Mudman (NGBC)

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Moves List

Normal Moves

Body Tosses

Pummeling Glomp: f/b+CD

Command Moves

Mud Slider: df+D

Mud Kick: f+D

Mud Air rider: d+B(in air)

Mud Flight: A+B+C(in air)

Mud dance: d,d+A+B+C

Special Moves

Mud cutter: QCB+B/D (f/b to move left and right)

Aerial Mud Cutter: QBC+B/D(f/b to move left and right)

Mud Gyro: d(charge)u+A/C

Mud man attack: QCF+A/C(SC)

Mud Launcher: QCF+B/D (SC)

Super Attacks

Super Mudman Attack: QCF(x2) A/C Takes 1 stock

Heaven's Cross: HCB,F+A/B/C/D Takes 2 stocks

Sprite Sphere: QCF(x2)+B/D Takes 1 stock

The Basics

Advanced Strategy