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Bold text== Partial Combo System Explanation(not finished) == (If anyone can help please do) Note: this is poorly outlined and i am still studying the system, so please don't judge o hard Created by Twan Evans needed: Air Combos Cancel list How to extend combo

The basics of the combo system in mvc3 are (from what i have observed) L:Lights M:Mediums H:Heavies S:Smasher,launcher SP:Specials U:Uniques

  The three basics:L,M,H 
 Lights are moves that are executed with the square/x button. they are weak most of the time,

but end quickly allowing for short combos and quick cancels. Mediums are like strong lights(executed with the triangle/A button), except you sacrifice combo ability for power and hits. heavies are powerful attacks that do massive damage, but can have crazy knockbacks, ending your combo if the wrong button is press with the wrong direction. S,Sp's and U's, combo carriers

S' Are Smashers (downward hits) and launchers (upward hits) executed with the x(ps3)/A button. 

Most Smashers Knock the enemy off the ground, allowing you to continue combos even though they hit the ground. Launchers knock the enemy upward, allowing for air combos and such.Sp's are your special moves(please refer to the move list of your specific characters.U's are unique moves, such as Super Skurll's Stone smite, usualy executed with a specific joystick direction and the H button.