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"D... daaa...dai...die..." - By:Yagami Iori, in Orochi form.



This guy is Iori Yagami, but on his Orochi/RoTD(That means "Riot of The Blood", but I'll use only "Orochi", or "O.", for short) form, where he can't control himself, thanks to the resurrection of Orochi(KoF'97, remember?). This Iori version was first playable on the KoF'97 game(Where he was a secret character), but I think that he indirectly appeared on the '95/'96 editions, where he almost killed his partners on the endings(I'm very sorry for Billy and Eiji too... Oh, remember that Mature and Vice are not dead on the series). I don't really remember how is his history in SvC... I think it has something to do with Bison(The Dictador) and cloning(You could read the comics to see more about that). Anyway, he is a very fun character to play with(And very strong as well), and I hope you enjoy practicing with him.

Orochi/RoTB Iori's Good and Bad things:

Good Things:

  • Easy to learn(He is very similiar to his KoF97 version);
  • He walks and jumps faster than his regular counterpart;
  • His standing hitbox is smaller than the regular Iori's(I think he has Zero's height);
  • Has some different, but more effective Super Moves;
  • Some normals, some Command moves and his DP are faster now;
  • Iori's crossup Command Move is here as well;
  • Still has Iori's Command Grab(Which can confirm almost everything, and...)
  • Has an infinite using the grab(I saw on a video, so I'm not sure if it works. But it's a thing that the regular Iori can't do);
  • The Exceed is a grab(Which means it can't be blocked, and it's way better than the regular Iori's).

Bad Things:

  • Has lower Stamina when compared to his regular counterpart;
  • Can't punish projectiles(The regular Iori has a move with Autoguard, made to punish those projectile spammers, and this one doesn't have... It would be as fast as broken too);
  • He still is almost unsafe on everything he does;
  • More dependant of MAXIMUM Mode to do damage(Like the regular version);
  • His Exceed doesn't have so much reach(Because it is a grab, but it can be confirmed from normals, don't worry).

Moves List

Normal Moves

Note: Most of O.Iori's normals are the same when compared to the regular Iori's, but with some speed differences.

s.LP - (Far) This punch has the same animation as the regular Iori's, but it is faster now(You can even rapidfire it). It can't be canceled, so use it for fun(By rapidfire-ing it). (Close) Like the Far version, the regular Iori has this move as well, but it is just faster. It can be used on Light Attack chains, and can be canceled, which is fine. It won't whiff on small characters too, which makes it a reliable move to use.
s.LK - (Far) A kick, which is nice to use as a poke. The regular Iori has this move too, but it doesn't have any speed differences. Can't be canceled, and can't chain into the Lights. (Close) An important move on Iori's arsenal. It hits low(Which is not usual on standing moves), can be canceled, and can be used on Light Attack chains(To finish them). The regular Iori could link a cl.HP after it, but this Iori can't(The regular one has a better recovery, and this one has a better startup. Pretty fair, I think).
s.HP - (Far) Just a poke. Can't be normal canceled, but it has a decent reach. No speed differences on this one too. (Close) Good for combos, and extremely important for punishing. You'll need this move nearly everytime the opponent misses a move. No speed differences on this one.
s.HK - (Far) Another move with nice reach that can't be normal canceled. Has the same properties as the s.HP, but has more reach. No speed differences. (Close) A kick aiming up. Can't be normal canceled, but can be useful if your opponent jumps at the same time you use this move(Which will be rare). No speed differences.

j.LP - The Diagonal and the Neutral versions are the same. A punch that stays for a long time, but assuming that O.Iori has a fast jump, it won't stay for a long time. The jumping attacks doesn't have any speed differences too.
j.LK - The Diagonal and the Neutral versions are the same. A fast kick with nice reach. Good as an air-to-air.
j.HP - (Diagonal) The regular Iori has this move too, and it was useful to start his combos, so use it for that. (Neutral) The regular Iori doesn't have this move. And that's good. This new move doesn't have that great startup, so you can't air-to-air with it. I wouldn't use this, but the best way to use this normal is to start your combos.
j.HK - The Diagonal and the Neutral versions are the same. A damaging kick that has nice reach. Good as an air-to-air(j.LK is more reliable in my opinion), and to start combos(Like the j.HP).

