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In a nutshell

Magneto is an all-around type of character that can keep away comfortably or stay in your face with a flurry of quick attacks. His throw is one of the strongest in the game, as it leaves his opponent frozen and waiting for another combo or throw setup. His level 3, Gravity Squeeze, hits anywhere on the screen, including Otg.png , so when he has meter, it isn't safe to throw many moves out from full screen. If you like a jack of all trades kind of character with an emphasis on normal grabs, try Magneto.

Video Walkthrough

Move List

Assist Types

Special Properties
Cross-Over Combination
Alpha.png EM Disruptor
Shot.png Front.png
Magnetic Shockwave
Beta.png Hyper Gravitation
Shot.png Front.png
50,000 Grab
49,000 Release
Gamma.png Force Field
Extra.png Instant.png
Counter.png physical attacks
Magnetic Shockwave

Normal Moves

Special Properties (glossary)
Air Dash
Any direction in the air + Atk.png + Atk.png
Standing Light
Crouching Light
D.png + L.png
Standing Medium
Crouching Medium
D.png + M.png
Standing Heavy
Crouching Heavy
D.png + H.png
Standing Special
Jumping Light
air L.png
High.png Airdashcancel.png
Jumping Medium
air M.png
High.png Airdashcancel.png
Jumping Heavy
air H.png
High.png Airdashcancel.png
Jumping Special
air S.png

Special Moves

Special Properties (glossary)
EM Disruptor
Qcf.png + Atk.png
90,000 L.png
104,500 M.png
121,600 H.png
Hyper Grav
Qcb.png + Atk.png
50,000 Grab
45,000 Release L.png
49,000 Release M.png and H.png
Magnetic Blast
Aironly.png U.png Uf.png F.png + Atk.png
Force Field
Dp.png + Atk.png
Counter.png physical attacks
Qcb.png + S.png
Lasts 2 seconds

Hyper Moves

Special Properties (glossary)
Qcf.png + Atk.png + Atk.png
70,000 per hit x 6
Magnetic Tempest
Qcb.png + Atk.png + Atk.png
10,000 per hit x 38
Gravity Squeeze
Dp.png + Atk.png + Atk.png
Otg.png hits everywhere on the screen

Apprentice Combos


Tips and Tricks

  • Catching people in Magneto's normal throws is one of the best ways to reset his combos. Find a variety of setups that leave you in the perfect position to throw unsuspecting opponents.
  • Magneto's standing Light attack is excellent anti air after a dash, and combos easily into his launcher.
  • If you air dash down-forward too early in a jump, you will land too quickly to get even a Light attack out. Use this to your advantage and do a quick low or throw when you land, and occasionally jump high enough to actually attack on the way down for a high hit.
  • Magneto's keepaway is pretty vanilla, but EM Disruptor's starup and recovery speed are the fastest in the game. Keep opponents frustrated with use of this move.

Basic Strategy

Magneto's strong combo extension capabilities makes him ideal as a meter-builder or 'battery' for the team. This combined with OTG capable assists will allow Magneto to build meter quickly once he begins a combo. Magneto also has very high damage potential and can both combo directly into and OTG with a Hyper Combo in almost any situation. EM Disruptor and Magnetic Blast are strong zoning tools and can be used offensively as well to either get in on your opponent (Magnetic Blast) or to shut down their own zoning game (EM Disrupt.). Either offense or defense can build meter for Magneto and your team. Magneto is however limited by average normals and a 1 dimensional defense. Characters with faster normals like Iron Man or Wolverine can disrupt Magneto's high low mixup with their own fast normals making Magneto's offense highly assist reliant. Players used to or familiar with Magneto as a strong solo rushdown character will find a far more balanced, centrist character. The one thing Magneto retains without a great deal of either buffs or nerfs is his mobility. Magneto can still trijump by jumping or superjumping in any direction and then dashing down at an angle with an attack, creating a fast overhead attack very distinct from a basic jump in attack. Magneto can also still fly and is not limited to the number of projectiles or special moves he can do in the air while in this state and his ground dash is still cancelable into normals and faster than average.

