Maxima (KOF:XI)

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Dynamite Drop - (near opponent) f/b + C or D

Command Moves

Mongolian - f+A

M9 Maxima Missle (Prototype) - df+C

Flying Shoulder - db/d/df+A (in air)

Special Moves

qcb+A/C (hold button to feint) - Vapor Cannon

qcf+A/C - SYSTEM 1-2: Maxima Scramble

  • qcf+A/C - Double Bomber
    • qcf+A/C - Bulldog Press

dp+B/D - Blitz Cannon

hcf+B/D (close) - M11 Dangerous Arch

hcb+B/D - SYSTEM 3: Maxima Lift

  • b/f+B/D - Centaur Press

Desperation Moves

Bunker Buster - qcfx2+B/D

Maxima Revenger - hcbx2+A/C

Leader Desperation Move

Mx-IIb Final Cannon - hcb,f+E


・Close C>→+A>qcb+P or qcf,+P×3
・Close C>→+A>qcb+P feint>hcf+K
・Close C>→+A>hcb,hcb+P or hcb,f+E
・Close D>→+A>qcf,+P×2>[SC]hcb,hcb+P or [SC]qcf,qcf+B or [SC] hcb,f+E
・Close D>→+A>qcf,+P×2>SC hcb,hcb+P(5hit)>[DC]hcb,f+E
・→+A>hcb,hcb+P or hcb,f+E
・qcb+P(CH)>(dash) C>dp+K

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