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"Beep! Bee bee badoop!" - By: Mars People, from... Mars(Captain Obvious striking again)



This... Thing from other planet is Mars People, the first character of Metal Slug in a SNK fighting game(The second being Marco, the main character, on Neo Geo Battle Coliseum; and the third being Fio, on KoF:Mira). He is a strange character with a different, but good moveset. He isn't bad to play, but for beginners, he isn't that good. Now for his pros and cons.

Mars People's Good and Bad things

Good Things:

  • Has excellent Normals and Command Moves for poking(The reach on them is really nice for him);
  • His Command Grab does good damage;
  • He can hit his opponents with his teleport(For Hit & Run strategies);
  • Can followup hits DP-Like move(Leading to indredible combos);
  • His Supers and Special Moves are useful for zoning and offensive tactics;
  • Has an easy-to-use Exceed(See the input when you need).

Bad Things:

  • He has a low stamina, like other zoning characters;
  • Look at his sweep when you want;
  • He is very hard to learn and master;
  • Has bad reach on his Command Grab(But you can cancel a normal into it);
  • Has slow projectiles(Dunno if it's really bad);
  • His Supers can be evaded if the opponent has enough space;
  • Has a big crouching hitbox(He isn't tall, but the hitbox is big).

How to select Mars People

It seems that you like people from Mars(Or Metal Slug characters), but you can't select him on the Arcade version? No worries. Just do those inputs:

(While holding start) Up, Down, Right(3x), Up, Down, Left(2x), Down, press a button

Just do it, it isn't hard. If you want to play online with him, you can download Fightcade, where we have a version with him already unlocked.

Move List

Normal Moves

Mars People has strange, but ranged normals. Some are good, some are bad, like every normals set.

s.LP - (Far) Mars People does an attack with his gun. The reach is very good, he recovers very fast, but it cannot chain into itself, or other Light Attacks. Can be normal canceled. (Close) A very fast attack. Sadly, it can only chain into the f.LP(That's what I can confirm). Can be normal canceled too.
s.LK - (Far) A move with his... Tentacles... Very fast, and has a nice reach(More than the f.LP above), but cannot be normal canceled. Cannot chain into itself, but can chain into the f.LP, and the cr.LP/LK. (Close) Interesting normal that hits low and can be normal canceled. It can be chained into all of the LP normals, and the cr.LK(A low into another low).
s.HP - (Far) Bad startup, nice reach. The hit can't be normal canceled, but you can use it as a poke. Only that, nothing really special. (Close) A two-hit attack that can be normal canceled on the first hit. It's good for combos, because the first hit(The cancelable hit) won't push your opponent.
s.HK - (Far) Has decent startup. Better used as an anti-air from far away. Can whiff on most crouching characters, and can't be normal canceled. (Close) It's kind of an anti-air, but a very risky one(You'll need to be very close). Can be normal canceled too, so choose the one that suits better for you(HP, or HK?).

j.LP - (Diagonal) Just an attack with his gun, but aiming down. Can be used as a jump-in attack, but won't do that damage. (Neutral) Won't stay long, avoid using it.
j.LK - (Diagonal) Same properties as the Diagonal above, but stays for a longer time. (Neutral) Like the above, avoid this one too.
j.HP - (Diagonal) Good as a damaging jump-in attack. It's a little hard to add a Heavy Attack after it, but you can do it with practice. (Neutral) Defensive air-to-air with bad reach. Only that.
j.HK - (Diagonal) Same properties as the Diagonal above, but I think it has a little more reach. (Neutral) Dunno what is this, maybe a joke?

cr.LP - Strange cancelable attack with the gun. I couldn't chain it on other Light Normals, so I can't confirm that it can.
cr.LK - Low-hitting kick. Can be normal canceled, and can chain into most of the Light Attacks, including itself.
cr.HP - Anti-air move. Can be normal canceled, but isn't that useful on combos(Maybe on punish ones?).
cr.HK - That's his sweep. Very slow, probably the worst sweep in the fighting game history. It has good reach, but look at the startup. It can be normal canceled too(You can whiff cancel it too, but why and how would you do that?).

Command Moves

Slide Head

  • b+HP - Mars People does an attack with his head that will knockdown on hit. This can't be normal canceled, and if you cancel a normal into this move, it won't combos(Or in some cases, whiff). Use it if you need to send your opponent far away from you.

Hopping Knee

  • b+HK - This is a great move. The hitbox of this move is great to use as an anti-air(Not sure if it's his best one), it can be normal canceled, without the fact that it will connect after a normal, which is great for him. Use this everytime you need.

Mars Slider

  • df+HK - A normal... Slide... The animation of the move is his n.HK, but moving forward. It can't be normal canceled, but will connect after cancelable normals, and hits low. It can pass under certain projectiles too.

