Orange Hulk (MVC)

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  • He is faster than Green one
  • His normals,specials and Hypers are too similar in Power as the green one


  • His Stamina is nerfed from the green one
  • Vertical Gamma Charge is gone

Basic Tips


Magic Series:
Ground Magic Series Weak Start
Jump Magic Series Stronger
Super Magic Series Hunter Series

Air Combo Finishers

Move List

Special Moves

Ground Smash: QCF + P

First Introduced in MSHvSF, Hulk does a crouching HP which rises the ground in from of him a bit.

Gamma Tornado: HCB + P

Hulk's command grab as he grabs the opponents head and swings the around with them thrown to the other side of the screen.

Gamma Charge: Charge B, F or D, U + K

Hulk does a charging attack which can be followed up by another one but only using the horizontal version of it.

Hyper Combos

Gamma Wave: QCF + Px2

Hulk does an extended version of Ground Smash which can land the opponent to the other side of the screen.

Gamma Crush: QCB + Px2

Hulk does a vertical Gamma Charge at the start and comes down from above with a giant rock which engulfs the opponent in flames.

Gamma Quake: QCF + Kx2

Introduced in MvC, Hulk punches the ground as a barrage of rocks come from the top of the screen.


1. s.SK, s.FK,Gamma Charge,UB+K
2. c. SK, c. FK,Gamma Charge,UB+K
3. c. JP, c. SP,Gamma Charge,UB+K
4. s.JP, s.SP,Gamma Tornado
5. c. SK, c. FP s.j.JP, s.j.SP, s.j.SK, s.j.FK, s.j.HK
6. c. SK ,c. FP,Gamma Crush
7. c. SK, c. FP,Gamma Wave
8. c. SK ,c. FP,Gamma Quake
9. s.JP, c. SP,Gamma Quake
10. s.SK, c. FK,Gamma Quake