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In a nutshell

MODOK is one of the most difficult characters in the game to control. He doesn't have a normal Jump, and his attacks are all very bizarre. That said, the reward for learning him is high, as he contains many unique abilities and is equally dangerous from every range. If you don't mind his odd shape, MODOK is worth the time invested.

Video Walkthrough

Move List

Assist Types

Special Properties
Cross-Over Combination
Alpha.png Barrier
Shot.png Front.png
Stops attacks
Hyper Psionic Blast
Beta.png Balloon Bomb
Shot.png Front.png
Hyper Psionic Blast
Gamma.png Psionic Blast
Shot.png Front.png
Hyper Psionic Blast

Normal Moves

Special Properties (glossary)
Low Flight Mode
Press Ub.png U.png or Uf.png while on the ground
Press L.png or S.png to land
Air Dash
Any direction in the air + Atk.png + Atk.png
Standing Light
Crouching Light
D.png + L.png
Standing Medium
67,100 (20,000 x 5)
Crouching Medium
D.png + M.png
Chipdamage.png Otg.png
Standing Heavy
Crouching Heavy
D.png + H.png
Low.png Softknockdown.png Jcancel.png
Heavy Blast
F.png + H.png
Wallbounce.png Jcancel.png
Up Blast
Df.png + H.png
B.png + H.png
Stops attacks and projectiles
Destroyed by supers
Hyper Barrier
B.png + S.png
Stops attacks and projectiles
Destroyed by supers
Uses 1 Level of Understanding
Standing Special
Jumping Light
air L.png
57,700 (25,000 x 3)
Jumping Medium
air M.png
Jumping Heavy
air H.png
Jumping Special
air S.png
High.png Groundbounce.png

Special Moves

Special Properties (glossary)
Battering Ram
Any direction + Atk.png + S.png
Psionic Blast
Qcf.png + Atk.png
81,200 (30,000 x 3) L.png
103,000 (30,000 x 4) M.png
122,600 (30,000 x 5) H.png
Psionic High Blast
Qcf.png + S.png
163,600 (40,000 x 5)
Uses 1 Level of Understanding
Analysis Cube
Qcb.png + Atk.png
Grants 1 Level of Understanding on hit
Balloon Bomb
Dp.png + Atk.png
Jamming Bomb
Dp.png + S.png
Uses 1 Level of Understanding
Reverses opponent's controls for ??? seconds
Qcb.png + S.png
Lasts 6 seconds
If done during Low.png Flight Mode, it deactivates it instead

Hyper Moves

Special Properties (glossary)
Hyper Psionic Blaster
Qcf.png + Atk.png + Atk.png
No LoU 129,100 (8,000 x 22)
1 LoU 145,100 (8,000 x 26)
2 LoU 177,100 (8,000 x 34)
3 LoU 201,100 (8,000 x 40)
4 LoU 241,100 (8,000 x 50)
5 LoU 273,100 (8,000 x 58)
6 LoU 313,100 (8,000 x 68)
7 LoU 345,100 (8,000 x 76)
8 LoU 381,100 (8,000 x 85)
9 LoU 441,100 (8,000 x 100)
Consumes all Levels of Understanding
Hyper Battering Ram
Qcb.png + Atk.png + Atk.png
72,700-305,000 (25,000 x 3-15)
Press Atk.png and directions for additional hits
Kiler Illumination
Dp.png + Atk.png + Atk.png
Startupinv.png Throw.png
can be escaped by jumping after the flash

Apprentice Combos



  • M.png D.png +H.png F.png +H.png Qcb.png +H.png Qcb.png +H.png - Basic combo that gives two cubes if you're at a far distance when you hit standing medium go into forward heavy instead of down heavy. You may do HPB but delay the second cube, you may use HBR instead if you're close enough

  • M.png D.png +H.png F.png +H.png + Qcb.png +H.png + F.png +Atk.png +Atk.png + U.png F.png +Atk.png +Atk.png + S.png + Qcb.png +L.png + S.png + M.png +M.png + S.png + D.png + M.png + Qcb.png + Atk.png + Atk.png - Cancel the cube into ground dash then into low flight forward dash, if you dashed too high in the air but managed to hit the opponent with the launcher then you can just do light cube into battering ram. If you landed the opponent into the corner after the air medium medium launcher, you may add light cube (for the light cube to hit you need to cancel down medium immediately after you pressed it) into battering ram hyper.

  • (If light balloon bomb hits the opponent in the air) Qcb.png + L.png S.png M.png M.png S.png D.png +M.png Qcb.png Atk.png +Atk.png - light cube into launcher only works if you use it after the bomb hits otherwise just use launcher.

