Mr. Karate (Ryo Sakazaki) (NGBC)

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Moves List

Normal Moves

Body Tosses

Tomoe Nage: b/f+CD

Command Normals

Hyouchuu Wari: f+A

Joudan Uke: f+B

Gedan Uke: df+B

Special Moves

Ko'oh Ken: QCF+P

Kohou: f,d,df+P

Moh Koh Raijin Satsu: f,d,df+K

Kohou Shippuu Ken: HCB+P(SC)

Hien Shippu Kyaku: HCB+K or db,f+K

Zanretsu Ken: f,b,f+P

Desperation Attacks

Haoh Shokou Ken: F,HCF+P Takes 1 stock

Tenchi Haoh Ken: QCF,QCF+P Takes 1 stock

Tenchi no Joge Kamae: QCF,HCB+KTakes 1 stock

Buryoko Ranbu: f,uf,f,f,df,uf,uf Takes 1 stock

Suburu ou Shou Kabushi:fAfter Bryoko Ranbu

Ryuko Ranbu: QCF,HCB+P Takes 2 stocks

The Basics

Mr. Karate NGBC Primer I(by Dark Geese):

- Bnb is cr.bxxCr.C xxa or C fireball/Deadly Assault.
- You can vary this via cr.bxxcr.C to ranbu super (qcfhcb+p super) Another bnb of his.
- Do not waste time with his Buriki One (qcfhcb+k) super unless you are an expert in it..I can hit this stuff later on.
- He has two types of command flying that is qcb+k (b button is sae ala 2k2) and the db, f, k one that flies across the screen. So he has his old ones plus Takumas from 2k2.
- Yes Dp+A is a good Anti Air but so is Cr.C..its pretty good and SAFER.
- In the corner off a Throw you can link Dp+D overhead as an OTG.
- Haohshokoken is good from afar and still used to punish stuff.

Advanced Strategy