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Team Hyper Combo


The Team Hyper Combo (THC) is an attack used by pressing the A1+A2 buttons at the same time when your character is on the ground. It can be activated with a minimum of one super level, and can use as many super levels as you have characters left on your team. For each super meter consumed, one character is activated. The activated characters then perform their Team Hyper Combo move. Thus if you have five meters but one character left, only one super level will be consumed and your point character will do their THC. If you have two meters but three characters, only your first two characters will do their THCs.


THCs are generally derided but are useful for:

  • Accessing super moves the character can not perform normally. Examples are Zangief's Mega Lariat, Rogue's Rushing Punches, Kobun's Walking Forward Kobun, Spiral's one-level Transforming Punches.
  • Accessing a super for the other character without requiring a switchout. This is commonly popular when [[Captain Commando is on your team: you can use the THC to attempt to punish super-jumping characters who are not in block.
  • Heavy damage. This was popularized via "one hit kill" teams such as BB Hood / Juggernaut / Captain Commando : the tactic is to build three meters and get one clean shot on your opponent.
  • Trickery. Since it takes one hit per character to stop them from performing their part in the super barrage, if one character is going to eat the hit, the other characters will continue the THC and possibly deal out the damage you need.

As you should be able to see, the THC is not generally of great use, but can be an effective tactical addition to your game if your character/team has a good THC. For Psylocke or Tron based teams you would likely never want to use your THC, but for Commando-based teams it's of high occasional value. For low tier teams, it may be a critical gimmick for your team.