronze After, juggle with DA Assault

Plasma Spin (D), (SC), Bronze After (D), juggle with Plasma Spin (D), (SC), Bronze After (D), juggle with Plasma Spin (D), (SC), Bronze After (D), juggle with Plasma Spin (B)

Anti-Air crouching C, Tungus Incident

Anti-Air Standing close D, Tungus Incident

Cross-Up Plasma Spin (B), juggle with crouching C, Tungus Incident


Mars People Primer I(by Dark Geese):

-Mars Peep is rather simple, not as powerful as his SVC Chaos incarnation. - His bnbs are cr.ax5 to DA or cr.ax3 to df+D. - The Cajnustrike lockdown Tactic- [cr.a x dp+C] repeat brackets rush in after this. -If you can save super for the Level 2 Alien Bomb.. (down, down +BD) it sets up some nasty stuff..even allows you to tag out before it hits!! After you plant this teleport (rdp+k) -Yes he has a 3 level semi infinite but I will save that for another time…its practical but you probably won’t land it in a match. - His jumping D is a good poke but beware because Mars Peep has a long floaty jump. -From a distance use Far St. D as an anti air. -Mix up using qcf+k every now and then to catch your opponent off guard. -Also his command grab is hcb+p, the range sucks so be careful. -Poke also with far st.b. DG combo- to DA. -Use his teleport every now and then but not a lot..its risky…

Advanced Strategy

Cross-Up Plasma Spin Set-Up's

  • Cr. Ax3, Mars Slider, Plasma Spin (D)
  • Close Plasma Spin (B), Plasma Spin (B)
  • Crouching D, Plasma Spin (B)
  • Close Mars Slider, Plasma Spin (B)