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Kakyoin with shades, instant coolness. His movelist is changed around and he gets a dash that allows instant overheads, so he's fairly different from normal Kakyoin.

Moves List

Normal Moves

Quick uppercut: F + A1 (Stand ON)

Long poke: F + A2 (Stand ON)

Double lash: B + A3 (Stand ON)

Special Moves

Emerald Splash: D, DF, F + A

No longer goes full screen with the Stand ON.

Tie Wrap Snake: D, DB, B + A (Stand OFF)

Command is simplified for easier access, but can no longer be used with Stand ON.

Houou no Kekkai: D, DB, B + A (Stand ON)

Can only be used with the Stand ON now.

Stand Release: F + AA

Releases Hierophant Green to attack the opponent on its own.

Super Moves

20 Meter Radius Emerald Splash: D, DF, F + AA (Stand OFF)

Only with Stand OFF again, however with Stand ON you now get...

Shin 20 Meter Radius Emerald Splash: D, DF, F + AA (Stand ON)

Creates a full-screen net that, if it hits, triggers an auto-combo.

India's Arm: D, DB, B + AA

If done with Stand ON you can manually control Hierophant's arm. If with Stand OFF it forms different patterns according to the buttons used, as follows:

  • A1 + A2: Goes forward then up-forward
  • A1 + A3: Goes forward then does a U turn
  • A2 + A3: Does a wave trajectory
  • A1 + A2 + A3: Forms a five-pointed star

Oshioki no Jikan: A1, A1, F, A2, A3 (Stand ON)

"Raging Demon" style of grab.

The Basics

Advanced Strategy


Vs. Jotaro Kujo (JoJo):

Vs. Joseph Joestar:

Vs. Muhammed Abdul:

Vs. Kakyouin Noriaki:

Vs. Jean Pierre Polnareff:

Vs. D'Bo:

Vs. Iggy:

Vs. Midler:

Vs. Alessi:

Vs. Chaka Khan:

Vs. Vanilla Ice:

Vs. Dio:

Vs. Mariah:

Vs. Hol Horse:

Vs. Pet Shop:

Vs. Black Polnareff:

Vs. Shadow Dio: