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Martial Masters (Chinese: 形意拳 Xíngyìqúan; Japanese name: シンイーケン, Shin-Ī Ken) is an arcade fighting game developed by IGS and released in 1999. The setting and characters draw inspiration from Hong Kong martial arts films, specifically Once Upon a Time in China, Drunken Master and Operation Scorpio.

Button Notations


(Note: All of this is assuming that your character is facing to the right - the player 2 side, I mean. The Numpad there is just a way to answer the question "Why does that number mean that directional?" Just a tip: See 5 as the joystick on a neutral state, that will make it easier. If you have a numpad on your keyboard, you can use it as well.)
1 = Down-back = The directional for blocking low moves(Aka crouch-blocking);
2 = Down = The directional for crouching;
3 = Down-forward = Crouches as well, but everyone uses 1 for crouching for the most part;
4 = Backwards = The directional for blocking high moves;
5 = Neutral state = Where your character is doing nothing;
6 = Forward = Only to move forward, and to do most command normals;
7 = Up-back = Backwards jump;
8 = Up = Neutral jump;
9 = Up-forward = Forward jump.

LP = Light Punch
LK = Light Kick
HP = Heavy Punch
HK = Heavy Kick

(Note: "x" and "y" can be everything here, they aren't important)
, = Link. Doesn't directly cancel, you must properly time the next move.
(x) = Optional move, you might skip it for one reason or another.
... = Fill in the blank with whatever followup or starter is ideal.
f.x = The far version of a normal.
c.x = The close version of a normal.
j.x = The jumping version of a normal.
x/y = One or the other
AA = Anti-Air. Only works(Or works better) if this move hits against someone in the air.



It's done by pressing LP+HK, or LK+HK at the same time. It can't be blocked, but you'll need to be close to the opponent to hit with it. You can even combo after certain grabs.

Throw Escape

It's done by pressing LP+HK, or LK+HK at the same time as well, but right after your opponent grabs you(It's like on 3S). You need to press the same button combination in order to escape.


Yay, movement! This game has some really good movement potential. This one is done bby pressing 66(Forward twice), and you can hold the button to continue running. If you stop holding the button, your character will be on a "braking" animation, which you can(And should) cancel with 4(Backwards), or 1/2/3(To make the character crouch), or with any normal move, or with any special move. Running is a great way to approach/rush in.

Running Jump

It's done by pressing 8 or 9 while running(7 won't work, you can't Running Jump backwards). Even though 8 neutral jumps, you'll get a forward jump(Makes sense, because momentum exists).


It's done by pressing 44(Backwards twice). Mostly used to run away. It's possible to cancel the first frames of a backdash, which you can use to trick your opponent(It's pretty situational).


A pretty regular thing on fighting games. You can press and hold 4 to make your character block any high/mid moves, but that would make your character vulnerable to low moves(Like a sweep, for example), or 1, to make your character block any low/mid moves, but that would make your character vulnerable to any high move(Like a jumping attack). Note that you can't block in the air.

Super Jump

If you played KoF/3S/MvC you'll be used to this one. It's done by pressing 1/2/3, then 7/8/9. That makes your character jump a little higher, and faster. The first input won't matter that much(You just need to crouch first), but the second one will. 7 will make your character Super Jump backwards. 8 will make your character do a Neutral Super Jump(Strange name). 9 will make your character Super Jump forward. The animation looks like the Running jump, but it makes the character jump higher than with a Super Jump.

Low Dodge Overhead

This one is for the 3S players. It's done by pressing 2(Down) + LP+LK. That is a way to force your opponent to block high, and it's possible to combo after it(At least, it's easier than in 3S). Some characters have better ones than others.

Backdash and Jump

It's not a Backwards Running Jump, but it's what we have. This one is done by pressing 4 + LP+LK. Your character will backdash, then jump forward after it. After the jump, you can do any air normal/special move.

Pursuit Attack

If you played Darkstalkers 2/3, you'll be already used to this one. It's done by pressing 2/8 + Any button while your opponent is knocked down. Your character will attack the fallen opponent somehow. Won't do a lot of damage, but I think any damage counts(You can use it to kill, for example).


It's done by pressing HP+HK. Taunts are a great thing to make anyone salty, especially in this game, because taunts give you meter(A lot of meter). For even more disrespect, it does damage, so you can win the round with a Taunt as well.

Instant/Recovery Roll

For the KoF players. It's done by pressing 4/6 + LP+LK after being knocked down, and before you hit the floor. 4 will make your character Roll backwards, 6 will make your character roll forward.

Delayed Roll

It's pretty similiar to a Darkstalkers mechanic. You can hold 4/6 while you're knocked down, and your character will roll to that side, but with some delay(I'm sure no one would guess that by the name). This can be used to run away from the corner, or from the opponent(Remember to mix the two rolls, to trick any opponent). Not rolling can be another option too, and can be the best one for mind games.

Using the Super Meter

You can build the Super Meter by using special moves, touching your opponent with attacks, taunting, and getting hit by your opponent.
It is possible to have 9 stocks of meter(But that will never happen, you'll need at least 2/3 for the most part).
The following are maneuvers that require super meter stocks:

Guard Burst

KoF players will just love this one. It's done by pressing HP+HK while blocking, and it requires 1 stock to do. It will do some damage as well.

Shadow Attack Launcher

It's done by by doing the input 236(Hadouken motion) + LK+HP. It requires 1 stock to do, and the attack needs to connect if you want to make it work. It will launch the opponent, or wall bounce it. After it, you can combo with whatever you want, and you'll see a counter above your super meter(On the character pages, you'll see some options on the combos section, which you can refer too as examples).

Shadow Attack Rush

It's like the above, but it's done with the input 214(Tatsumaki/Hurricane Kick motion) + LK+HP. It requires 1 stock, and each character has one of his own. If you played Darkstalkers 3, you can see this as a Dark Force. Some characters are better with the Launcher version, and some characters are better with the Rush version.

Stagger Grab

It's done by doing the input 63214(It's a half circle motion, starting from backwards, and ending on forward) + LP+LK. You'll need one stock to do it, but it's an unblockable move(As it is a grab), but you'll need to be close if you want to hit it(If it misses, you'll be wasting meter). If it hits, it won't do any damage, but your opponent will be wide open for you to do ANYTHING to him(That means, it won't do any damage, but it will lead you to the damage).

Super Moves

Those are character specific. You'll see Super Moves on the character sections, and they require one stock only(Are there any Supers that require more than one stock in this game? I don't know).



Tier List

S+ Crane
S Reika, Snake, Monkey Boy, Huang, SaoJin
A+ Monk, Tiger
A Lotus, Scorpion
B Ghost Kick, Drunken

The breakdowns are on character's pages




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