cr.LP - It's just a fast punch that you can rapidfire. Useful on combos, as it can be normal canceled, and linked into any Light Attack. No speed differences on the crouching normals.
cr.LK - Iori's move to start his Light Attack chains. It hits low, and can be canceled as well.
cr.HP - A scratch aiming up. Can be normal canceled, and can anti-air(But the DP is better for that).
cr.HK - Iori's classic sweep. It is not faster, but got some priority. It hits low, and has an extremely nice reach. Use this one to poke your opponent from far away. Can't be normal canceled.

Command Moves

Geshiki: Yumebiki

  • f+LP, LP - (First Attack) Very good attack. It has the f.HP's animation, but it is faster, and can be normal canceled. Normally, it is used after the cl.HP(Alone, without the followup), and mostly for punishing, or on crossup combos. (Second Attack) To make this move come out, you'll need to press LP before the first attack hits. If you use this move on the cl.HP example, it will whiff. I like to use this follow-up after a Light Attack(Like the cl.LK, or the cr.LK, two low-hitting moves). It can be canceled as well.

Geshiki: Goufu In "Shinigami"

  • f+LK - (If used alone) O.Iori's ground overhead move. It is better than the regular Iori's, because it has better startup, and does 2 hits on most standing opponents. It can't be normal canceled too. (If used after a normal) It will be canceled on the second hit, and will lose it overhead properties.

Geshiki: Yuri Ori

  • b+LK (In the air only) - One of O.Iori's most important moves for doing combos. Why? Because it was made to crossup the opponent! After you jump forward, continue holding forward, and after you're above your opponent, press the LK button, hit him, and begin your combo. This move can be used during a dash as well(Can be hard with him, but you still can do it), which is very useful for running away.

Special Moves

108 Shiki: Yamibarai

  • QCF+P - Iori's classic projectile. It has better recovery here when you compare it to the regular Iori's, but it's just not useful for combos. Use it as a meaty attack or something like that. The button pressed will determine the speed of the projectile.

100 Shiki: Oniyaki

  • DP+P - Iori's anti-air, now faster than ever. When the opponent jumps, do the motion, and you'll beat the opponent, probably. The LP version does only one hit, but O.Iori will have a faster recovery(Better to anti-air), and the HP version does three hits, but O.Iori will do higher(Better for combos in my opinion, as the first and the second hits can be MAX canceled).

127 Shiki: Aoi Hana

  • QCB+P (x3) - This move just got faster(I'll copy and paste from Iori's section). This classic Rekka move is very good on punish situations, and you can do good combos on the normal mode with it. If you need, you can delay the hits(If the first one was blocked, you can delay the second one to make it hit). The button pressed will determine the speed of the punches(You can't change between the versions while doing the inputs). The 1st hit will let your opponent on the ground(It has some good combos on MAXIMUM Mode involving this hit). The 2nd hit will send your opponent in the air(That means, you can juggle after it in MAXIMUM Mode). The 3rd hit will act as an overhead on each version, but is very unsafe no block(No MAXIMUM Mode combos with it). Do your combos with the LP version from the Light Attacks(The most used, thanks to the low starters), and the HP version from the Heavy Attacks(Most damaging, better for punish situations). Any hit can be MAX canceled too, leading to nice loops.

212 Shiki: Kototsuki In

  • HCB+K - Same as the regular Iori's. O.Iori will dash and grab the opponent, but it is blockable(And very unsafe). You can use this on combos, or as an option to approach while your opponent is knocked down.


  • HCB, f+P (While near from the opponent) - It is said that you can infinite with this move(By canceling a cr.LP into it, and after Iori pushes the opponent, you walk/dash on his/her direction and repeat the process. Dunno if it's true, but I saw a video with it).

