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Normal Moves

Universal Normal Moves


Standard universal throws are performed with Fp.png + Fk.png at close range. All throws have miss animations. An Enhanced Throw is performed by pressing Bl.png during the successful throw animation and consumes one meter stock. Note that unlike enhanced special moves, for enhanced throws the Bl.png button is not pressed at the same time as the button that initiates the throw. All standard universal throws can be broken out of, even when used in juggles. Regardless of whether a throw is broken or enhanced, it always deals 2% damage.

Special Moves

Enhanced Special Moves

Enhanced special moves, also known as EN moves or EX moves (a holdover from Street Fighter terminology) or MB moves (a holdover from Injustice with Meter Burn special moves), are metered versions of special moves that add additional properties to the move. Things such as increased damage, armor, or even starting a combo are possible versions of the enhanced version of the move. Enhanced special moves are executed by adding Bl.png to the final command--for example, a move that is executed by D.png F.png + Fp.png would be instead done by doing D.png F.png + Fp.png + Bl.png in general. There are cases where enhanced special moves can be executed by adding Bl.png later in the animation so that players can choose whether to spend a meter after landing the move.


X-Rays are super powerful attacks that are armored, break armored attacks, and deal amazing damage. When you have 3 stocks or a full-meter of super meter, a X-Ray is excuted by Bl.png + Fk.png + Bk.png . Note that since X-Rays are so powerful, it's oftentimes recommended to keep your combo extremely short so that the damage-scaling doesn't affect the X-Ray greatly.

Chains/Kombo Moves

Stage Moves/Interactables

Certain stage moves, also known as interactables, allows characters to make canned attacks, propel forward, or re-position that exist on a stage. These are executed by hitting the Interact Shortcut or executing Fp.png + Bp.png . Note that these cancel out of normal moves like special moves and require a stock of stamina to execute.

Mortal Kombat X

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System FAQ

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