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The elements of the Heads-Up Display (HUD) explained from the screenshot above:

  1. Life meter: The character's health bar--when a character loses all of their health bar, they lose the round. If both characters get to 0 at the same time, there is a special draw condition.
  2. Timer: The timer that dictates when a match ends. This timer is reset to its initial state at the beginning of each round.
  3. Stamina meter: A resource meter that is split into two stocks. This meter generates over time during the match and is used for running, backdashes, stage moves/interactables, and breakers.
  4. Round counter: On default setting, every battle is a best of 2 out of 3 rounds. A player who reaches 2 rounds first will be the winner of the match. When you win a round, part of the circle will be filled up (in this case, half).
  5. Variation and character name: A character's variation and name are displayed, letting the opponent know, which variation she is facing.
  6. Super meter: A resource meter that is split into 3 stocks. The requirements of various mechanics are shown above each stock. One stock allows for enhanced moves, two stock allows for breakers, and three stocks allow for X-ray moves.



For the sake of konsistency, the notation used here is based upon what is used by the developers and those on the official Kommunity Forums.

F Forward
B Backward
U Up
D Down
FP Front Punch
BP Back Punch
FK Front Kick
BK Back Kick
BL Block
TH Throw
SS Flip Stance
TG Interact



Mortal Kombat 9 Japanese location test controls

Mortal Kombat 9 Japanese location test controls for a standard 6-button stick. With throw, front punch, back punch at the top row and block, front kick, back kick at the bottom row.

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