Super Moves

Kin 1211 Shiki: Yaotome (A.k.a. Maid Masher)

  • QCF, HCB+P - This is Iori's classic super, but you can't follow it up. This one is mostly used to finish combos in the most damaging way(When you don't have the Exceed, obviously).

Ura 108 Shiki: Ya Sakazuki

  • QCB, HCF+P (You can hold the button pressed to delay the attack) - Not that useful as a Super. O.Iori will charge, and when you release the button, some purple pillars will rise from the ground. If one of them hits the opponent(Assuming that he/she wasn't blocking) he/she will be stunned for a while(Where you can do anything with him). While the opponent is stunned, he will take damage, but... It won't do huge amounts of damage, like most supers. The best way to use this one is while the opponent is when its knockdown or already stunned/dizzy(You'll stun him two times! Cool, right?). (Note: While the opponent is on the purple animation, you can't use this move again. Yeah, no Super infinites for you.)



  • QCF, HCB+KK (While near from the opponent) - A damaging grab. When I see it, I remember that Kyo-Iori-Chizuru team ending on KoF 97(Known as "True Ending"). The best(And probably only) way to confirm this move is from the normals, sadly.

The Basics

O. Iori's gameplan

O.Iori is just one of those offensive-based characters, like his regular counterpart. To play him, you just need to try to combo everytime with his Rekkas, crossups and supers. Use his speed as your advantage, because he won't be an easy target for your opponent(He is kinda hard to anti-air too, thanks to his fast jump and easy crossups). When you have the opportunity, just do a combo. As an anti-air move, you have the DP. For the supers, you'll use only one(Maid Masher, the other one is just situational). You'll see some confirms below. Now, the Exceed. You can confirm it from normals, but... I don't know if it's possible to do better than that. Anyway, just be an agressive player, and you can beat any opponent. Good luck in your future matches.

Some Combos (Without MAXIMUM Mode)
If you know more combos, you can add them here.

Yamibarai(QCF+P) combos:

1- [Jump Attack(Make sure you crossup, if you know what I mean)] f+LP, LP, QCF+HP - 3 hits; 4 with a Jump Attack

Not that useful as a combo, it's just for fun. I think you can add a Light Attack before the Command Move in case you crossup the opponent(Like cl./cr.LK, low-hitting moves). If you use the LP version, the opponent will recover before the projectile hits.

2- [Jump Attack] cl.HP, QCF+P - 2 hits; 3 with a Jump Attack

Easier than the above. Only that.

Oniyaki(DP+P) combos:

1- [Jump Attack(Make sure you crossup; Almost all of O.Iori's combos will make you need to crossup, keep that in mind)] cr.LK, cr.LP, DP+LP - 3 hits; 4 with a Jump Attack

Cool combo with a low starter. The Rekka combos are way better than this one too... (Note: The HP version is not used here because it will be an unsafe combo).

2- [Jump Attack] cl.HP, DP+LP - 2 hits; 3 with a Jump Attack

Does more damage than the above, but has no low starter.

Aoi Hana(QCB+P(3x)) combos:

1- [Jump Attack] cr.LK, cr.LP, QCB+LP(3x) - 5 hits; 6 with a Jump Attack

This one is O.Iori's BnB combo without meter. Has a low starter, does nice damage, and the opponent can't recovery roll from it. If you crossup, you can add another cr.LP on the combo. Learn this one, it will be important. (Note: Don't use the HP version here, the opponent will recover before it hits.)

2- [Jump Attack] cl.HP, f+LP(Don't add the follow-up here, it will whiff), QCB+HP(3x) - 5 hits; 6 with a Jump Attack

A more damaging version, but has no low starter. Use this one for punishing, and only this way. The HP version needs to be used here, because it will make O.Iori move further.

