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Basic Usage

The Assist 1 (A1) and Assist 2 (A2) buttons can be used to call your assists one a time. (Pressing both A1+A2 together will cause a THC.) The corresponding character will then pop on screen and perform their assist type attack. You can call them as often as they would like until they die. They will take normal damage when hit while onscreen. Red bar health recovery will stop until they are again offscreen.


  • Assists can only be called when your character is in normal jump mode and able to attack.
  • You may not call an assist that has been snapped out until the red X over their lifebar goes away. Their lifebar will briefly flash "ASSIST OK!" when they are enabled again.
  • Once an assist hits as part of a combo, you may not call another assist again. Vidness says that his "triple assist" combo exploits the glitch whereby an assist that is the same as the point character does not get counted as an assist.


As you will notice if you play against MSP more than once, your assists cannot block. They will be called in, perform their move, pose briefly, and then leave. At any point they can be hit (subject to their normal hitbox) and will leave as soon as they recover and hit the ground. If juggled, they can be hit infinitely until death. Thus you will want to protect your assists or you will lose.


  • Tron's "Y" Projectile assist does wrong and unscaled damage - 15pts per hit.
  • Per Vidness, an assist that is the same character as the point character does not get counted as an assist hit.