Special Moves

Mars Shot

  • QCF+P - Mars People's standard projectile, that will be different depending of the button pressed. If you use LP, Mars People will fire a slow projectile, but it will gain speed with the time, and moves horizontally. Useful for fireball wars, or as a meaty projectile on the opponent's wakeup(For chip damage). On the HP version, Mars People will fire a slow projectile, but it will continue on the same speed, and will move making a ZigZag through the screen, and a little higher than the LP version. This version can be used on combos, and can catch your opponent on a jump. You can use it as a shield, or to attack(Like an Aegis Reflector). You can't have the two versions at the same time on the screen.

Area 801

  • QCF+K - Overhead special move. Mars People will jump, and attack after a certain time. The LK version will do one hit, and will do a hard knockdown on hit. The HK version will do two hits(Each one is an overhead), and the second one will hard knockdown on hit. "Can be used on combos?" Not sure, but you can use this to approach your opponent while he/she's knocked down(If you don't like dashing).

Roswell Vanish

  • HCB+K - Mars People's teleport. He explodes(The Explosion does damage), and then teleports. On the LK version, after the explosion, he will appear on his initial position. On the HK version, he'll teleport backwars, which is good to use on Hit & Run strategies. Can be comboed only from the first hit of the cl.HP(You probably know why if you payed attention).

Plasma Abduction

  • HCB+P (While near from the opponent) - His Command Grab. Not that good reach, but decent damage. Can be comboed from any cancelable normal too.

Plasma Spin

  • DP+K - Mars People's DP. Dunno if it can be good if used as an anti-air, due to the startup, but it hits when Mars People is going up, and when he's falling(It's said that this falling part will act as an overhead, but I could block it while crouching). After each version, you can juggle your opponent with what you have(You can even reset your opponent if you want). On the LK version, if the "going up" part whiffs, and the falling part hits, you can add a normal after it(Like f.LP), which can help on combos. On the corner, after this move, you can hit-confirm the Exceed for big damage.

Super Moves

Independence Day My Bleem! (aka Ship)

  • HCF(2x)+P - Nice super. Mars People will call a ship(Probably from his friends), and it will launch some rings on the opponent. Those rings are unblockable(And won't hit Mars People, even if it touches him), and you can juggle after them(Depending of the timing, you can even combo the rings, by using the DP+K, which can juggle, remember?). Very nice for pressuring, you'll need this one. The button pressed determines where the ship will appear(LP = On Mars People's back; HP = On the opponent's back). Note that you can't use any Super/Exceed while the ship in on the screen.


  • HCB(2x)+K - Mars People will call some mini Mars People(I prefer to call them "Mini Guys") to attack the opponent. They will combo, it's safe(If the opponent hasn't GCFed), because you'll recover before the Mini guys leave the screen, and you can even followup with super with itself, meaning that you can juggle after they hit the opponent! Note that you can't use any Super/Exceed while at least one Mini Guy is still on the screen.


Tungus Incident

  • d, d, d+Any combination of two different buttons(This is according to a movelist I saw on GameFAQs, but I could do it with LP, or HP only) - Mars People's Exceed that will act as an overhead(Which is great). A ship will fall on the ground, doing great damage on the opponent. With the LP version(Or the LP+any other button, according to the movelist mentioned before), the ship will fall in the middle of the screen, kind of a shield(Can be used as an anti-air when your back is to the corner). Can be comboed from the Heavy Attacks too, but depends of where you are. Now for the HP version(Or the LK+HK/HP, HK+HP combinations, again, according to the movelist), the ship will fall on the corner of the screen, which is mainly used on some 100% corner combos(More info about this on his combos section).

(Interesting note about some of Mars People's Moves: The "Independence Day My Bleem!", the Ship super, is a reference to "Independance Day", a movie about alien invaders. "Roswell Vanish", his teleport, is a reference to an area in Mexico where aliens landed, at least that's what is said. "Tungus Incident", his Exceed, is a reference to an explosion in Siberia that has been attributed to a UFO detonating in the atmosphere.)

The Basics

Mars People's gameplan

Mars People isn't that good to land combos(He has some good options, see below), and has many long-range options, which makes him a great keepaway char. Do many pokes(Don't use his sweep, please), fire with his gun, call his friends(It should be better to say "Do Supers"), and, mainly, try to avoid being hit by things. Your main plan is called MAXIMUM Mode, where you can spam "friends", to do pressure/zoning. Just try to get in there quickly. If you need to punish, do it with any combo below, they're not that damaging too(Mars People can only do damage on combos with his Exceed, after a normal, I mean). Well, that's it, Good luck in your future matches.

Some Combos (Without MAXIMUM Mode)
If you can find some more interesting ones, just add it here.

1- [QCF+HP(Just follow it), Jump Attack(Or vice versa, you can go in front of the projectile if you want)] cl.HP(1 hit), b+HK, HCB+P - 3 hits; 5 with the optional things

Probably his BnB for punishing. Not that hard to do too. Learn it, and use it, you can need. This one is probably his most damaging combo without using Supers on the normal mode.

2- [QCF+HP, Jump Attack(Or vice versa)] cl.HP(1 hit), HCB+K - 2 hits; 4 with the optional things

Just a hit-confirm for his teleport. You can use it to hit, and run away(With the HK version), or to continue with the zoning, but with more space(With the LK version).

