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  • UMvC3 released


Official Capcom Patch Notes:

  • Fixed bug where a cross counter and X-factor activation would cause Ryu to float if using the β or γ assists.
  • Fixed bug involving snapping out Zero during the activation of his Shadow Clone, which was disabling control of that player's characters.
  • Fixed bug involving the hit stun for Captain America's Shield Slash against Ryu, Amaterasu, and Hulk, which was allowing an unintended combo.
  • Fixed bug for displaying more than 128 victories in a game lobby.
  • Fixed bug involving Haggar blocking an attack in the air, immediately after using the Hoodlum Launcher.
  • Fixed bug for displaying consecutive victories over 99 in Player Match.
  • Fixed bug that allowed an infinite combo by Amaterasu against Taskmaster (Standing), Amaterasu(Standing or Ducking), Zero (Standing), and Shuma-Gorath (Ducking). Bug fix involved Amaterasu's Solar Flare attack (x5) and Power Slash combo.
  • Fixed bug where Spencer's Bionic Maneuvers would cause Viewtiful Joe and Arthur to be stuck in the ground, when used as part of a combo with Haggar's Rapid Fire Fist.
  • Fixed bug where Specner's Bionic Maneuvers would cause the damage to display incorrectly, when used in a combo with Haggar's Steel Pipe and Rapid Fire Fist.


  • Sentinel's health is now 905,000, down from 1,300,000. (DarkRagna says he lives at 904,900 damage, but dies at 905,000)
  • The Haggar/Spencer DHC freeze glitch is fixed on most characters. Still occurs against Viewtiful Joe and Arthur. (Found by trag, Joe and Arthur glitch tip from BildSlash)
  • The Spencer loop found in this video is gone. (Stark tipped in that "Spencer's M followup to ground QCF now bounces him up instead of returning him to the ground, so you don't land and can't keep it going")
  • Hitstun deterioration on Akuma's air Tatsu is now more severe, preventing his infinite. (Thanks to Desk for the info and research)
  • This update sets the game up for the new Event mode.


  • Game release date.