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Martial Masters (Chinese: 形意拳 Xíngyìqúan; Japanese name: シンイーケン, Shin-Ī Ken) is an arcade fighting game developed by IGS and released in 1999. The setting and characters draw inspiration from Hong Kong martial arts films, specifically Once Upon a Time in China, Drunken Master and Operation Scorpio.

Button Notations

789 u/b up u/f
456 = bk -- fw
123 d/b dn d/f

, = Link. Doesn't directly cancel, you must properly time the next move.
(2B) = Optional move, you might skip it for one reason or another.
... = Fill in the blank with whatever followup or starter is ideal.
f.D = The 'far' version of D.
c.D = The 'close' version of D.
j.D = The jumping version of D.
C/2C = C or 2C
AA = Anti-Air. Only works if this move hits against someone in the air.


Throw LP+HK / LK+HK
connects close

Throw Escape press LP+HK / LK+HK just as the opponent is throwing you

must use the same combination that the opponent is using to throw you in order toescape

Forward Run f, f, then hold f to continue run

Dash Jump uf

Halt b or stop holding f

Dash Backward b, b

Block High b

Block Low db

will not block overheads

Super Jump d, ub/u/uf

Low Dodge Overhead d + LP+LK

Backroll and Jump b + LP+LK

can follow with air attack

Pursue Attack d/u + LP/LK/HP/HK

pursue attack when opponent is on floor

Taunt HP+HK
can hit opponent for veryminor damage; taunt fills Super Meter considerably

Instant Roll Forward f + LP+LK after being knocked down and before you hit the floor

Instant Roll Backward b + LP+LK after being knocked down and before you hit the floor

Delayed Roll Forward hold f after being knocked down

Delayed Roll Backward hold b after being knocked down

Super Meter

You can build the Super Meter by using special moves, touching your opponent with attacks, taunting, and being hit by your opponent.
It is possible to have 9 stocks of meter.

The following are maneuvers that require super meter stocks:

  • Guard Burst HP+HK

while blocking opponent's attack

requires one super meter stock

  • Shadow Attack Launcher qcf + LK+HP

requires one super meter stock; must connect (not blocked) to perform entire maneuver;

either launches or wall bounces opponent

  • Shadow Attack Rush qcb + LK+HP

requires one super meter stock

Stagger Grab hcf + LP+LK

requires one super meter stock; connects close and is unblockable; small window for free attack after landing maneuver

  • Super

refer to character's movelist
requires one super meter stock



Tier List

S+ Crane
S Reika, Snake, Monkey Boy, Huang, SaoJin
A+ Monk, Tiger
A Lotus, Scorpion
B Ghost Kick, Drunken

The breakdowns are on character's pages




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