3- DP+K, j.HK/QCF+LK(DP+LK only)/HCB+K(Corner only) - (Up to) 5(LK version)/8(HK version) hits

A combo for the DP anti-air. Here, we have two options: Reset, or Hard Knockdown. The j.HK is the most damaging option for a jump attack after the DP+K(The j.HP will whiff), and maybe the best one for resets(We'll talk about it later). The QCF+LK will do a hard knockdown on your opponent, meaning that he/she cannot recovery roll from it. After it, you'll have time to plan how you will continue your zoning game. "Why not the QCF+HK?" First, the hits won't combo(The first hit won't juggle your opponent). Second, the first hit of the HK version won't do a hard knockdown(It's just an overhead), meaning that your opponent can(Or will) recovery roll from it. I'm not sure if you can land the QCF+LK after a DP+HK(Maybe on the corner?). The HCB+K is that option for hitting, and then doing what you want(It should be better if you use the HK version, if you want to continue your zoning, assuming you're corner, I mean).

4- [QCF+HP, Jump Attack(Or vice versa)] cl.HP, b+HK, d,d,d+P/Two button combination(Not sure which one is the correct) - 5 hits; 7 with the optional things

Easy damaging punish combo, and very simple to perform. The punch/combination depends of where the combo was landed. Only that. It's just a way to do damage. Punish with it when you have the Exceed at your disposal.

5- (Corner only; Works better if Mars People is full screen away) HCB(2x)+K(If you want, you can add another Mini Guys Super here to do more damage), Dash/Jump Forward(Just go to the corner after he recovers from the move, and you'll have time, no worries about that), DP+HK, HCB+K/Exceed(Time well on those two) - 18/20 hits

Damaging corner combo(More than one bar if you use the Exceed), but very hard to land, I can assume. For the Exceed, watch out for the version you'll use, don't waste it. Dunno if you can punish with the Mini Guys Super too(Maybe you can use it as an anti-air? And the DP+HK can push your opponent to the corner on hit), but if you can, that's nice. Again, it's better if Mars People is on the corner, because you need to be zoning to hit with the Super.

6- (While Mars People is on the corner this time, with his opponent near him) HCF(2x)+HP, wait, (A little before the first ring hits) DP+LK(Ring hits after the first hit of it), (After you land, another ring hits, and you'll need to do) DP+LK(You'll just hit with the descending part), (The last ring hits, and you'll need to do) DP+HK, Exceed(Optional, but use the HP version/Corner combination) - 20 hits

Just a way to combo with the rings. The damage is great(More than one and a half bar), which makes it very good, but it's very hard to land it in a real match. If your opponent doesn't know how this Super works, you can land it, now if he/she knows, keep on the pressure, make sure to get away from the corner as soon as possible(Your opponent will run away from the Ship).

Advanced Strategy


I added this section nearly everywhere(Just search on the other characters' section, and you'll probably find it), but I'll say again: Resets are important. You have a reset combo(A very easy one, really, just search on the combos list above, in case you just jumped for this section. Oh, in case you're having problems doing the j.HK, you can do a ground move), so what to do after the opponent is being reseted? Well, you have options with Mars People, you can:

  • Do a cl./cr.LK into the Command Grab - Reset combo with a low starter(Maybe you'll need to dash/jump in case you're not on the corner) into a knockdown;
  • Do a QCF+K - Overhead(s) into a hard knockdown;
  • Do the Exceed - Damaging Overhead, don't miss the version too;
  • Simply wait and do a Command grab; - Unblockable, but risky;
  • Setup the Ship Super - The Ship's rings are unblockable, but assuming you'll need to wait, can be risky in some cases;
  • You can run too, to continue your zoning game - Maybe the safest against most characters.

Some Combos (With MAXIMUM Mode)
Mars People doesn't have MAXIMUM Mode options(He can only MAX cancel his not-normal cancelable normals, and his Command Moves than cannot be normal canceled, and won't even combo if you cancel them). He has only one, probably. If you know some more combos, add them here, please.

1- (Corner only; Works better if Mars People is full screen away) HCB(2x)+K(3/5x, see below for more details), Dash/Jump Forward(Just go to the corner after he recovers from the move, and you'll have time, no worries about that), DP+HK, HCB+K/Exceed(Time well on those two) - I think it can do more than 25/27 hits

Remember the combo number 5 above? It's just a more damaging version of it. Maybe the best thing you can do on the MAXIMUM Mode with Mars People. I think it can do 100% damage, and only because of the MAXIMUM Mode. "Why is it a MAXIMUM Mode combo, you won't even MAX cancel anything!! Yeah, you're right on this statement. But if you're on the normal mode, can you do more than 2 Supers without charging the meter? If your answer is "No", congratulations, you're right, but just if you disconsider the followups(In Iori's case). If in this game, we had infinite MAXIMUM Mode meter, you could do easy infinites with the Mini Guys only(You can easily combo them, so this one above, is a fair combo in this game, but that's just my opinion).