Moriya Minakata (NGBC)

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Origin: The last blade series (Last Blade 1)

Moves List

Normal Moves

3C [Opponent must be on the ground]

Special Moves






  • A/B/C/D during:

Super Attacks




The Basics

Moriya NGBC Mega Primer I(by Dark Geese):

General Overview -Moriya is a solid character overall. He takes work but hes flashy!!! -Hes practically Iori with a Sword and some other tricks.

Strategy: -Learn his rekkas. He has some variations. A. [qcf+a/c]x3 B. [qcfXa/c]x2 to DP+C finisher.

He can start these off a low also (cr. B) get it down! So yeah typically combos with Moriya are started off with cr.bx2 to rekkas. BNBS -cr.bx2 to [qcf+a/c]x2 to qcfhcb+p super (Level 2): Looks stylish. -cr.bx2 to [qcf+a/c]x3. OTG with st.b.

Oh yeah his OTGs..he has two…close st. b and df+C I believe..the Df+C one where he strikes the ground with looks stylish and can be done TWICE. It is typically done after a throw in the corner (they can’t tech his I don’t think) so keep that in mind. Out of the corner use st.b as his OTG.

He has some fancy corner combos too…

1- Cr.bx2 to [qcf+a/c] x2, DP+C to DA.

2- Start same way, after DP+C juggle with St. Dxxqcbx2 p super.

Other advanced Moriya stuff:

Master his teleport. I start with Down, then do a RDP+A, B, or C, the it always comes out. The motions are fucked up in the game like for Hotaru’s DP so that’s a shortcut I use. -His Yamazaki Slashes have some uses but don’t overabuse them..poke sporadically with them. -His ghetto Crossup:

After a knock down do the following as they wakeup-

[Qcf+a to Dp+C] Tit will cross them up so they have to block it the OTHER WAY.Looks cool.

-Anti Air Ultimate Juggle-

- After a Cr. C anti Air juggle with a {qcf+a/c}x3...the last hit will connect whether its counterhit or not ALWAYS after a Cr.C if you did it and timed it right. Its a good anti Air Combo.

-Also use his parrying..all Last blade characters have parries.makes them better than the rest of the case for that.

-Low parry (Back B+D) -High Parry (forward B+D)

Advanced Strategy

- qcf + fp, qcf + fp, qcf + fp, qcf,hcb + P