Mr. Big (NGBC)

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Body Tosses

High Lift Throw - Near opponent, press or N or + +

Unique Moves

Chopstick - Press +

Stab Stick - Press +

Special Moves

Ground Blaster - + or (SC)

Crazy Drum - + or (tap button repeatedly)

California Romance - + or (SC)

Cross Diving - + or

Spinning Lancer - Press + or + (move with or

Desperation Moves

Blaster Wave - + or

Drum Shot Typhoon - + or

Raging Spear - Near opponent, + or (2 stocks required)

Basic Strategy

Mr. Big NGBC Primer Part I(by Dark Geese):

- I can write a Big guide in my sleep..hes too damn easy to play.

- Watch match vids of Big being played to see exactly how to play him

-Cr. A with Big is the best poke in the game..abuse it!

-Cr.D is his low attack..its very good..hitconfirm into qcfx2 D Level 2 of his Torpedo (hcb+p)

- Far St. D is a good poke too..I call it the SieClayton FRX poke. LOL.

- Rushdown with cr. a lot..I call this the JeRon strategy.

- The only Anti Air you need with Big is B+D..his Quick Spin twirl. When they jump use it and make sure the edges hit as thats where your invincibility is.

- His Level 2 Stick Super is Unblockable!! Always use the D Version it has more range.

- Chip away with his fireball super if you need death. (qcfx2 p)

-BNB JAP block string: cr.ax2, Cr. D. If the Cr. D hits you can hit to whatever or into DA.

-BNB combos-

1. cr.bx2 to Level 2 Stick Super/ranbu Super or Fireball super

2. DG Big Combo #1- cr.bx2 to cr.a to B+D Twirl/ranbu Super (qcbhcf+p)/ Fireball Super/Leve 2 Stick Super. The supers are a very strict link from Cr. a. Dont go to this until you master Combo #1.

3. DG Combo #2- cr.a to f+a to DP+CxxStick Level 2 Super/fireball Super/Ranbu Super.

4. Dp+CxxStick Super/Fireball Super/Ranbu Super.

Dont Whore combo #4..its amateur as FUCK. Big is meant to be played can rushdown with him but he is an EXCELLENT TURTLER.

Hitconfirm as much as possible with Big.