3- [Jump Attack(Crossup)] cl./cr.LK, f+LP, LP, QCB+HP(3x) - 6 hits; 7 with a Jump Attack

This is an option with more hits, and has a low starter as well. I don't know if it does more damage than the above, but it's another cool option with the Rekkas.

Kukukaze(HCB, f+P) combos:

1- cl./cr.LK(Optional; You can use any cancelable Light Attack instead too), HCB, f+P, f+LP(Optional as well), QCB+HP(3x) - 6 hits; I think you can add a crossup before it, so... 7 with a Jump Attack?

Not that hard as a combo, and pretty important as well. You should learn this one as well. (Note: If you need more damage on any of these Kukukaze combos, you can use the Maid Masher super instead of the Rekkas)

2- (While O.Iori is with his back to the corner) cl./cr.LK(Or any cancelable Light Attack), HCB, f+P, (Depending of your position, you can need to walk forward here), cl./cr.LK(Same as mantioned before), HCB, f+P, f+LP(Optional), QCB+HP(3x) - 8 hits; 9 with a Jump Attack, maybe?

Kinda strange, but it works. It's just an extension to the combo above.

3- cr.LP, HCB, f+P, dash forward, repeat the process - 2n hits(Where n is the number of loops)

This is the infinite mentioned before. Dunno if it's true, because it needs a high execution level(You can get some Command/Super Moves out of it sometimes). It's a good way to build meter too, and you can easily confirm any MAXIMUM Mode combo, or even the Maid Masher out of it.

Maid Masher(QCF, HCB+P) combos:
(Note: I won't add the Kukukaze into Maid Masher combos, because they are above, just switch the QCB+P(3x) into the Super's input)

1- [Jump Attack(Crossup here)] cl./cr.LK, f+LP, QCF, HCB+P - 10 hits; 11 if you add a Jump Attack

Pretty nice confirm. Has a low starter, and does great damage as well.

2- [Jump Attack] cl./cr.HP, QCF, HCB+P - 9 hits; 10 with a Jump Attack

Does more damage than the above, but has no low starter. Only that.

Advanced Strategy

Juggling Deadly Flowers

Orochi Iori can juggle his opponent if you make the first two rekkas as fast as possible because he had a better startup and recovery to his normal counter part, if you played KOF 2001 you can use different combo enders as HCB+K or his QCF,HCB+P Super.

Ura 108 Shiki: Ya Sakazuki Resets

You can use his KOF 97 Purple Pilars Super Move for wake up traps (more useful in corner) when your opponent is far away from you, take advantage of your quick backdash after knockdown or stun your opponent and make your Super Move and release it when it comes to you as a surprise.

Some combos (With MAXIMUM Mode)
Orochi Iori's combo options in MAXIMUM Mode are similar as his counterpart, Let me remember you someone.

1- [Jump Attack(Crossup)] cl.HP, HCB+HK, (MAX cancel the first hit) DP+HP, (MAX cancel the second hit), HCB+HK, (Again) DP+HP, (You know) ...(When you want, MAX cancel any move into) QCF, HCB+P - 17(Where n is the infinite's part); 18 with the Jump Attack

2- [Jump Attack(Crossup)] cl.HP, DP+HP, (MAX cancel the second hit) QCB+P, (MAX cancel it) DP+HP, (Again) QCB+P ...(When you want, MAX cancel any move into) QCF, HCB+P - 17 hits(Same as the above); 18 with the Jump Attack;

Just another option for a combo. Dunno if it can do more damage than the above, but it's harder to land than the above(You can get a Super when you don't want, and that's very common with this combo).

3- [Jump Attack(Crossup)] cl.HP, QCB+LP x 2, (MAX cancel the second hit) HCB+K, (MAX cancel it) QCB+LP x 2, (MAX cancel the second hit) HCB+K, QCB+LPx2, QCF, HCB+P - 18 hits(Same as the above); 19 with the Jump Attack;

Orochi Iori have better startup for Deadly Flowers for juggling combos, so you can make this new combo.