  • (Corner only) M.png D.png +H.png F.png +H.png Qcb.png +L.png +U.png +S.png Qcb.png + L.png S.png M.png M.png S.png D.png +M.png Qcb.png + L.png Qcb.png + Atk.png +Atk.png -Basic three cube combo in the corner if you're at the border limit the opponent may fly over you instead of towards you you can use HSP instead of HBR if desired.

  • (Corner only) M.png D.png +H.png F.png +H.png Qcb.png +L.png +U.png +S.png Qcb.png + L.png D.png +H.png Qcb.png +H.png Qcb.png +M.png Qcb.png +Atk.png +Atk.png - Timing is strict on the fourth cube you have to cancel into it immediately after heavy cube.

Jamming Bomb Combos

In general jamming bomb combos work in the corner or if an assist lands while MODOK preps his jamming bomb.

  • (Deadpool alpha assist) Dp.png + S.png (Assist) - A short combo that only works if you uses jamming bomb beforehand and deadpools assist hits. Will work nicely if you confuse the opponent on which direction to block.
  • (Corner only Captain America alpha assist) M.png D.png +H.png F.png +H.png (Assist) Qcb.png +L.png Dp.png + S.png - After forward heavy call in his assist if it works the opponent will be pushed left then right in which MODOK's jamming bomb will land.
  • (Corner only Doctor Doom gamma assist) M.png D.png +H.png F.png +H.png Qcb.png +L.png +U.png +S.png Qcb.png + L.png S.png M.png M.png S.png D.png +M.png (Assist) Dp.png + S.png - Call assist immediately after the otg into jamming bomb.

Tips and Tricks

  • Because Analysis Cubes are special moves, they can be super canceled into a Hyper Battering Ram for solid damage. The best part is that Hyper Battering Ram doesn't use any of your Levels of Understanding, so it is a win/win.
  • MODOK can store up to nine Levels of Understanding. It is up to the player to choose how to use it. You could spend individual levels on Hyper Barriers, Jamming Bombs, and High Blasts, or save up for a Hyper Psionic Blaster. A powered up HPB can really hurt a poorly placed assist.
  • MODOK's only Low.png is his crouching H.png . You need to use this slow attack occasionally to give your opponent a reason to block low.
  • If you land a Killer Illumination, which is best used defensively, you can hit an Otg.png crouching M.png and combo into another super.
  • MODOK can combo off of his throws near the corner with crouching M.png .
  • MODOK's Barrier, on point or as an assist, can absorb attacks... even physical ones! Instead of fighting from behind it, try fighting from on top of it in close to your opponents for some interesting results.
  • MODOK can use his fast overhead U.png +L.png to confuse the opponents as to which direction to block, mix this with MODOK's D.png + H.png if possible to keep your opponent guessing.

Basic Strategy

MODOK can be played as a keepaway character or a rushdown character depending on the player's preference.


Overlook:Focuses on frustrating the opponent with barriers, analysis cubes, balloon bombs, and assists so the opponent will makes mistakes and allow an opening for combos.

Possible assists to use:

Anti-air:(Examples: Deadpool's gamma assist, Iron Man's beta assist) These assist will help manage opponents that jumps past your balloon bombs and cubes or if you rather focus your analysis cubes to impede ground movement.

Warder: (Examples: Haggar's alpha assist, Doctor Doom's gamma assist, or a shoryuken looking assist) If the opponent is rushing you down these assists will help ward them off because of fast start up, or invulnerability.

Impeder: (Examples: Doctor Doom's beta assist, Doramammu's alpha or beta assist) - These assist will help to limit the opponent's movement allowing you to continue your onslaught of balloon bombs and cubes.

  • Analysis cubes have a fast start up and recovery trying guessing which direction the opponents will move also try placing cubes in different directions will help to confuse the opponents.
  • Ballon bombs will help to apply pressure or a projectile to impede the opponent's movement. Light balloon bomb is quite fast while heavy can chase the opponent to impede his or her advance.
  • If facing a rushdown character try figuring out the opponents movement and place analysis cubes accordingly. Killer Illumination can help to ward off opponents considering that if you can predict which attacks the rush down opponent will use.
  • Place barriers when possible so they can absorb enemy projectiles if they decide to do a zoning war or use it to impede the opponent further. However try not to use barrier in a predictable manner because it's unsafe until the barrier is erected.
  • MODOK can call assists while using his low flight mode use it to your advantage to frustrate the opponent further when possible.
  • Be careful when facing opponents who have fast projectile hypers or physical hypers (Example: Ryu's Shinku Hakouken, Doramammu's Chaotic Flame, Spencer's Bionic Arm, Wesker's Phantom Dance, Sentinel's Hyper Sentinel Force) if you're using your projectiles and assists in a predictable manner you will be punished by it if the opponent can read your projectile intervals.

Advanced Strategy