  • Compared to MvC2, Magneto's zoning capabilities have been strengthened considerably with his EM Disruptor now starting up at a ludicrous 7 frames at lightest strength, only 1 frame slower than his crouching and air light attacks. The Hard version of this special attack comes out slower but can nullify multiple projectiles such as Zero's Hadangeki attack.
  • The Magnetic Blast special is now incorporable into air loop combos for meter building and extra damage as well as providing a variety of offensive/defensive uses. Coming out at 14 frames at lightest strength, it is a fairly decent air projectile when your opponent is on the ground at a diagonal angle away from Mags, but it has the benefit of having no recovery until landing. This means Magneto can still use his air normals even after a Magnetic Blast attack. Magneto can use Magnetic Blast in an Akuma like fashion and follow up with a low or high attack. Normal jump and throw a light Magnetic Blast and wave dash in on your opponent. In conjunction with assists like Sentinel's Sentinel Force(charge) and Doctor Doom's Hidden Missiles, you can cover a great deal of ground using this special.
  • Because Magneto has only average speed normals, when starting up offense, it is best to rely on assists and Magnetic Blasts rather than Magneto's speed or trijump to first get in and make contact with your opponent. Even if you close the distance, characters with faster normals like Iron Man or Wolverine might interrupt your attack string, so cover fire is a strong strategic asset for Magneto. Once your opponent is guarding and has shifted to a defensive mindset, exploit that by playing a more MvC2 style rushdown Magneto by using his trijumps and speed to mix your opponent up. You can combine the high/low mixup by doing an empty trijump and attacking low when you land.
  • Although Magneto can be easily punished by a beam Hyper Combo for abusing EM Disruptor, strategic use of this move can still be highly beneficial and it marks the development teams decision to expand Magneto's capabilities to include a strong zoning game as well. Stronger versions of the attack can nullify multiple projectiles but have slower startup.
  • Things to keep in mind when assembling a team is that Magneto can OTG with Magnetic Shockwave or Gravity Squeeze with ease but cannot relaunch without an assist outside of the corner. Therefore a strong OTG assist might be up your alley. Second, since Magneto cannot rush on his own without some risk, some characteristics to look for when seeking out an assist is homing, startup speed blockstun. This allows you to attack your opponent multiple times and from multiple angles.

Advanced Strategy

Flight Cancel Mixups and Unblockables

  • Once you have a basic offensive strategy by combining assists with trijumps, magnetic blasts and wave-dashing to get in on your opponent, you can begin to develop your more advanced up close mixup game. After initiating your offense while under cover from strategically used assists, Magneto can make use of his flight mode to both go for mixups and turn potentially unsafe attack strings or dropped combos into new offensive situations. With the ability to cancel any of his normals into flight mode, Magneto's high/low mixup is very fluid and flexible. If one were to try mixing up high/low using trijump attacks, they would have to wait until Magneto's initial attack has finished, input the superjump, input the trijump and then finally attack. When executed, it is indeed very quick but since Magneto no longer has 1 frame normals and has instead quite average 6 frame Light attacks, blockstun would wear off by the time Magneto is airborne and he risks getting anti-aired. However by canceling normals into flight Magneto also cancels his recovery. This means he can attack with air S protected by a greater amount of frame advantage and a better position to keep up pressure if the opponent blocks the mixup.
  • Magneto's crouching C is a slide attack that has a long amount of active frames so that you have plenty of time to see if it is being blocked or if it hits. If it hits, you can chain crouching C into S and then go for an extended air combo. If they are blocking the attack, then you can not only avoid punishment for the unsafe attack but convert it into a mixup opportunity by canceling it into flight and going for a quick overhead with air S.
  • Now that you have incorporated Magneto's fly cancel mixups into your game, you can take it a step further by combing flight with low-hitting assists and create unblockable situations!
  • Try to get a feel for how to time your unblockable by calling your low hitting assist in the middle of different blockstrings End the string by canceling into flight and attack with an overhead air S timed to hit along with the assist. Here are some examples. For X-23, input crouching or standing A at the same time as your X-23 assist, then cancel your standing or crouching A into flight and then attack with air S as X-23 hits with her low attack. Since She-Hulk's assist comes out a bit slower you need two light attacks or standing/crouching C before canceling into flight. Wesker's low hitting assist comes out fast so if you are planning on using him with flight cancels, always call that assist as the same time as flight so QCB + S + Wesker Assist. Try out different situations where unblockable setups might be possible once you have an idea of the timing.
  • If you are too far away to use flight or want to use trijumps to setup your unblockable try calling a low hitting assist with some reach like She-Hulk's and then trijump towards your opponent with a high priority air attack like air C. Another good opportunity is when you defeat an opposing team member and the next member is coming on screen. Time your low hitting assist and overhead to connect just as the opponent hits the ground. Also, by superjumping higher than usual for a trijump, you draw the camera to yourself, slightly obscuring the assist character coming on screen, making it easier to catch a defensive incoming character off guard.
  • You can use the fly cancel unblockable technique to call in other quick hitting, high blockstun assists like Akuma's Tatsu or Super Skrull's Orbital Grudge. Just combine S with either A1 or A2 when activating flight and you can cover one another, the assist covers your overhead and your overhead covers your assist. Since the assist will stay out longer than Magneto's air S, you have time for at least one or two more mixups. A fairly long lasting, quick startup, high blockstun assist can cover you for quite some time, allowing you to go all out in your mixups. It can be very disorienting to have to block a flashy high blockstun assist while trying to keep up with Magneto's quick flight cancels, low attacks and overheads, so exploit these opportunities to their fullest.